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  1. Sim1

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    maybe it takes few days to index it, I can see your other mods but not this one
  2. Sim1

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    will it be available on ckan too? We'd like to add this mod to our list so we can use it in our weekly let's play on youtube.
  3. there is a bug in the last part of the mission. It checks for the ISS to be landed instead of the Orion capsule and therefore the mission could not be completed
  4. Yes, other in the comments of the video pointed it out, sorry but I didn't know it
  5. Sim1

    Collaboration Station

    13 Youtubers collaborated to create the most beautiful space station ever made (or at least they hope so), Enjoy the trailer! Release Date: March 11th, 17:00 UTC. All episodes go live at the same time.
  6. Sim1

    Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 is live!

  7. Sim1

    Kerbals around the world!

    A beautiful view of the Alps in Milan, Italy
  8. Any chance to see you in the italian gamesweek (maybe next year)?
  9. Sim1

    Anteprima italiana 1.2

    Ciao a tutti, ecco le principali novità introdotte dalla 1.2 in italiano!
  10. yep, you're right, I will try installing it manually. Uninstalling all the mods using ckan except rpm seems to have solved the issue btw (I post it for future references) so it may be a conflict or indeed a ckan related issue. I can't thank you enough for the awesome mod you've created, you made our let's play a lot more enjoyable
  11. it still seems to not work properly for me, the IVA has no monitors
  12. Sim1

    [1.0.2] Vessel Viewer

    when I try to reinstall this mod from ckan I get the following error: About to install... * RasterPropMonitor v0.24.2.1(cached) * RasterPropMonitor Core v0.24.2.1(cached) * Vessel Viewer v0.71 Downloading "" Error! ----------------- Failed to download "" - error: Errore del server remoto: (460) Restricted. Any idea on how to fix it? Thanks, Simone.