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  1. Okay. Me again. I fixed the issue with downloading the other dependencies, but now I have another issue. It seems when I load in the SLS Block 1B Crew module, the top of the rocket has no command module, the Abort system seems all messed up. I could take a picture of it but honestly it is just weird. The rocket loads and launches but yet there is now crew module. Like its hollow. Also on another note. It does seem like the main engines gimble is a little much, the engines have a hard time holding a specific headling.
  2. It seems that the service module does not have a decoupler in it anymore?
  3. Almost none of these parts are showing up once installed into the gamedate folder. Is there a issue with 1.5? the HVC is just a single block, not a capsule
  4. Okay for some reason the textures are all messed up for me in game. Like they are all being loaded at the same time on the same part. Is this a known issue? Or is there something wrong?
  5. Well you don't have those listed as dependencies, only recommended. Guess I will download them as well
  6. It seems you have parts on your craft files that are not provided by your mod or the dependencies. For instance the Craft SLS Block 1B Crew is missing TarusHeatshieldKerbodyne ESASD375 AJ10 OME RCS TaurusAerocap LASbottom375 LAStop375
  7. Can you please upload .craft files for this? I am at a loss of how to put all these parts together.
  8. I have this weird issue on multiple different saves ( and even game copies) that sometime into the save ( almost done with all tier 4 right now in science) and randomly out of no where i cannot change the size of the real chute cone. Anyone know what this is caused by?
  9. Just a simple question or request. On the first page can you tell us which downloads are updated for .90?
  10. It seems the LEM lander is having issues. When you fire the engine it goes way off course. It is impossible to keep it true without it veering off course. seems to be producing thrust at an angle or the LEM CG is off
  11. Okay the LEM descent stage has some real issues. It does not fire its engine true. It keeps veering off course it is impossible to hold it true.
  12. is there any list or anyone can tell me what rockets go with what? Like what missions require which components and to go to where? like an explanation of which craft files are used when and for what?