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  1. Yeah, 3D life would be a lot, but I really like the idea of looking into it with experiments! Maybe a) create new equipment to find it, and b) tie some of those discoveries into advancements in colony mechanics?
  2. Good find, I figured there would be more going on behind closed doors. I also figure that we could see additional press reviews come out over the next few days (PCGamer is the most likely front runner here) and maybe, maybe some additional video footage if T2 have any follow up,features coming out relatively soon. Overall, I think the news, while maybe not spectacular, is still good. It sound like they have a fairly decent base gameplay up and running: multiple planets, EVAs, etc. we’ve probably got many months of optimization and possibly development of few key features from full rel
  3. Ha, yeah, that art style is pretty much out of KSP 1 already. Personally, I’ve always liked sleeker, more modern styles, but I do sometimes miss the Franken-ships. However, it looks like skinning options will be more extensive in KSP, so I’m kind of hoping they could work them into the progression system so how. In early game, you are limited to having more old school, disjointed textures, while later on you have the option to use more unified styles. That, or just make them as another alternate skin type available at all times. Alternatively, I think it could be fun if jank
  4. Upon closer look, do we think those circular strut parts Soviet style decouplers from Making History on the black/yellow and white/orange ships, or just a new form of structural part? I’m hoping that with the delay of KSP 2, maybe some of the dlc parts will be stock. Not only do I like a lot of the BG and MH parts, I think that would be a good perk for returning players: all DLC as part of the baseline game for the sequel.
  5. seems Like there isn’t a ton of new info, but I really like the lighting system they have set up, plus all the new part textures. If nothing else, we’re definitely in for a better looking game. Hoping that there is more info to come, particularly from the closed door presentations!
  6. Following KSP's social media feed, it sounds like they have a non-playable showfloor demo (they are calling it a "sneak peek", I'm inferring the non-playable part). Link to official tweet. Thinking there may be more in depth views (maybe even a playable demo?) behind closed doors for journalists. I'd keep close eyes on PC Gamer, possibly Rock Paper Shotgun and Polygon as well.
  7. Eh, I think at this point, early access is a moot point. I think there's a decent chance we'll get some sort of Beta, but even if we don't, we are probably still looking at a release in the next 12 months (at least, with the information we have so far) so it's not a terribly long wait. Personally, I like early access games, when done right. I think for games like KSP1 that deliver a truly unique experience, the enjoyment that comes from playing that game, even in an incomplete state, can worth tradeoffs in stability or having to wait for the full content site. I feel like I may be in the m
  8. First time poster on this thread, normally I consider my KSP activities to be a bit too plain and modest to really be worth sharing, but today was a particularly special... Kerbally event. Routine pair of missions came in from mission control: Rescue one Kerbal in LKO, another in orbit above the Mun. I use a standard Mk 1-3 vehicle with one pilot (Mission Commander and veteran rescue pilot Mowell) and two empty seats, and enough delta v to make the journey rather comfortably... normally. I realize after I've picked up Kerbal #1 (Irfry) and completed my burn to transfer to the Mun that I
  9. Obviously, this is all speculation and I know as much, if not less, than anyone else, but I don’t get quite the sense of gloom and doom from this as others. I’m guessing this is more a question of different levels of commitment between ST and PD, and a change in scope on the project than any major development crisis or corporate flashpoint. I’m guessing that, perhaps as a result of greater public reception than originally anticipated, KSP2 may be ramping up it’s launch scope, and/or laying out more long-term plans for post-launch support, both of which could possibly exceed ST’s current capa
  10. I think there's a fairly strong chance KSP2 will be at Pax East. Good job to the folks who found it on the map, it's a pretty substantial area, and I think this means that they're going to be demoing something on the show floor. Now, they have multiple studios currently working on games, but Obsidian just wrapped up on Outer Worlds and Panache did Ancestors, so I'd be a bit surprised if either of them were ready to announce something new, let alone demoable (although the website says that Obsidian has an unannounced game, that may just be an out of date reference to OW). There's V1 studios,
  11. I'm very excited about space stations in general, in my most active KSP periods, it was my main gameplay focus, rather than significant interplanetary travel. I hope we get a range of stylish and functional parts that work for space stations, based on the gameplay I've seen so far I'm fairly encouraged. I always liked the FusTek station parts, as well as THSS and B9 from an aesthetic perspective, so I hope we lean a bit more into expanded station parts in both stock style and maybe some additional futuristic parts as well. It does sound like we may have the option to directly build onto
  12. Teek

    About KSP 2

    Very productive post, you must've worked hard on it. The thing with disappointment is that it all depends on what you expect. I'm excited for the game, but what I'm largely trying to avoid setting my expectations too high. For me, I'm trying not to get my heart set on too many new mechanics and features. From what we've already seen, we can likely count on improved visuals and performance, as well as the mechanics that they've already described (Interstellar Travel, new parts, colonies, etc.) Put all that together, and I'd be pretty satisfied with those results. Anything in addition
  13. First, congrats on this! Really cool opportunity, I hope you enjoy it and get some great info from Star Theory! I suppose my biggest questions are: 1) We've seen pre-alpha footage of some very wobbly vehicles in atmosphere, as well as some very large and seemingly rigid interstellar vessels in orbit. Has Star Theory been working on anything to keep large builds stable, or implemented measures for players to add rigidity to their builds? 2) Science! I'm assuming we won't get much in the way of details, but I'm curious whether Star Theory has put any thoughts into the original
  14. In general, I think adhering to realism at the expense of gameplay and accessibility is thorny. Might not be popular hear, but remember that most, if not all, of us are experienced players with a ton of game time and lots of knowledge. KSP's selling point is that the game is accessible for people who do not have either. That said, I've got no problem with the game adding these features so long as they are optional, and the devs have the resources to adequately put them in place without hindering development in other areas. If that doesn't work, then like DStaal said, the modding commun
  15. It's way too early to be judging the game based on pre-alpha footage. Even within the trailer, there are substantial changes in performance that could possibly indicate that they were taken at different stages of development. Off the top of my head, if you were to ask me what would be the more visually and physically demanding scene between the initial launch gameplay and the Jool station, I'd say Jool, an yet it's significantly more stable and relatively smooth. As for how they are handling parts physics, I've said before that I'm fine with there still being some joint flexibility, to
  16. One thing I hope to see is a variety of structural parts and cockpits that lean into the futuristic aesthetic for the late game, things designs for functions besides their aerodynamic/reentry capabilities, like what we had with B9. I already like some of the futuristic fuel tanks and struts that we’ve seen (very THSS vibes, which is a very good thing imo) as well as the skin and coloring options, but I think would be very cool to fully embrace an aesthetic of ships specialized for non-atmospheric travel. Also, I hope there are some hangar options for the larger ships, for probes and landers
  17. Well, for one, this is likely going to be a larger team, with some more experienced developers, particularly in the console space. No offense to Squad, they did a great job with the PC version but the outsourcing of console development obviously could have gone better. I have a feeling that Private Division and Star Theory will keep it in house and have better luck. On top of that, count on this game being more optimized on all platforms. It’s being built from the ground up with these expectations this time, and will certainly help with performance on all systems. And don’t underes
  18. I’m not against rescaling, but I have a feeling they wont introduce it by default. I’m fine with the game sacrificing a bit of realism for fun, balance, or lightening the computational load. That said, I imagine scaling will be pretty easy to do via modding, so I think eventually everyone will be happy. I’d rather see the devs put in more time developing new features and polishing the game.
  19. Almost certainly, it’s really more of a question of how the game will handle recruitment. It’s entirely possible that each planet may get its own astronaut center, much like we have on Kerbin. But I could also see them just lumping everyone into one large pool that is available on any planet. Personally, I hope we do get discrete populations, and the ability to transfer them between worlds via shuttles. In my mind, the more reasons the game can provide you to create new vehicles and launch additional spacecraft, the better. To that end, I also wonder how communication will fit in. I hope
  20. Just a few hours ago, a new PC Gamer article went up discussing Colony mechanics (and Kerbal reproduction, but only in that it is something too horrible to disclose, apparently.) https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ JUICY Details: Colonies will start out with set deployable modules that you will land on a planet's surface. Once deployed, it sounds like you can then use the Building Assembly Editor (or BAE for short... nice) to add pieces to your colony. At first, you can only use parts that you have brought with you from Offwo
  21. So PCGamer has had a couple of articles up on KSP 2 already. https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ : Related to colonization mechanics, NOT NSFW I swear https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-interview/ : PC Gamer interview with Star Theory Creative Director Nate Simpson https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-release-date-multiplayer-everything-we-know/ : Summary of details compiled by PC Gamer, mostly the same as what we've seen elsewhere but a pretty decent compilation. Also, there is obviously the Cinematic
  22. I suppose I shouldn't hope for Outer Wilds style gravitational storms or lava asteroid planet destruction, but it would be cool! I am now really hoping that we get Lagrange points though, It'd be cool to build a few (hundred) colonies around there. Fully adhering to the Antarctica treaty though, no colony drops.
  23. I mean, it's darker and more minimalist than KSP 1, which is closer to SR 2, but I can't call it a copy. I'm not super familiar with SR2 myself, but it looks like there's more data in KSP2's screen, and ultimately you're going to see a lot of the same features because that's how flight instruments work: you need velocity, heading, etc so of course there will be similarities, but calling it a copy is a bit too far IMO.
  24. A lot of people have already posted things that I want, but here's a few more that I haven't seen or would like to expand upon: A sense of progression: In another thread, I noted that the trailers we've seen so far seem to have an interesting hodge-podge of parts. Old Mk 1-2 command Modules with current KSP1 fuel tanks, old RCS fuel tank with an apparently new design of Mk2 Lander Can, and obviously a ton of new futuristic parts. This makes me wonder if we may see more parts with variations of models as well as skins. So if you want to go for the ol' Jumbomax oil cans, you can! Or, y
  25. Great work on the map! I like the new layout, seems devised for multiplayer but also obviously references Kennedy, definitely spices things up from the usual layout. I guess we'll just need to confirm where the suspicious and slightly ominous black monolith will be this time. I also need to find out where I'll put Methuselah Kerman, my customary on-base time-keeper/mascot/rent-free... unintended inhabitant.
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