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  1. It's not the disagreeing, it's the angry hostile tone with which they disagreed.
  2. It has serious performance issues and the interface is unusable. For Kerbal, VR needs to be tightly integrated into the rendering system for proper scale and correct / usable interface display. On another note, it's nice to see that others support VR integration, as opposed to the highly-toxic initial responses I got when I originally posted this thread.
  3. I remember when the Kerbal community was all in favor of amazing new things. I'm geeking out about the coolest computer interface gadget I have ever used, bar none. I want other people to be able to experience this! But nope. You're all combative. Angry. Unfriendly. I don't understand all the hate. But none of you will even consider the possibility. Okay, fine, I'll just go and you can all laugh and point and whatnot. But if you ever get the chance to use a Vive, just try it out. One minute of your time.
  4. Yes. We. Do. Don't believe me? Go somewhere where you can spend some time on a Vive. I'm not exaggerating, VR changes everything. Especially flight. I know it sounds like I'm some sort of rabid fanboy, and before I actually used VR I too smirked on those singing its praises. I was very wrong, and they were very right. Games like Kerbal (once there are more games like Kerbal) and games that are open-world adventures are going to go through a revolution. Last night I sat thousands of miles above the rings of an alien planet with my computer desktop on a massive curved screen in front o
  5. I'm telling you, Kerbal is perfect for VR. Not doing it would be incredibly short-sighted and a mistake. I thought similarly to you until I actually got the thing (because I want to write VR programs). Total convert in seconds. With the Vive's incredible head/controller tracking, this is the gaming of the future. VR costs will only go down and the userbase will only go up. Squad should start adapting now instead of having to scramble later when they realize they're being left behind. Unity already supports VR. All Squad has to do is make some interface changes for VR mode and they're
  6. Got my HTC Vive yesterday, and one of the things I tried was the Kerbal VR mod. It only works in the cockpit and the head tracking is janky enough (just in Kerbal VR; SteamVR has butter-smooth tracking) that it's pretty much unusable, but the few minutes of flying in VR shows what huge potential this has for a game like Kerbal. And not just cockpit mode! Imagine the VAB / SPH with room-scale! You could walk around your vessel, scale yourself up and down, place parts by literally moving them into place with your hands. And flight! From 100% IVA to external ship views with the stars/planet
  7. I google this every once in awhile to see if anyone's figured this out, but no one's been able to solve the depth issue that results from KSP's scaled-space approach.
  8. SMURFF doesn't seem to update the masses of the B9 sabre engines. What would I need to do so it catches these? (They appear to be of type MultiModeEngine, if that helps.)
  9. Strangest thing -- I can use the debug menu to unlock all nodes and research all parts, but it refuses to save, even after hitting Save or the Reubild one. As soon as I leave the research station, it all reverts back.
  10. Does Tree Toppler for 1.05 work with 1.1? And if so, is there any place I can download it at? I've been digging through links here but haven't stumbled across it yet.
  11. Is there a detla-v map for Alternis? My internet has been super spotty lately so I can't always rely on the transfer window planner web page being available.
  12. But... but I used the thrust plate to get around the problem! I'm just gonna insert the Twilight Zone music here and crawl under a table.
  13. Having an issue when connecting a Procedural Fairings part directly to the bottom of a procedural fuel tank. On load, the positioning is all wrong. Linux KSP 64-bit, RSS/RO Player.log I loaded up KSP, built the following vessel, saved it, loaded it:
  14. I'm trying to determine if this is just a mod conflict bug or a FASA bug: The large launch tower automatically stages all by itself right after loading up at the launch pad. This is with RSS/RO, 64-bit KSP under Linux.
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