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  1. Now restate in the form of a walrus! If that's all it would take I'm surprised it hasn't been done with a mod yet, or just fixed with one of the updates. Here's to hoping that it gets fixed with one of the updates in the near future.
  2. Please restate the answer in the form of code. I've just gotten used to this "feature". I'm sure this was just the easiest way to get everything to play nice with each other. We can just hope one day that they come up with something better, otherwise I've just learned to live with it.
  3. KSP_HarvesteR Lead Developer 12 points 15 hours ago There is a strange satisfaction I get when people notice the small features. The altimeter lock LED has 4 states: Black: Vessel situation is unstable and saving/leaving flight isn't possible. Orange: Vessel situation is stable, but leaving/saving isn't allowed because of some constraint (under acceleration, on a ladder, moving over terrain...). Blue: Vessel situation is stable. Saving is possible and you are allowed to return to KSC. Green: Vessel situation is stable and you are Landed or Splashed down at Kerbin. Leaving to KSC and Recovery options are available. Cheers Found this from harvester on reddit.
  4. maybe this will help
  5. Gilly is so much fun because you don't so much land on Gilly as dock with Gilly. Once I realized this Gilly became a lot more fun. And extreme eva.
  6. I wonder how multiplayer is coming along. Haven't heard anything about it in awhile.
  7. If you don't know about physics time warp you may not know about other helpful shortcuts, you should take a look at the controls wiki.
  8. I swear that this forum has the nicest trolls in all the verse. Laughed so much reading this thread.
  9. Best guess, 135 when the ksc passes under that orbit at equator if you launch from the side closer in your pic.
  10. Also remember that most of the game is scaled down by around a factor of 10 iirc.
  11. Are you controlling with a probe core that is facing up? Then it would be pointing to the sky and your heading would be dependent on which way the slope of a hill was pointing you.
  12. A lesser known feature of docking controls is the space bar double tap. Changes from switch from translation/rotation to hold for rotation release for translation.