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  1. I feel that this is somehow my fault. I shall endeavor to correct this error in the future. :-P
  2. I use it on rare occasions. A specific example being when I have a ship returning from Duna, I accelerate timewarp and when the ship crosses the SoI boundary my Kerbin periapsis jumps from 100km to 1,500,00 km (it happens). If the craft doesn't have enough ÃŽâ€v because of a design problem or a errant maneuver that's my fault, sorry Jeb but you need to wait for the rescue ship. If a craft doesn't have enough ÃŽâ€v because the game screwed up, F12!
  3. Yes, however I was hoping for a slimmed down version so I wouldn't have to load a ton of other textures into memory to get them. Even with ATM I'm at the point now where KSP will randomly crash because some Squad code leaks memory on scene change just enough to push me beyond x86's memory limits. Ok, thanks. I'll look into the part list post; it'll be easier than trying to guess at the textures myself.
  4. Helldiver, is there any chance that you'd consider putting the goo lights and docking ports into a stand-alone package? I ask as I only have enough memory after other mods to install the Super 25 and I'm sorta missing those handy little lights. That and the stock docking port clips through the Super 25's docking bay doors just ever so slightly.
  5. You'd still be able to deliver it. I wouldn't imagine any completion conditions that would require you to offload supplies (minus crew during crew rotation contracts). So as long as you docked and you have at least the minimum amount of fuel/monoprop onboard, the contract should complete. There'd just have to be checks in place so that the game didn't want you to deliver an entire orange tank's worth of fuel to a Skylab or Mir sized space station! I like your idea of a generic "supplies" resource, though I don't know how easy/hard that would be implement since I'm a KSP modder.
  6. Arsonide, I have a feature suggestion/request... Supply contracts! They would come in two types, orbital and surface. Orbital supply contracts would work like they do IRL, requiring you to deliver a payload supplies to an existing Space Station. Surface supply contracts would be similar, except instead of docking, you'd just need to land within a certain radius of a Base (or a marker that your mod places). Payload wise I'm only thinking about stock items such as crew, fuel, monoprop, etc. While it'd be nice for the payload to support resources implemented by other mods such as TACLS, I'd imagine you'd want to leave that up to the other mod's authors via a plugin system. Depending on how in depth you wanted to make it, you could also specify what Kerbals should be brought back home to make crew rotation contracts. As for supplies, something as basic as "dock/land with at least 'X' resource remaining" I think would work as a completion parameter. I scanned a few pages back and didn't see anyone mention an idea like this, but I didn't read all 45 pages so hopefully I'm just not re-hashing an idea you've already seen!
  7. That's what I've started doing in the meantime. I just wish I could set this in the VAB since I always seem to forget at the pad or while on-orbit.
  8. I have a question about the updated SPS. On a recent trip the Mün, I was using the SPS engine in my transfer stage and upon MECO I noticed that the SPS had drained the mono-prop from all tanks on my vessel; pulling it all in through a decoupler. I'm wondering if this is the intended behavior as Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer don't work this way? Simplified Vessel Layout: (SPS + KW RCS Tank) + KW Decoupler + (LEM) + Docking Port + (CSM) I'd expect resource sharing to happen from CSM <-> LEM as they're connected via a docking port, but shouldn't it not be happening through the decoupler?
  9. I'm noticing a small little bug with door's state when a vessel is loaded, both in the VAB or in flight. If you toggle the doors open and then switch to another scene (i.e. back to Space to KSC, or VAB to Launch Pad) and then reload the vessel, the doors model appears closed, but when you right-click on a compartment, you see the option to close them. Clicking on it causes the doors to jump to their open position and then play the closing animation.
  10. Thanks for the link! It looks like the actual culprit was Universal Storage; seems there was an error in one of it's configs and it was causing issues with Module Manager. It just didn't manifest on my end until after I tried to install RPM.
  11. Mihara, I'm noticing an odd bug on my end... After installing the new build of RPM, I'm unable select vessels in the Tracking Station. Upon clicking a object, my debug menu is flooded with: [Exception]: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Edit: I wonder if the issue is Module Manager? I removed it and vessels are clickable again. I had another issue with it earlier today with the RealChute mod where it was causing KSP to freeze at the loading screen. Hrm. Edit #2: Confirmed. The issue is Module Manager. I removed RPM and installed only Module Manager and I'm seeing the exact same issue. So please ignore this post.
  12. I like the chopper! It'll come in handy when 0.24 comes out for hauling items back to KSC (with KAS) so I can recover them for maximum value!
  13. The more important question here is what mod gives you those runway approach lights?