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  1. Unfortunately, I expect to see less mod content as modders rush to the new game in town. I'm not excited about KSP 2. I see it as the death knell for KSP 1.
  2. A modder "figured out" years ago. Kerbal Attachment System and Kerbal Inventory System.
  3. In earlier editions. there were Satellite Repair contracts. Originally, you had to actually dock with the satellite. Later, you simply had to open the Repair Panel and then repair. For a long time now, I've seen no Repair Contracts. It would be nice to be able to create a Repair Contract in the Contract Builder or have them randomly occur. For now, I fake it by self-assigning a repair to a satellite with a Repair Panel, then paying myself with Funds and Experience via the Cheat menu. My formula: reward Funds equals average of satellite apoapsis plus periapsis, Experience equals one point per 200k reward Funds (minimum of one Experience point).
  4. The Breaking Ground DLC is about to be released. It includes an inventory system in the stock game. I wonder how that may impact the need for KIS. If KIS is no longer needed, can we still use KAS? sidebar: I cross-posted this to the KAS thread as well.
  5. The Breaking Ground DLC is about to be released. It includes an inventory system in the stock game. I wonder how that may impact the need for KIS. If KIS is no longer used, can we still use KAS? I'm hoping KIS is not needed for KAS.
  6. The mod, Infernal Robotics, returns. NICE!!
  7. Yes. I have tried a screwdriver, Wrench, and Electric Driver. I am holding down the attach key. I cannot get the end of the Walkway to align with the door on the Conestoga. To repeat, ,when I drop the Walkway anywhere, it returns to it's orginal location and orientation.
  8. @Linuxgurugamer: will you be adding KSP-AVC ver to the CurseForge Files page? I ask, because the latest there is, which is old and busted. This is the page I'm referring to , unless you have a newer CurseForge or SpoaceDock distro page: CurseForge - KSP-AVC
  9. How do I attach the Walkway to another part, such as the Conestoga when I'm at the destination (not in the VAB)? Also, whenever I try to place the Walkway by dropping it onto the surface, it reverts to the original position and location.
  10. There is no README file in the ZIP file. I read the README in your github repository. Note to Win 10 users: Windows Defender complained about the Windows bat file to be executed. Just click the More Info button, and you'll be allowed to run it.
  11. @Sudragon The KEES experiments work for me in KSP 1.7. Perhaps you have a conflicting mod.
  12. 4x4Cheesecake: THANK YOU for that video. UPDATE: In the VAB, I used both AGExt and Stock Action Groups to set Alpha1 to Crew Report for an MK1 Pod. However, upon the Launch Pad, the 1 key does nothing. I had to click in the AGExt icon to get access to the AGExt Actions Menu. Then Click the item I wanted. I used Crew Report as an example.
  13. I have same problem as Garwal. For me, the Editor bug is still there. When I open the action group panel, all buttons (parts constructor, crew, switch VAB/SPH) become disabled.
  14. Thank you. I now set that. Also see that it increases recovery costs. Fair enough. As a part is used more, does its cost go down? Is there a point where the part is so far gone that it cannot be reused and drops out of inventory?
  15. When I use SY, when reusing used parts, it does not decrease costs of the vehicle. Shouldn't vehicle costs be reduced?