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  1. McLaren P1, the car is hotter than my crush, that says alot
  2. KRG Formula K has decided too step out of the FAR leader board and focus on the stock championship. The reason hasn't officially been announced but rumors say that their wind tunnel doesn't meet spec with FAR but others say that they simply just ran out of time. The team boss, Ron Kennis, has said that their wind tunnel is up too spec with FAR and they had time, its just that it would be hard too focus on two cars, he said a day later.
  3. Fun Fact: The Lamborghini Veneno is the most expensive car being produced right now
  4. Toca Race Driver 3 I mean, it has karts...
  5. I love music, so I want too hear you guy's favorite songs! Heres mine
  6. Oh man I wish. I have seen shifter karts in action and its amazing how quick they are, on the main straight they hit atleast 110, its pure insanity, this year im most likely getting a 9-10 HP Yamaha engine with a birel chassis or a DR kart
  7. 15 is almost impossible for F1, I only do an arrive and drive karting series, its cheap, maybe 200 bucks a season, but with 15 you could do tudor and any sportscar championship, or you could just build a racecar, because race car. I have actually been karting since I was 10 and I plan on getting my own kart in 2015.
  8. I beat the outright fastest time! Start Finish my line This is not a official racing lap, just a record attempt I ended up with a 1:22, meaning I beat the time by two seconds!
  9. I actually am seting up a drive with a 9 HP Yamaha kart soon, its my friends, right now I race 6.5 HP karts in my arrive and drive. they also make shifter karts with around 25 HP with six gears, my goal is there in ROtax
  10. I think I am going to try and beat the race one record time overall, good luck me
  11. A lot of people think its not very physical but it really is - - - Updated - - - Lots of the older warn ovals are bumpy, but most road courses aren't, and yes, back in the day they used some snowmobile engines
  12. http://rogerdiveu.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/maranello-kz2-wsk-sarno-ghidella.jpg
  13. Do any of you guys know what karting is, not like fun-park karts, like full tilt race karts, because I am doing an arrive and drive series and wanted too see if anyone else did some karting here! they look like this
  14. Bump of the thread, also, if you download it, make a comment saying you have
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