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  1. My motivation for working on this has faded away because of the lack of support and feedback from the rest of the community. But I'll see if there's anything special that needs to be done for it to be 0.90 compatible. Edit: A small change was needed. I've uploaded a new version to bitbucket, link is in first post. Entry on KerbalStuff is also updated.
  2. First, I would have appreciated it if you would have notified me in my thread for Addon Controller. If I don't know about bugs, I can't fix them. Secondly, I just installed KW Rocketry to a clean install with Addon Controller, but I do not see this issue happening at all. I do not do any changes to any parts, so I can't see how Addon Controller could possibly affect KW Rocketry, which is a part pack. What version of Addon Controller did you have, and did you toggle any mods while using it and having this issue?
  3. You're welcome. I added it to the OP. Since some mods work by disabling part modules, but I don't have time to test all mods, it would be nice if everyone that uses my mod could post what mods they use that can be disabled and which can't. It would be a great help to expanding supported list.
  4. I've added it just now. You can find it here. I would guess that NEAR, just as with FAR, uses both part modules and standalone mod code to do it's work. Ferram commented in the FAR thread on November 1st that it's not possible to add support because of how FAR works, and I'd imagine the same goes for NEAR. So there's no support for it unfortunately.
  5. There are already mod managers available for kerbal, but having to exit the game is one of the things I wanted to avoid as I wanted to be able to seamlessly switch between saves with different mods ingame.
  6. Just a bump, as I have now implemented support for disabling part modules, which was the last thing needed to fully support disabling addons.
  7. This release is a bit late because I was doing other stuff, but here it is. This release adds support for disabling part modules, which is the missing puzzle for being able to support disabling all aspects of mods. For this reason the version number has now been bumped up to 1.0. As usual the new release can be found here or in the first post.
  8. I could do that, but since textures are loaded when the game starts, you need to restart the game to remove the textures. It would load a bit faster depending on the amount of parts disabled though.
  9. What form do you suggest this list would take. A list ingame, exported to a file, or through the API?
  10. I haven't looked at them, but it could be that those DLLs only contain PartModule classes, and not KSPAddon classes. When I looked at FAR, it seemed to be centered around part modules. Handling part modules is on my to-do list. Need to see if there's a way to remove them from parts on the fly, or if I need a solution like the API for addons.
  11. New version (0.5) has been released. This release adds a warning dialog when loading a game and there are vessels in active flight with disabled parts. The affected parts are activated to prevent the vessels from despawning, though it's possible to ignore this warning the next time the save is loaded, unloading the vessels when viewing them, most quickest by opening tracking station. This does not prevent vessels from despawning when the parts were removed from the GameData folder entirely.
  12. It is designed to be a whitelist, only allowing what you explicitly allow. Automatically adding means reversing the logic to be a blacklist, with the consequence that you'd have to remove new unwanted parts from all saves, instead of only adding what you want when you want it.
  13. I also think it's something that should be in the stock game, though it's impossible to enforce mods to comply to being disabled. I should be able to prevent you accidentally loosing your fleet though. I could look through the save file and compile a list of all parts used on vessels. If I detect parts that are no longer included, I could just include all and warn about the discrepancy. It seems there was a bug in my plugin where it did not load any parts when starting a new game, since the whitelist is empty. I tested with Part Catalog and it seems to work now. I've uploaded a new version again. Download is here, and op post updated.
  14. Good that it works. But I'm not sure what you mean with the other part. Can you explain?
  15. Sounds strange, had no issues with that. Did see some things I could optimize though for when there's no saved games, like not showing some parts of the UI. Please tell me if it works better now. Download here. Also updated first post.