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  1. Thanks that did it. Next question: What other mods work great with scatterer for the best visuals - I've seen some really fantastic screenshots and mine look nothing like that.
  2. Cannot launch the app with the Core module installed. I've gotten down to Step 3, and launched after each step to verify - all worked until I installed the Core Mod - at the end of loading the game crashes. What now? EDIT: I isolated the problem down to /GameData/BoulderCo/Clouds/Textures When I add this folder I can no longer launch the game (which is weird because it is all PNGs and they seem to be the same size as the ones already in the folder).
  3. How do you deal with early 2 or 3 person tourist contacts before you've opened up large gear or hab module or a large pod? I've been using a second pod for the 1 person ones and 2 inline cockpits + a pod for the 3s but it is a tough stack to get aloft. And pretty bad to land too. I have to burn hard on the way down.
  4. Once again, this is at VERY VERY SLOW SPEEDS 50-150, right off the launch pad with very low TWR (1.25-1.5). - - - Updated - - - Yeah I have several like this from old saves as well. Weird I'm having so much trouble this time around. I tried to use SRBs on this ship first but the (significantly more expensive) T45 boosters gave me the necessary control, couldn't keep it upright with SRBs. And yes I'm using a Pilot Kerbal (Jeb or VALENTINA!). So you're not bringing your Science Jr back with you eh? Just broadcasting it and discarding it? - - - Updated - - - Thanks, years, literaly years
  5. Funny, I've been using them like that for years... what do you mean? - - - Updated - - - You just read the first message in the thread and didn't look at the pretty picture did ya.
  6. I wish that was the answer but sadly it is not. I am a fin maniac. I start tipping over at very slow speeds right off the launch pad. I've been playing KSP for years and this is literally the first time I'm about to give up because I just cannot seem to understand what's going on. EDIT: Well with this current rocket I replaces the two LV-T30s I had on the boosters with LV-T45s (same as the center rocket) and the gimbals gave me the control I needed.
  7. Having a lot of trouble getting things up to orbit this time around (after many years of doing this). Everything seems to start toppling over pretty early after launch and then I lose control and can't keep it upright. Am I not using a high enough TWR so I'm not going fast enough? What is the difference in 1.0 that is making all my rockets tip over?
  8. @TEX_NL that's pretty much what I've been doing but I've noticed some things that have negative impacts when I do that. For instance, it doesn't take into account vertical speed and I find that without attentiveness to keeping a constant vertical speed it impacts my efficiency getting to orbit. @GoSlash27 interesting, will have to look at adding acceleration as a factor. @Deutherius I'm looking at improving the efficiency of gravity turns. Currently I've been using something similar to @TEX_NLs 3 benchmark method but am adding both Time to Apo and Vertical Speed to my eyeballin'. I keep my
  9. I have a space station with a PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container and a Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2. I accidentally launched it with the crew in the storage container. How can I move them to the lab? I can rt-click the can and get a Crew Report but there are no portraits and there doesn't seem to be a way to access the crew in there.
  10. It is most efficient to change your inclination at the mid point between the high and low points, not at the high or low point directly. So if your apoapsis is very low and your periapsis is very high inclination, half way between them place a maneuver node and adjust the pink lines.
  11. Help! I've been using Proc Fairings forever, just came back to the game... now my fairings don't appear in the staging list, and there is no option to jettison in the right click menu. How to I get these fairings off my ship!?! I'm not talking about a stage decoupler, I'm talking about splitting the fairing in half to reveal what is inside. No idea how to do that anymore if it doesn't show up in staging. EDIT: Apparently this is a Procedural Fairings bug. I just went back to the ship in the VAB removed and re-added the fairing sides and it re-appeared in the stage list... well that is one
  12. I used to drop a flag since KSC isn't marked on the planet and when it is dark it is nearly impossible to see. How do you get around this now that career mode doesn't let you have flags until you've upgraded one of your buildings?
  13. I'm not sure if such a thing exists, or if it is wildly different for different craft with different TWR/ISP/etc. but I'm wondering if there is some sort of rule of thumb that I can follow. For instance, I know that I get more bang for my dV pushing my peri at my apo and pushing my apo at my peri. During liftoff, can I use my 'time to apoapsis' as a guide? Just wondering if there is something that I can do to be more efficient about my gravity turns without breaking out the graph paper and setting a bunch of explicit targets.
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