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  1. The speed indicator inside capsules is normal text slapped on a faintly visible 7-segment display!
  2. Javster


    It's unlikely they'll ever add it, I believe they made a statement about it. It's is perfectly playable without mods, since trial and error seems to be the main style of the game.
  3. Javster

    How modded is your install, and why?

    Currently? 0 mods. I wanted to get back into the game so I tried installing about 30 at once, not all of them updated to the latest version... You can imagine how well that went (didn't even reach the main menu screen...) I love mods though and some of my best games were modded. I'll try installing mods properly one day
  4. Javster

    Don't Click This

    WELL, would you lock at this!
  5. That's possible, but you can look at the sources Wikipedia use, as there's a lot less room for bias.
  6. Javster

    Completely solid-fueled first stages?

    famous last words...
  7. Javster

    My space station "Space crib"

    Very good space station, or floating monoprop tank, I can't tell which one it is
  8. I would love to see a video of the new sounds
  9. This mod is great, I did a small test on the launchpad, and it worked well! I forgot to refill the inventory of my Mun lander, so I couldn't try all the experiments on the Mun...
  10. Javster

    What do you HATE about KSP?

    I may have already commented this before, but GAME STABILITY! The game has come out, regular bugs and crashes aren't acceptable any more. The Alpha and Beta stages were the time to add huge features for players to experiment with. Now the game is out, features can still be added, of course, but they should be tested very thoroughly. I'd rather have a stable game without some features than a broken game with many. In fact, I haven't played a proper career mode game in a while, because I know that something might go wrong, and I'll lose all the time I invested.
  11. Javster

    Your best landings

    I don't think i have pics of this one, but I was early in a career game, re-entering a ship with 4 large, articulated winglets. I was nose-down, coming in too fast, so I held down one of the directional controls, miraculously, the rockets pulled up, I missed the ground by about 10 metres, and landed safely shortly after.
  12. Multiplayer, and stability
  13. Javster

    stowed, stowed, stowed

    I'm not sure what you're referring to... Many won't want to solve a riddle.
  14. I've done one Duna landing with a probe, no return. One. In almost 600 hours. I'm not really sure why.
  15. Javster

    What's one thing that you love about KSP?

    I agree with the mods. I would have played maybe 10% of my current total time without mods.