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  1. Interesting that it's happening for Restock but not Restock+ or any other mods from GitHub. I'll see if I can download it the old-fashioned way. EDIT: Manually going over to the GitHub and downloading it through my browser worked just fine. Curious. EDIT AGAIN: It's working now. No idea what changed.
  2. I'm having issues downloading ReStock via CKAN. It keeps throwing the error "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" and I have no idea what that means.
  3. I'd recommend using emptied-out fuel tanks as pontoons, with long tailcones and short nosecones to keep them stable. Make sure to keep the body of your plane clear of the water unless you're making a flying boat that requires it; water drag is a harsh mistress. For a first seaplane design, I'd recommend a nice low-speed setup (a single basic jet engine, or a propeller if you're into modding) with twin underslung pontoons and a nice high wing. Something like a DHC-2 Beaver, maybe. Design conservatively; high-performance seaplanes are going to be a bit beyond your ken for the time being.
  4. I was having a very similar issue until I pared down my mod list a bit. That's actually what started my transition from over-the-top mods like B9 and EVE to a more reserved selection.
  5. Learned that getting to orbit requires going sideways as well as going up.
  6. In the early years of spaceflight, the crews were all-male. Nobody really made a fuss, because it was the 60s.
  7. Not quite. Having extra hydrogen built up in the engine bells when the main engines ignite is what engineers call a Very Bad Thing. You're sitting on many tons of highly explosive substances; having some leaking when the rocket engines start is a disaster waiting to happen. It wouldn't matter much to the launch pad, but it might matter a lot to the spacecraft. Edit: Ah, gorrammit. Ninja'd!
  8. I must admit that I don't use it as often as I should. I prefer inline engines for my rocket designs. I'll have to experiment a bit with the Thud now.
  9. Personally I just set MechJeb to auto-execute my maneuvers, then tab out and do something else.
  10. Concerning LF tanks: Just integrate StockFuelSwitch into the base game. That way, you wouldn't need multiple sets of tanks.
  11. Well, a number of devs have discussed creating a new gas giant, of which Eeloo is a moon. I suppose Old!Moho could also be a moon as well. (Possibly with volcanoes!)
  12. A freefall environment would allow the growth of absolutely perfect single crystal substances; this could have implications for electronics, among other industries.
  13. I think some sort of booster stage armed with a few HEKVs would be best. The HEKVs by themselves haven't got the range to reach an orbital craft.
  14. Granted. However, you can only make spherical puns in a vacuum. I wish KSP would update more.
  15. Recommendation for new weapons: M2 Browning fixed .50 M1919 Browning fixed or flexible .30 Oerlikon FF/Oerlikon FFL/MG FF/Type 99 (these are close to interchangeable for KSP's purposes) fixed non-rotary 20mm Bofors Gun (the WWII-era one) flexible 40mm Flak 18/36/37/41 (again, interchangeable for KSP's purposes) flexible 88mm
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