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  1. Released a version with updated configs, but no rebuild. It should work alright, but can't test it (My GPU has not worked since a few weeks ago ).
  2. @VladP53 Sorry for late reply! The source code at my github is from before ToXiKyogHurt's update, I have not update my repo with his changes as they are hosted here: https://github.com/ToXik-yogHurt/EngineLightUnofficial I will update the repo with Toxikyoghurt's changes! (Also set a link to his repo at the main post)
  3. Oh alright! I will change it next release! For now updated the mod on SpaceDock to 1.2.2, no changes in code! For next update i'm planning to add some particle effects (sparks) to decouplers as the "engine lighting" part of the mod is pretty much done (Thanks ToXik-yogHurt !). Should be easy with the stuff SQUAD added to import stuff from Unity into the game. Here is the particle effect (Horrible recording, sorry about that!): http://imgur.com/a/YMeGz Will try to get it into the game.
  4. Updated mod to version 1.5 with Toxik-yogHurt changes! It will be available in CKAN in a few moments. The code in github is not yet updated! EDIT: I will keep updating the mod as i'm getting back to KSP. Don't expect too many updates, but I will keep it up to date Thank you for the amazing work
  5. Hey, sent you a message! Haven't checked the forums lately, sorry for late reply!
  6. I don't have much time right now, but will update it soon. The old version *should* work, not tested!
  7. Hey! Sorry for not replying, have not played KSP in some time, back to it with the new, less-crashy update Checking what's up with multi mode engines, never really tested them That pull request about colors is already integrated into the mod (Not sure if I actually accepted the pull-request, had some weird Github issues), custom colors can be set in the configs nicely! (Thanks to Saabstory!) Also, I could reproduce the error with powerful lights lighting up the planet, will try to fix that stuff for the next update! About light reflections, light reflection (instead of the vessel lighting up from the bottom, lighting up slightly from the sides) is planned, but I'm not sure how to implement it... Will post updates soon!
  8. A very tiny issue, only the st1 solar panels get the reflection module, is this on purpose?
  9. I'm looking into it, does it happens every single time? It seems related to the way KSP renders planets (they are not actually rendered by the vessel camera, but by a scaled space camera, so they are closer than they look, just rendered behind everything). I'm sure the KSP devs placed the scaled space rendere into a separated render layer, so i could make sure no light can be rendered on planets, but i have no idea how to get the renderlayers from code... The last version to work in KSP 1.0.5 should be 1.4.1, but it isn't compatible with RealFuels. EDIT: Getting the layer from code is easy, now i have to find a way to get the scaled-space planet!
  10. Hi: Awesome mod! Thank you for your effort. Is the new 1.1.1 update CKan indexed? It does not show up for me. CKan is instead indicating 1.0.12 as latest version... Cheers!
  11. EngineLighting is working perfectly now! Also, tested RealScaleBoosters and Connected Living Space, all they work properly
  12. The spacedock guys fixed it! Spacedock download is now working1
  13. Hey, could a Spacedock admin get a mod reuploaded without posting a new update? Uploaded EngineLighting to spacedock yesterday, It worked nicely for a while (I downloaded it from CKAN into a non-modding install), but it seems it got deleted. The changelog shows the update perfectly, but the file is not there! Can confirm Torih issue, It's happening to other mods too, check Real Scale Boosters for example.
  14. Uhh, that's weird, It somewhat worked but got deleted shortly after (I'm sure I downloaded it via CKAN into my main installation...), will reupload in 1 second, not at the computer now i'm in a working computer now Will post in the spacedock thread and see if they can re-upload the file! EDIT: Uploaded to Github, use it until it's fixed!
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