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  1. Implementation: an absolute f***ing nightmare. If it does get implemented: Insanely cool. From what I know, some of what Squad does is already limited by Unity and this would be tricky because you'd have to have basically a nonexistent mass creating an SoI rather than the actual comic objects themselves. I don't know much about how they are doing the kerbol system in unity but I highly doubt that would be easy. It will be awesome though when I can do gravitational slingshots through the barycenter off to the edge of the solar system.
  2. Actually, its 1.25 and 2.5, but yeah, that'd be cool. I found an older modular SRB mod but it had some bugs to it. It'd be cool if someone else did that again.
  3. There are additional mods to add heat shields to Deadly Reentry. Also, what did you decide on FAR? protip: Scott had (and still has) trouble with it because for FAR to really be realistic, you need to model the control surfaces correctly. Correct me if I am wrong but when do ailerons control pitch? (hint hint Scott . . . )
  4. This looks very promising and when it is in an improved state, with parts and other stuff to facilitate long term missions, this will be better than Ironcross.
  5. Do you have Lazor Docking Cam? It works wonders and can tell you if you aren't lined up. The problem is likely weight + gravity. If the rover is laden with kethane, the wheel suspension will make it dip and it will be a hair too low, or maybe your lander is light (+ less gravity) so it is sitting higher. The magnetic attraction is fairly weak. In space, it can do a lot because no air, no friction, no gravity. On the ground, it's about useless.
  6. A) what mods did you use? are you willing to share the .craft file? I'd kill to dissect that thing.
  7. When school is back in session I will ask them if they have any. If I post a pic of a 5 legged deer, will you buy it then? EDIT: This discussion is off topic. Back to helping that guy with a Lathe tanker SSTO.
  8. I think Kerbin is covered in buildings that are half buried. with strong roofs and with only the ground floor half above ground (from all the space junk . . . and jebs flying antics).
  9. Many of my friends hunt in that area. 3 eyed deer, 2 headed sqirrel, all kinds of radioactively mutated stuff is around there. The only thing to keep people out is a 2 foot high fence (looks like a hitching post painted yellow).
  10. Your other option is use FAR, which allows you to limit control surfaces to different axes. Speaking of SSTOs, I need help. I'm trying to design an SSTO crew shuttle lander for Duna and Tylo and a plane (with an almost P-38-esqe design). The plane keeps torquing off to one side or the other on the runway and correcting it just makes it roll over and blow up. The rocket runs out of fuel mid-circularization-burn. Need help.
  11. something scary: a cold war era Lockheed research facility (underground reactor and everything) for said nuclear planes is in the woods near where I live, just on the other side of the county. Even though the surface structures are demolished and the underground areas are mostly cemented in, you can still get into parts of it under there.
  12. I know how to support oceanic kethane mining, but I myself have never actually done it. Haven't gotten probes to Lathe yet and my keth deposits on Kerbin are too far away to be economical. This is where I learned how to do an underwater operation: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/40050-Mining-Underwater-Kethane
  13. I've played games that run on PhysX version 3 and it has wonderful integrated multi-threading. I was running evenly distributed on a 4 core processor (older machine, don't use it anymore).
  14. So far, Mun is good, Ike, no good. Have yet to send probes to Jool system yet. Will do that for at least one world there before I waste teh delta V going.
  15. Equatorial (or close to it) makes it easier to run the operation since it is pretty heavily dependent on both land and orbital operations. Ascent and rondezvous with an inclined station (or from off the equator) consumes more delta V and my equipment is untested. I'd rather stick to equatorial stuff. It makes my job with the equipment delivery easier and since I am already running lagtopia with the size of the ship, easy is good.
  16. I am building a big interplanetary vessel that will be a kethane miner. The first half is an orbital section and the second half is a land based operation. I can swap the second half out for different stuff whenever I return to Kerbin (or with long missions with my interplanetary tugs, it has at least 2 on board). First, I am setting it up with base modules to work on moons. First target: the Mun. Second target: possibly Minmus. Rather than waste the time heading out to a system and then launching the on-board ion scanner probes, I sent a probe out to Ike and discovered that it has no easily accessible equatorial kethane deposits so it is out. That leaves Gilly, the Jool system (not Lathe, MAYBE Tylo), Eeloo, Dres (dunno much about Dres) and maybe some other stuff. How should I prioritize these bodies? After I have done my work on all of them, I will return to Kerbin and refit the ship for work on places like Duna (or maybe even setting up permenent bases on Duna and Lathe).
  17. Your machine is about the same as mine: i7, 16gb RAM, NVidia GeForce graphics, 0.5 Tb hard drive i7 is an 8 core processor. Those of us with them NEED multi-threading to be able to use the hardware we have.
  18. Most high performance processors are multi-cored. It's pretty much mandatory for any game that needs decent hardware to run to have proper multi-threading support. Which means either Squad needs to look at ways to run KSP multi-threaded, ditching unity if they must and going for a different engine (no idea how hard this would be but it can't be easy.
  19. I put a kethane scanning probe in orbit around Ike, only to find out that there are no major deposits easily accessible from equatorial orbit. My planned interplanetary kethane mining station is not equipped for landing on planets like Duna or Lathe (or even Tylo to that extent). So, the new plan is to send probes out to the Jool system and see if Bop and Pol have anything good. After prospecting with the base, I will go get extraplanetary launchpads and get working on a Lathe base (and brush up on my SSTO plane skills XD).
  20. This happens with the first pair of boosters on every asparagus launcher I have, The boosters collide with the rocket on jettison and I hear explosions but nothing is damaged *sigh*.
  21. You do know you can save your Lathe base. Here is how to do it: Go copy your save folder just before updating. Open the persistent.sfs in a text editor (I like notepad). Update KSP, create new save. Close KSP, open the new save's persistent.sfs in a text editor (new window). Copy the contents of the old one to the new one. You may as well remove all landed craft on the Mun and on Kerbin since the terrain changes will likely put them underground (and they then go boom). Everything else is now saved. This means in my case, I have to update BEFORE landing any modules of my Munar kethane base.
  22. If I was any good as SSTOs I would do it but every plane I do has problems and torques off to one side or another on the runway.
  23. I think it's gonna make my kethane operations much harder. There's no good flat spots to land! And I gotta land a lot of equipment for the kethane operations I'm running. I gotta refuel the massive ship it all went out there on so I can push to Jool next. I already put a probe out to Ike to see if it had any good deposits (the answer: no. No big ones easily accessible from equatorial orbit.). The new Mun surface will make the Mun a heck of a first stop.
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