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  1. That is exactly what I am doing. The fuel tank stage for my massive mobile interplanetary kethane base has 9 orange rockomax tanks. That alone weighs almost as much as my standard heavy launcher if not more. I need them empty and personally, I find it more satisfying manipulating the configs rather than using a slider on a plugin. The game feels a lot more like mine with my own tweaked parts rather than just someone else's mod parts. I even made empty RCS modules (because that stuff is heavy too).
  2. Theoretically, you could do this by a config file edit. The downside is then people are dishonest and make uber powerful motors that consume virtually no fuel. Sidenote: I'm literally staring at the fuel tank configs now creating my own empty tank mod (this includes parts in the mods I have, so KSPX, and some larger xenon tanks)
  3. Career mode and resources more or less go hand in hand. Career can only go so far with the game in it's current state. With resources, sample collection, and a whole mess of other stuff the game really needs, they could take career a lot farther than they can right now. I haven't been waiting for 3 updates (been here only since 20.1) but Kethane can only go so far resource wise. I think once they get the framework of career mode down, they will catch on to this and get working on the stuff we all seek.
  4. Well, downloading someone else work is no fun, so I'm doing it myself. I'm already halfway done. The question is do i keep this for myself or market it. Besides, I'm doing more than stock tanks. EDIT: This is partially an experiment to see if I can not screw up the coding, which so far I haven't.
  5. DAMNIT! That'll then break some of my KSP X parts Now I need to double check the control tab to see what has and has not been messed up. EDIT: They are some of my more used parts too. >
  6. Has said person done RCS and xenon tanks and KSP X tanks? Yes, it is that easy. All you have to do is copy the part folder, open the config file and set the resources to 0 whilst leaving the maximum resources alone. But for those who don't want to do that for some reason or another, I'm planning on making this available.
  7. Yall are right, that'd be more convinient. I'm no coding master so don't keep waiting for me to do that. All I'm doing is the config file edit, which isn't too hard if you aren't overwhelmed by the code. It certainly is a good idea to make a plugin that lets you set fuel levels for various tanks on the pad.
  8. I'm working on reconfiguring the fuel tanks from both stock game (and a few other mods as well) to have 0 starting resources. How many people would be interested in this? I know I need it because I need to launch a massive tanker stage for my latest project, the Lazarus. (tanker stage has 9 orange rockomax tanks) The question here is should I take the time to put this on spaceport? Note, I am even making empty monopropellant and xenon tanks, just in case people do need them.
  9. Nova, what's the mod support with .21? What are the chances that my mods are going to get broken? I have a big project underway and I'm holding off on launching until after .21 so I don't lose all that docking work (I am gonna have to hyperedit my space dock back up though). So long as Kethane, KSPX, DSM, Kerbal Engineer, Mechjeb, and Lazor Docking Cam still work, I'm good.
  10. Some rules of thumb: ALWAYS use ASAS. Don't waste weight on RCS if you don't absolutely need it (your ship turns faster than molasses in winter and you don't plan on docking), Don't rely too heavily on solid boosters, Bigger is not always better, Struts are your friend (they are the duct tape of this game).
  11. Hmmmm. Let me go download the current save, boot up my stock backup of KSP, and build stuff for it. When I have modules to launch for you I'll ask for a launch window.
  12. This disappoints me. I honestly wanted it to get more complicated (adding ore, metal, fabrication parts) so things like Extraplanetary launchpads would go stock. Damnit. So much for the SSI Kerbol empire.
  13. Or you could do something harebrained like me and build a massive ship (with FPS destroying lag even with an NVidia GeForce graphics card and an Intel i7) that roams moons sending half of itself down to become a base and the other half a space station.
  14. Yay, you fixed the debugger! Hey, I saw your pressure fed engine and immediately thought of something. That itself is a cool mod standalone, up in the caliber of things like RemoteTech and Deadly Reentry. I think that should be a standalone (that works with Kethane) rather than an integral part of kethane (if it is, I will be trying to figure out how to disable the pressure fed thing in the config, I don't want that level of realistic difficulty). I do think it would be cool to have a pressure fed engines mod in use with both RemoteTech and Deadly Reentry (and FAR, talk about realism).
  15. I personally am looking forward to a ringed gas giant (with a titan-esqe moon, maybe even a Europa, a binary system, or a volcanic moon with lava oceans) and an asteroid belt which would serve for my extraplanetary space launches and my kethane mining operations nicely.
  16. For those asking why they'd need this to produce stuff, there are mods to add life support. This would be a good complement. I also second the idea of having these things a) look stronger, have horizontal versions for bases.
  17. I use the Mun as a learning curve. It's great for starting out (I got 3 big deposits all on a perfect equatorial orbit) but it is higher gravity than other places. The moons of Jool provide some interesting operations. Kethane is also good in conjunction with the extraplanetary launchpads (but don't use the stock pad, use the Hooligan labs pads). My base experienced several delays and then ultimately got postponed indefinitely after they announced that .21 would be save breaking.
  18. If you want help with anything, chances are, there is a Scott Manley tutorial for it. He explains stuff damn well. He is a walking KSP dictionary. Go find him on youtube. As previously stated, make sure you have some control surfaces for larger rockets. You might also want the advanced SAS. One last piece of advice for you: go do a bit of forum/youtube surfing and find an explaination of asparagus staging. It comes in handy when launching big heavy payloads.
  19. There is no way. That cannot be possible! You'r using an ant engine!!!! How do you beat that? wait, idea coming on.
  20. My space docks. These will be mainly used for docking the large modules I'll be using to create a Munar Kethane mining base. I have been avoiding starting construction given .21 will be a save breaker (So I'll have to hyperedit this thing back, though hyperedit has been destroying my stuff lately). EDIT/MORE INFO: The center ones have so much clearance because one will house an adapter for up to 5 ships (with standard non-jumbo docking ports), mainly tugs, and the other will hold the megatug that will tow all the modules in a line out to the Mun (and maybe minmus later on). The planned tugs are 2 interplanetary (for dragging additional modules if I need something after departure) and 2 heavy (for moving around multiple modules at once).
  21. You stole my idea! I had that as my mission flag all set! Of course My Quantum struts attracted the Kraken so you got to beat me to it damnit. EDIT: not the US one, the apollo 11 patch.
  22. Personally, I'm not out to Jool yet. I was just about to start launching and assembling a mobile base that was going to go out to the Mun and set up the first of 3 major kethane operations but I canceled that plan after the announcement that .21 would be save breaking. What mods will be broken in .21 I wonder. I'm an avid user of KSPX, Kethane, and a few others. EDIT: my next target was planning to be Duna, where I'd be using a lot of probes (no need for return) for a roving kethane operation supported by a manned space station orbiting. The manned operation (if I have one) would be on Ike. (watch out for the magic boulder ; )
  23. Um . . . . . . When I heard floating base, I assumed airship. I have no idea here. You could try redesigning it to be more centered around the launch pad. Then it might sit evenly.
  24. At least one kerbal is required to be on board. Thank you for bringing that one up, I do need to clarify that.
  25. This is a perfect example of what to do and gets you on the Tier 1 leaderboards. Get your apoaps over 70k and then get to said apoaps in under 90 seconds. I did a lousy job of clarifying that earlier so let this be an example what to do. Apoaps must be over 70k. Your score is the time it takes you to reach at least 70k. EDIT: my attempt at Tier 3 is on hold. The Kraken is holding down any rocket I launch.
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