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  1. Thanks for the pointers. My comp is pretty decent but I did get some lagginess on my space station so will do. I just put up the space dock I'll be using to assemble it today and the actual dock is totally stock. (good to know about .21, oh dear) Granted the launcher is using quantum struts and some adapters from KSPX (best mod ever). This ship is actually intended to be for Duna as the first target (after the trial run on the Mun and maybe minmus). Any advice for what I'll need over on Eve and Tylo? The megatug will have a heap of delta V and I plan on refueling it after every planet (courtesy of Kethane). As always, thanks for the pointers. Time to get building the modules. I may post screenshots of some of them and some more later when I actually start docking stuff at the space docks for assembly.
  2. My first project was a space station over kerbin at 125km. I accidentally hit end flight and deleted a fuel module, the core, and two tugs. I ragequit that. Now my next big (and first interplanetary) is a giant spaceship that can reassemble itself into a space station and vice versa, hopping the kerbol system planet to planet. I am using KSP X and Kethane so refueling is a no brainer (assuming I got satellites there and survey maps XD). Any pointers? The current plan calls for a total of 16 modules on 3 cores all using clamp-o-tron sr. ports and a single interplanetary megatug to tow the whole thing around before reconfiguring it. The maiden voyage (aka space trials) will be to the Mun, then maybe minmus. Step one in my plan: Build a space dock to assemble it; send kethane scout probe to the Mun. Step two: send up the megatug, then start module construction (may ask for community help. Dunno if I can think up 16 different types of modules XP) Any friendly advice for this massive undertaking? -Sierra
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