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  1. I am using breaking ground. I do not have Infernal Robotics installed. Do either of these conflict? I don't believe I've seen them as dependencies.
  2. I have 1.7.3 and for some reason I do not see 'lock joint' on any part. I have looked at this both in the VAB and on the launch pad. I don't see a 'lock joint' option to add to an action group either. I attempted to link images but for some reason it won't load...
  3. Sorry to be a bother Benjee but I was in the VAB and in flight with the robotic arm. I don't see an option to lock the joints. It only gives me options regarding the motors. Forgive me for being so lost on this.
  4. @benjee10 Sir you are doing great work here. This is as close to space as I ever hope to get.
  5. @benjee10 I am very much looking forward to your shuttle mod. Just played the alpha and the hype is real. I hope all in IRL is getting better. Sending good vibes.
  6. This is amazing work @benjee10! Congrats on the release! Are you planning any more updates to this mod? If not, I think it'd be cool to see a Freedom Station version of this mod.
  7. I am SOOOO happy to see an integrated radiator panel in this part. You're doing god's work my man. Keep it up!