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  1. I know this is something that has been addressed before, I've looked for the answer but haven't been able to locate it in the thread. I have BDB and remotetech loaded on KSP, but not all of the BDB antenna or dishes work. Not sure how to fix this. AH! Looks like there is no CFG file for it. Anyone know where to find one so I can add it?
  2. I just noticed that the old shenzhou parts aren't in the latest update. Anyone know how I can go about getting those parts back?
  3. I am using breaking ground. I do not have Infernal Robotics installed. Do either of these conflict? I don't believe I've seen them as dependencies.
  4. I have 1.7.3 and for some reason I do not see 'lock joint' on any part. I have looked at this both in the VAB and on the launch pad. I don't see a 'lock joint' option to add to an action group either. I attempted to link images but for some reason it won't load...
  5. Sorry to be a bother Benjee but I was in the VAB and in flight with the robotic arm. I don't see an option to lock the joints. It only gives me options regarding the motors. Forgive me for being so lost on this.
  6. @benjee10 Sir you are doing great work here. This is as close to space as I ever hope to get.
  7. @benjee10 I am very much looking forward to your shuttle mod. Just played the alpha and the hype is real. I hope all in IRL is getting better. Sending good vibes.
  8. This is amazing work @benjee10! Congrats on the release! Are you planning any more updates to this mod? If not, I think it'd be cool to see a Freedom Station version of this mod.
  9. I am SOOOO happy to see an integrated radiator panel in this part. You're doing god's work my man. Keep it up!
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