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  1. I am using breaking ground. I do not have Infernal Robotics installed. Do either of these conflict? I don't believe I've seen them as dependencies.
  2. I have 1.7.3 and for some reason I do not see 'lock joint' on any part. I have looked at this both in the VAB and on the launch pad. I don't see a 'lock joint' option to add to an action group either. I attempted to link images but for some reason it won't load...
  3. Sorry to be a bother Benjee but I was in the VAB and in flight with the robotic arm. I don't see an option to lock the joints. It only gives me options regarding the motors. Forgive me for being so lost on this.
  4. @benjee10 Sir you are doing great work here. This is as close to space as I ever hope to get.
  5. @benjee10 I am very much looking forward to your shuttle mod. Just played the alpha and the hype is real. I hope all in IRL is getting better. Sending good vibes.
  6. This is amazing work @benjee10! Congrats on the release! Are you planning any more updates to this mod? If not, I think it'd be cool to see a Freedom Station version of this mod.
  7. I am SOOOO happy to see an integrated radiator panel in this part. You're doing god's work my man. Keep it up!
  8. Does anyone else have the issue of the Apollo LES throwing the SaturnV around like a rag doll? Every time I jettison in mid flight I immediately regain standard flight control. Not sure if this is BDB or another mod potentially creating an issue.
  9. Just noticed that the stock ion engine has "Cruise Control" which allows for thrust during time acceleration. Any possible way to add this to NFP's engines?
  10. Is there an air filter/carbon extractor part? I remember it being in 1.0 but is there a 2.0 equivalent? I didn't see one looking though my parts menu.
  11. Tried googling for it but is there a comparability file for RemoteTech and Tantares? I'm running into Tantares antennae not working.
  12. Can we get a fitted decoupler for the Dream Chaser like in the concept?
  13. Can we also get textures for the RCS parts?