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  1. Update KSOS has been updated for 0.25 compatibility. As usual back up saves and any important files or changes before updating. I'm still testing this newest version. Clean ups Freeman is undergoing a variety of file clean ups. This includes RPM directories as well as Firespitter dependence.
  2. This pretty much. Unfortunately my time has become rather limited lately. Aside from fixes to Phase 4, I have no plans for any further phases for a while. I decided to take a break and catch up on other projects for a while, but I will be dropping in here and making sure we get some final bug fixes on Phase 4 taken care of. So what's the future? I decided to work on our own project myself and OrbitusII. I do not have a lot of details nor would I share them here. However those testers that were part of this project I plan on migrating them over to the other if they are willing. My stream will still be the same and soon I will begin streaming progress on the other project. Again, thanks everyone for all the support and like I said I still monitor the thread, I'm still in contact with everyone and everything and I'm still taking care of any fixes left.
  3. 1) Because you can put stock ones in it. No reason to re-invent the wheel 2) September of 2013, took a 4 month break since ZRM dropped off the project. Nazari picked it up in January 2014. So realistically, 1 Month 3) I think I had pics of the Super 25 ideas as early as February 2014. 4) See page two beneath the OP. Although some of that may have changed do to changing weights and configs, but not by much. 5) Which ever. Most people start with the power module and a 6-way hub, so they have a solid foundation
  4. Do a test; move ATM out of your GameData folder, and install Texture Replacement Mod (turn off or delete all the extra content it has, and just use its compression feature). See if it works better for you. I do not run ATM anymore, just Texture Replacement, and have never had an issue since. (SLI Nvidia 680's, Intel i7, 32gb RAM, Windows 7 64) 32bit KSP.
  5. 4.09 Forum is broken won't let me edit OP Complete KSOS http://www./download/x43c91ygzeehlu2/KSOS_v409_All.zip Pack 4 Standalone http://www./download/e2w6udt86psnnds/KSOS_v409_Pack_4.zip
  6. The issue is unrelated to anything like that. This had to do with a Firespitter module, and its usage. The sedan issue, is simply that some features got turned off in the process of diagnosis and we need them turned back on (unrelated to the bug).
  7. The difference shouldn't be too great. But the issue is that with the stock ATM config, the tiles on the KSO Super 25 as well as other Normal maps details get severely blurred to the point where you may as well remove KSO_25_norm_NRM.tga or any Normal Map (all files with Norm_NRM) from this mod since they won't do you any good and will just suck up "memory". In plain English; ATM stock configs kill normal maps. About a month total (all phases combined) worth of work. If you're that desperate to use this mod and save memory, just delete all files with the name norm_NRM.tga on them.
  8. -I believe the last 23.5 compatible version was 3.09hf. And yes please take it to PMs. -Wasn't able to update it. Although the bug got fixed, the Patrol sedan now has another bug as a result of all the diagnosing. It's a simple bug but will have to wait until Nazari sends me a new *.mu file. Once I get that 4.09 will be up.
  9. There is a hover mode. It's kind of quirky. You have to set up an action group in the VAB however. Right click on the main rotor to set it up.
  10. Fixed -Nazari finally found the bug that was doing it. Seems one of the modules didn't like to be animated (The fire truck water gun). -Sirens have been restored -We've found no NRE errors anymore which resulted in the lag. -New build of Pack 4 as well as the Complete 4.09 will be up later this evening. (I'm on my laptop). Installer -Once FREEMANtsinq gets v4.09 he'll rebuild the installer and It'll be up. Again, a super thank you and hug to Nazari for banging on this thing until it worked! Patch Notes 4.09 *In testing* -Fixed: NRE Errors caused by the Fire Truck and the Patrol Sedan have been fixed. This error caused the lights out bug as well as terrible frame rates do to CPU/Memory usage. -Fixed: Siren animations have been restored to both the Patrol Sedan and the Fire Truck. -Fixed: All new craft files will be included. -Disabled: Water Gun on the Fire Truck has been disabled until further notice. NOTICE: You must delete all vehicle craft files including rover craft files before applying this package. As there have been numerous changes to all vehicles.
  11. -Was trying to get this main bug (emergency vehicles being out simultenously) squashed so that FREEMAN can compile a clean one. Odds are most people will be downloading that one since it gives you the most options in an easy to use interface. -We have to wait until Nazari squashes the bug which as I said earlier may require real time diagnosis with Snjo. -I'm still aggregating bug reports FREEMAN and the other testers are sending me.
  12. 4.081 Hot Fix Note the issue with the vehicles is still there. This update simply fixes the KerbaLab and does some temporary fixes and changes to the vehicles. 4.081 Complete Install. 4.081 Space Station Kit. 4.081 Rover and Service Vehicles.
  13. The Firetruck does. However my assumption was premature. I'm still getting the bug even after KAS was removed.
  14. We aren't able to come to terms on the problem. Earlier I got it to work perfectly. I then exited KSP and came back to it this evening to begin rebuilding all the craft files only to discover it was crashing again. [edit] Scratch what I said... We found the culprit. KAS and the Firetruck...
  15. Status -We may have fixed the bug. Unfortunately it meant removing the Sirens from the Patrol Car and the Firetruck. -We fixed the KerbaLab bug which broke the right click context menu. -All other bugs reported seem to be users who are using an old version of Firespitter. You need to install the version included with any 4.08 Pack. An update will be posted later this evening
  16. Status -We're aware of the multiple vehicle causing NRE errors and slow downs. Nazari was able to reproduce it and is diagnosing. Unfortunately it seems it may get escalated to Snjo to help with debugging. What that means is that a fix may not be available for a couple days. Although I'm hoping we can nail it down sooner. -We fixed the KerbaLab bug which broke the right click context menu. -All other bugs reported seem to be users who are using an old version of Firespitter. You need to install the version included with any 4.08 Pack.
  17. KSOS Pack 4 Bug hunting twitch stream, at 1:00pm PST -I will not be playing the game. -Bug hunting and verifying only. -Will be asking viewers to verify bugs. -May be able to upload updates and or fixes. Will verify during the public stream. Make sure to start KSP as Administrator. You're reaching your memory limit. Additionally try installing the Texture Replacement mod which helps with memory. Try running KSP as Administrator. Uninstall ATM if you're using it. Otherwise you may need to run 32bit (with Texture Replacement installed). Will check Kerbalab on stream. No such thing currently. I believe you mean after the KSO Standard is redone then I can apply some of the new techniques used which save memory. However that may no longer be happening at this point since I'm tied up with other long term priorities. Not much I can do here Will check during the stream. You didn't install it correctly. You're missing the Firespitter folder. You must install all folders included in the download. Will verify during the stream. I believe I know the cause, which may be linked to folks unable to have more than 3 vehicles out. Will verify during the stream, see below. Users that can't have more than 2+ vehicles in the live scene. -Launch the KWM Lorry Tractor (move it off the side of the runway) -Launch more than 3 of the same KMW Lorry Tractor (move them off the side of the runway) -Check to see if you have the "Lights Out" bug. This includes game slowdown, inaccessible vehicles, etcetera. -Otherwise if everything is working fine; -Load the KMW Coach or the KMW Firetruck. Does the bug appear? Vehicles stuck and/or sunk in the ground -If your vehicle is sunk in the ground or stuck (you can't drive forward), return it to the SPH/VAB. -Remove all the tires. -Place new tires on it, but watch the wheel hubs. They should all be marked with either a Grey Arrow, Red Arrow, or Grey Mark which should point to the bottom of the wheel hub. -All of your wheel hub arrows should be facing to the ground. -The best way to not screw this up, is to always build a vehicle/vehicle-sub. assy in the SPH. When you place a wheel place it off to the side (not attached to the vehicle) and look at its hub to make sure it's facing the right way (arrow to the ground). Then use symmetry to place it (this makes sure the opposite wheel goes in correctly). Then use Alt+grab the same piece to make a copy of it for the rear wheel, ensuring it's also facing the right way.
  18. It's all good now. Got several bugs fixed. (will be posted on changelog). This also included the rover fuel module scale issue Changes to Phase 2 were mainly the addition of the flags. Phase 1 was also updated with flags on the Standard KSO. Hence a lot of parts had to be re-exported. Since it has been a while (almost half a year or more for some parts) it was easy to have some mess ups. You guys will have to be patient these next few days as I update all links and upload everything. Phases are going up piecemeal as I verify them.
  19. KSO is already released. Do you mean Phase IV? You don't need Phase IV to fly the KSO or the KSO25. Update SST textures are broken. They require Nazari re-export the SST. Sorry, release is now delayed over the weekend (do not know if I'll be able to get a hold of him before tomorrow). Lol they are pointing to the truck textures it seems.
  20. Hit refresh on your browser. I had to update the license information. Which will get updated again just before Phase IV release.
  21. No, once you flip the switch the cabin lights stay on until you flip the switch again and turn them off. I believe you're confused with the old bugged siren lights, which are no longer bugged either. I get asked this quite often, both on the stream and on this thread so I'll try and answer as best I can; No, the KSOS mod is not part of the goals or content that Squad wants for their game. I don't believe it really has ever been (as far back as when I started the first 1.8 Standard shuttle). Squad's goal are generic, sterile, standalone parts (think Legos). Although KSOS contains some standalone parts, most of the main components are organic components meant to assemble together as one and/or parts that incorporate multiple parts. If they would like a part for their game, I would charge my normal contracting fee and require the concepts for the component they wish made (in FBX format). Making sure that is clarified since we get quite a few people complaining how KSOS shuttles don't let them freely assemble what ever they want. -The installer is currently for Windows only. However we still have to do testing and we should be able to test it on Mac, but I can't promise that. You can get the alternate textures on the second post right below the OP or by downloading the desired pack individually once phase 4 is out.