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  1. Streaming at 7:30 PM PST -Will answer any questions. -Can explain the delay. -Will be showing off the rover. -Will try in vain to get the rover to the Mun. http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus
  2. Ok, there seems to be a growing number of posts that say "Is this a known issue?". Earlier someone asked how they tried to redo a texture in Paint.net (no idea what that is) and they had bugs... they also asked "Is this a known issue?" Here are the list of known issues which should be in the OP towards the bottom: Known Bugs -0.24 64bit not fully supported. -KSO Standard, Ladder animation may still skip between scenes. We're aware of the problem and have a fix. -KSO 25 may have RCS Yaw control issues while in Zero-G. This is an ongoing balancing process like all previous phases. Turn off Rudder RCS (should be in action group default Key 7) for improved Yaw control in space. -KSO 25 Moon Door docking coupler may be flipped in the RPM Docking CAM. -EVA option may be unavailable on a module when first docking it. You will have to quicksave and either reload the save or exit the scene, and then return to the space craft using the Space Center. -Observation Module Laptop buttons 1,2,3 (Numpad) will sometimes not work. EVA in and out of the Observation Module, or EVA into another module should clear the bug. -Laptop screens may show an "Error Bad Redirect" notice when first loading. Hitting the Menu key should return you to the RPM main screen. If you are unable to access pages or the laptop becomes stuck, Quicksave. Exit the scene (goto the Space Center) and reload the spacecraft with the laptop, this should clear it. -Some Linux and Mac users may experience a bug where their ADI and HUD are dark and almost not visible. We have not found a solution to this bug but are working on it. You can turn off the HUD by looking at the pit panel shroud and clicking on the PWR button. -Due to how fuel flows in KSP, when constructing a new Standard KSO you must start with the Cockpit, when building a Super 25 you must start with the EFT first. This is not a bug, but intended. -You must extend the airstair before EVA's while landed on the ground. There have been reports of the distance fallen to cause a Kerbal to die, although we haven't witnessed any deaths from falling at the height, but are looking into this issue. -Station Service Tug will not fly straight or translate properly with its RCS Arms extended. This is working as intended. If you want to maneuver the tug around, you must retract its arms. It will only maneuver properly with its arms extended if it has a weight,.. duh... -The KSO Deadly Re-entry, or Ferram Aerospace. Compatibility with these mods was never intended. Users have reported that the KSO works alright with them but you may experience over-powered flight controls, parts breaking off during re-entry, or heavy-non responsive flight characteristics. Configurations are an ongoing process. Version 2.04 provides improved MechJeb and FAR support but it is still rudimentary. Please post on those mods threads for instructions on how to use those mods with the KSO. If you have an issue outside of that, there is zero we can do. -Cryogenics is not part of this mod. Early on, on some of the videos Nazari tested the effects. We discovered a bug with it so it was a feature that was cut midway through the S25 development. However, there may be some left over Cool Rockets configs or files. If you see some videos or screenshots of Cool Rockets effects, that person may be using an older config, they may be a tester, or they may have "wired it back up". In other words, if you know what you're doing, the transforms and systems are there for you to install Cool Rockets and get it to work. However we cannot support or help with that. -Painting and texture help is not part of this mod. If you need help making textures or editing TGA files and such, the best location is the Modeling and texturing forum.
  3. Pretty much. I believe that is Nazari's plan once he starts getting it into KSP.
  4. Phase IV -Phase IV, a.k.a "Service Vehicle and Rover Pack" is almost finished -IVA about 80% done, just got to do a few bakes to get the shadows from the MFD screens. Now for some bad news I decided I will not be doing the rover delivery vehicle/module. Nazari will try to put one together using stock parts if possible. Otherwise I'm leaving it up to you guys to put one together and be creative The main reasons for not doing one is: --Too much time. Phase IV is already long overdue and I can't keep delaying the project. --It requires too many additional parts which cuts into the above point. I.e. the delivery module would have required: Custom radial engines, custom RCS, a custom Rover container, as well as numerous other parts (couplers/decouplers, etcetera). I just don't have the time or enthusiasm to put all that together and stall the project further. --We do not have an experienced programmer and/or I just don't want to earmark the additional time plus add another DLL to the download just to have some custom Rover delivery system. --KAS as well as IR and other mods are out there that allow you to do a Rover delivery module anyways. There is no need for me to waste time and resources reinventing the wheel. There is no need to post or PM suggestions such as "Well you could do XYZ" and so on. The decision is final and the rover is in the can (meaning it's done). Phase IV needs to be out already. To do -Finalize IVA -Finish colliders -Get it in game -Finish Phase IV features -Testing -Release.
  5. I believe Infernal Robotics with Tweakable Scales should work (you'd need both mods). I believe the mod author of IR, fixed it so that it's compatible with TS and KSOS. Best to post in the IR thread, but I know I saw the mod author post pics of the Super 25 with a robotic arm attached. From the videos I've seen, it seems more difficult to use the IR arm to install things, then to just use the SST to ferry station components into place. BTW, most if not all of us have built our stations using the KSO Standard/KSO 25 with SST without issue. It's actually quite fun and adds a whole new gameplay element
  6. That's correct, sunburn schemes are for testers only. For everyone else, you'll get Black Widow both with Kim Kerman on the side and without Kim Kerman on the side And it won't be a limited time download. Schemes included: KSP Default Black Widow with Kim K pinup on the side Black Widow without Kim K on the side Kerba-Life Medical
  7. Phase IV delays Just wanted to let everyone know that phase 4 will experience some further delays as I'm currently away from my PC. Everything is triple backed up and safe. To do -Finish Rover IVA -Send latest P4 build to testers. -complete installer with FREEMAN -release (the delay to the project should be a few days to a week at most) Thank you everyone for understanding and for the great support!
  8. Personally I wouldn't mind a universal standard location. Helps with mod exposure and such. However, I'm quite content on keeping my stuff on Mediafire since it's easy for me to drag and drop updates and changes in a matter of minutes. That being said, really wish KSP would go the Skyrim route and have the majority of their stuff on the KSP Nexus and use Nexus Mod Manager.
  9. I will be streaming today at: 1:00pm PST http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus Topics -The future of KSOS. -Will answer lunar rover specific questions. -Will try and do a career game so I can start taking note of the cost and tech balancing. Expect lots of reloading and such as usual.
  10. Why? Isn't there enough parts in the VAB stock to make one? Explain how exactly do piano wire wheels blow out? Let alone how does a Kerbal repair that thing?
  11. Rover is electric. Fuel module is to transport fuel for lunar base and/or refueling projects.
  12. It's coming.... -Yes, it's based off a dune buggy, as I said on the stream and on here. I don't like the way real moon buggies look. Besides, there are tons of rover kits available to download, plus you can make one using stock parts. So, if I was going to make a moon rover, I may as well make it in style. -Ignore the MCE Rover Cellular Antenna, as that is part of MCE. -Rover comes with: 1 Wheel assembly, Chassis, Body (4 Kerbals), KAS/Utility module, Auxiliary Power Supply module, Liquid fuel module.
  13. Streaming more KSP at 7:50pm PST http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus
  14. The hot fix restored the flight values back to pre-3.10 values. I tested it and was able to do a go around without issue. Test with 32bit -without- Active Texture Management.
  15. Kerbostar testing -This turned into 5 hours of back and forth with Snjo -We discovered the transforms were off, so it required reprogramming of Firespitter.dll -Yeah I'm playing without ATM. Although I am running TextureReplacer.
  16. That usually means you have outdated craft files. May want to delete them all and rebuild them. I will double check. Note to testers Yeah, please rebuild the vehicles. They are still 0.23 and may have node attach errors.
  17. Dude, what did you do to the firetruck? The wheels!
  18. No, it was the lift values on the CSEs, not the rudders. The bug in the rudders is a mystery. If you know how to fix it, feel free to let me know.
  19. 3.11 Hot Fix I stupidly changed the lift coefficient on the CSE's without realizing the effect. Lift has been restored on the KSO Super 25. Download http://www./download/2898v27i7na9li7/KSOS_v311hf.zip
  20. It's a display bug, it should be fine. I'll be streaming tonight, mostly so Nazari can make fun of me crash the Kerbostar. Will be streaming at 6:00pm PST. http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus Notice -My streams are not "Lets play streams". They are simply development streams. -KSP isn't very stable for me so odds are there will be lots of crashes.
  21. Right, but that doesn't happen. Check this out. I used to be one of the overdraw artists on the "Character Overdraw" thread we had way back when on Polycount. Student artists would come in, post up their character and we'd critique it by putting big red lines all over their screenshots. Some of the students would say "but I like it like it is" even though it was obvious their character didn't follow proper anatomy, edge flow, or topology. Meanwhile you had students who would take the overdraws go back and fix their work. The ones who would go back and fix their work improved. And you could see it, eventually landing them internships at studios. The ones that didn't do it, hardly improved, but eventually would go back in and make the changes. None of us ever took a harsh tone towards anyone's work (although one of the anatomists did flat out tell someone "if you're not going to take the critiques, there is no use in posting your work here."). We constantly critiqued each other's work. Shared techniques, redraws, talked about new technologies, as well as new methods of doing old things better. CGSociety works the same way. Both CGSociety and Polycount are industry artist forums where students, interns, industry artists, come to share their work, portfolios, project art dumps and so on. Constructive criticism does not equal being nice. It means being helpful and ultimately improving your community. Because maybe through your constructive critique you'll have another awesome mod that you wouldn't have the time or motivation to do yourself.
  22. Sure I agree, people should have a tougher skin. But guess what? As a former teacher, telling someone how bad their project stinks doesn't help them. If someone spent months working on a mod and it's terrible, the part I see that is valuable is that they had the time and dedication to at least try. This could be better if you instead did this. Or give them suggestions on how to improve it. Going all derisive and telling them how badly it sucks, doesn't help anyone. If anything it hurts the community since not all modders have a tough skin. None of this is true. The best developers listen to feedback. The best artists listen to feedback. The worst games that have flopped on release... guess what? They didn't listen to feedback and stuck to "the vision". I know this first hand. Blizzard has an entire team dedicated to community relations and feedback aggregation. They have community relations managers, run surveys, and have community involvement programs. I was part of a feedback program they had early on in the game. Believe it or not it's due to community feedback that a lot of changes that have occurred with the game have happened. I think I'm pretty good at what I do, but even I listen feedback. The only way that I can get better, is by listening to what others think of my work.
  23. Don't take this the wrong way. But you're not teaching, or qualified for that matter to be giving out any lessons in that regard. Why? Because the treatment by a Mod Using community of a Mod author is the same as the treatment of a Game Using community of a Game Developer. There is no difference what so ever. I've gotten rants about a character model I've made after slaving away for weeks on it, just the same as I've seen forum threads about a character I've made under contract for a game company. It's exactly the same. You could apply that to programming as well (For example, MechJeb), or pretty much any project that requires: talent, patience, knowledge, and skill. The only difference between a Mod and a something produced by a Dev, is the exchange of money. Which the line can be blurred sometimes depending on the game (there are for-pay Mods for FSX just the same). I could argue that do to donations, even mods here can blur that line as well. So even using that as an example doesn't apply. Now if you want to make a distinction regarding quality, it becomes a whole other matter. So are we to say that less respect and understanding should be given to a mod that simply does a few armor/texture recolors compared to say a mod that adds 5 hours of additional content including new graphics, animations, and gameplay assets? Oh you meant, the mod using person doesn't need to cushion their posts at the Modder? Ok I understand now. Somehow I got confused with a modder needing cushioning in regards to a moderator handling their thread. Dunno why I assumed 5thHorseman was a moderator (probably the big green bar). But I go into further detail below. This response is to all three: -The same exact courtesy and respect afforded the Developer should be afforded the Modder. No difference what so ever. -Now if a Modder is disrespectful, derisive, and abusive, it would be obvious to anyone that such respect is lost. However, this is no different than if a Dev acted towards the community the same way. No one makes exceptions towards one or the other. You do have some leeway with the Dev by not buying more of their games. Just as users feeling entitled to a modder's time and energy is bad, so is a modder acting as if they're above the rest of the community. They aren't equal. Don't you for a minute think that someone who spends months working on a mod is suddenly just as open to abusive comments and threads as someone who just downloads and installs a mod. "Boo hoo, I spent my time downloading this mod, therefor I demand the same attention and courtesy as the mod author". That's a no, and speaks of narcissism and self-entitlement. Even as recent as KSOS, I've had a few folks like that come into the thread thinking they are John Wayne, not realizing the amount of work, dedication, and commitment that goes into such a mod. I usually by ignoring them, or directly tell them to not download the mod. Now then, if a modder is deliberately being abusive, then sure, I understand what goes around comes around, by all means. But that's not what this thread is about. This thread is about KSP and KSP Modding. It's not about The Sims 3, GTA:4, Minecraft, or any other game with toxic communities. I have never seen, Bac9, Snjo, Sarbian, Rbray, or any of the major mod authors be abusive to KSP community members. Even junior modders for the most part have been very respectful. So the idea that "Modders can be just as mean and disrespectful to the community (because it happened in XYZ game), therefor it's justified for the community to jump in their thread and rant or make demands" is false and a propositional fallacy.