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  1. Neither of you make any sense. What cushioning do we need? If we were given any leniency by moderators, in what way does it apply? The thread is about abuse against modders. Not modders abusing community members, remember? Second, you say "If anything you want to be worse". What does that mean? Moderators should be worse with us? Are you serious? Is there a growing trend of abusive Modders ranting and yelling at community members?
  2. Well my two cents since KSOS gets its fair share of flak. The most recent being the 32bit vs. 64bit debacle. Personally I never really take to heart what folks say on the thread. I've known from the beginning that it wasn't going to make everyone happy. The KSO not really being a parts kit, I knew I was going to take some flak from folks who: "Damnit, such a cool looking model with IVA and it's not a part's kit!". I knew this was going to happen going in to it. So I went into it by ignoring those folks completely, and focusing on the others who use the KSO orbiters as they are. Turns out, that the guys who use KSOS "as is" have helped evolve the mod to what it is now (originally it was just going to be the shuttle and a moon lander). However, and this is something that took me a while to realize; The people making criticisms of your mod are your fans. The people that have been most critical of KSOS have sparked the most change. At first glance I took most of their rants as just that, rants and complaints. However, the Super 25 incorporated a lot of the things those folks asked for; Better IVA visibility, larger cargo space, improved flight, etcetera. I realized that the reason some of these folks are so critical, is because they enjoy the mod so much, that any blemish will cause them to tell you about it (not always in a diplomatic way). This eventually evolved to simply reading the thread and if something seems like a rant or complaint, I make an evaluation: -Is it something that can be fixed readily without new resources? -Is it a legitimate bug? -Is it a quality of life improvement? -Can it be incorporated later on at a different phase? -Is it in the spirit of the project? So pretty much it's gotten to the point where I don't take anything in the thread as a complaint, rant, or troll attempt. This leads to a discussion I had the other day with one of our community members. In it he made a few statements that struck a few chords and my response may have seemed like I was upset at him specifically. In reality the only person that is capable of offending or chasing me away is, Squad. The response really wasn't at him, but was really my frustration with Squad. They have claimed and continue to claim "We support modding", evidenced by saying this repeatedly in the twitch stream and just a few posts up someone just repeated it again. I'm not sure what priority Squad has given to modding in their business plan, but so far it is my opinion that it isn't very high, if at all. I've said it in my thread and I'll say it again; Squad does not support modding. -Why is there no SDK? With all modules used by the stock game properly defined. -Why has an asset manager not been incorporated into the engine without the need of 3rd party plugins such as Active Texture Management? -In regards to IVA's only; why are we stuck with placing the IVA texture in the spaces directory next to the internal.cfg? This has become a serious issue for IVA intensive mods such as KSOS. We could save 25% or more on resources if we could point IVA textures to share them without using the idiotic props work around (which is in and of itself inefficient). So far the source of any frustration I've had from a thread post has been just that; Something out of our control which is in Squad's court.
  3. Go for it! They're yours -I didn't think I had saved the working PSD with all the layers. Found it and uploaded to Mediafire. KSO Ribbon Kit
  4. I didn't think to save them. I collapsed each layer as I saved out the pngs. I think I started with some wings I found online. Top one:
  5. Posted this in my thread, figured I'd share on here as well, since I get asked for these every now and then. Silver devices are usually higher grade than a bronze device. Heli Pilot, Bronze Heli Pilot, Silver S25 Mission Specialist, Bronze S25 Mission Specialist, Silver KSO Mission Specialist, Bronze KSO Mission Specialist, Silver Shuttle Pilot, Silver Shuttle Pilot, Bronze
  6. Since I get asked for these every now and then: Final Frontier Ribbons Silver devices are usually higher grade than a bronze device. Heli Pilot, Bronze Heli Pilot, Silver S25 Mission Specialist, Bronze S25 Mission Specialist, Silver KSO Mission Specialist, Bronze KSO Mission Specialist, Silver Shuttle Pilot, Silver Shuttle Pilot, Bronze
  7. @nismobg I'm confused with what the problem is. Is there a problem with the default KSO Config file? I will take a look at the files in question and compare. I can't make promises, but I will try and see if we can come up with a FAR config we can add as an alternate install with Phase IV. Is this for a default wing installation without FAR/DRE?
  8. -That could be possible in the future. A bit of a strange request on a specific item. I'm not quite sure which radial decoupler you mean. Maybe post a screenshot? -That is not possible at this point since so many people have prized games going. If you change the config file names you break crafts in saved games (KSP automatically deletes them, how I lost my space station). -Changing texture names at this point would be extra work for Nazari, in that he'd have to re-export all *.mu file to point to the new names. Texture names aren't a function of the part or set that uses them, but are named after the internal names I use in my baking/photoshop pipeline. That means that some textures weren't supposed to be specific to say Phase 2. They were supposed to be used by other phases as well. However, way back when I discovered that silly KSP doesn't really like to reuse things such as IVA textures. But by then it was too late. Probably why in Phase 3 and now 4, you see texture names be more specific to that pack. -To further help with that, Phase IV will have an installer that will let you pick and choose what pack you wish to install. And I'm flattered that you enjoy the KSOS stuff
  9. This. And I know I've said I wanted to separate them completely from that file. I still am, it's just that things have gotten hectic. I will do my best to get that separated before Phase IV is out.
  10. The windows won't appear lit if you remove those files.
  11. Hey Snjo! Quick question, you can PM these answers and/or any other detail if you'd like. -How do your helicopter modules work? -How does the player translate forward, back, left, right? (without rolling/pitching in place). -How is collective done? (up, down) is it just throttle up and down? -I'm assuming tail rotor controls yaw. In the following two screens you note more or less the issue: -The main rotor is linked to the rotor head which is linked to the turboshaft. I'm assuming your module would control the main rotor? What is that declared as? -In the IVA, as I increase collective (up, down) what happens? How does your module handle that? I need to know so that I can separate out the proper part that'll move. If it's throttle, I need to know so I can declare the collective handles as throttles so they move up and down as the player increases/decreases collective. -If so, how is cyclic handled? We can have the cyclic stick controlled like normal (like we do in the KSOs), but does your module which control the main rotor automatically do bladeslip, blade translation and such? -So main rotor, which module do we use? -Tail rotor, which module do we use? -Is the engine a separate thing? (Helicopter's, especially this one, don't really have "thrust").
  12. If I can finish it by then and Nazari can get it early enough and in game, then sure. I'll also try and cover some stuff that has come up on the thread (such as the IVA texture usage thing).
  13. Vessel Viewer will not be part of the KSOS aircraft by default. Same goes for any other random plugin people think of. If it becomes part of RPM.dll proper then maybe. The only changes I plan on incorporating into the KSOS RPM suite are some changes suggested by Luizopiloto (although I do not have artwork changing permissions as such those changes are on hold), fixes suggested in the thread, and bringing it up to speed to the latest version. Phase IV Update -My apologies for the delays. Asthma has hit me hard this past week and has slowed my productivity. -The Kerbostar is an aircraft now like the KSOs. Which means that it requires what seems like about as much attention as a full phase on its own. I've got most of it knocked out, but I'm still brick-n-mortaring the IVA. To do -Finish Kerbostar IVA -Kerbostar colliders are done! -Update all testers to latest version of Phase IV (including the kerbostar). -Lunar rover kit exterior. -Lunar rover kit IVA -Final Phase IV Testing -Finish updates and fixes to all of KSOS -Finish KSOS installer -Split KSOS project into component phases. -Release KSOS
  14. You're missing Firespitter. These are the symptoms typical of Firespitter.dll being missing. Redownload 3.10. You must install all plugins included in the zip by dragging over each folder into your GameData directory
  15. Interesting! Thank you for this, I'll run some tests. I'm stuck with Phase 4 for a bit but I really need to visit the RPM stuff.
  16. -You have to try and find out what the bone names are. Not a big deal, but I specifically need to know if I need to include a clavicle or not (left and right shoulder bones). -What method did they use for facial animation? Again, if you can somehow find out the bone assignments and it turns out they just added bones in the face, our job is easier. As opposed to morphs. -Polygon budget for a single Kerbal? I think they are using a bit more than is traditional. Judging by the silhouette (seems smoother than 1250). We'll then run into other issues: -RCS location for EVA mode? -EVA/IVA mesh swap? Is it a morph or a swap? Making the EVA suit is not an issue for me. But it too need's animations. See if you can PM me so we can start moving this off this thread. Also keep in mind I have to finish Phase IV of KSOS before I move on to something else. Although Character models are so much easier and faster for me to do.
  17. That was an oversight in my part. I'm slowly transitioning away from the Westi action group standard. It worked well for the KSO. But with the additions of new vehicles such as the cars, trucks, heli and so on, the layout the Super25 uses seems to work a bit better for me in terms of remembering which turns engines on/off trims on/off and so on. The Super25 layout goes: 1: Engine Channel 1 ON/OFF 2: Engine Channel 2 ON/OFF 3: Engine Channel 1 Trim ON/OFF 4: Engine Channel 2 Trim ON/OFF 5:Special Abilities 6:Special Abilities 7:Special Abilities 8:Animations and Lights 9:Animations and Lights 0:Animations and Lights I organized them that way in order of most critical system. Although maybe 1,2 should govern engine channel 1, and 3,4 engine channel 2.. hrm...
  18. Awesome! Make sure you're using the latest blocks. Block 8 craft file of the standard KSO, and Block 4 craft file of the Super 25.
  19. Please take this discussion to PMs It's not helping me at all. I prefer that this space be limited to: -Discussion, screenshots, and videos of KSOS usage -Bug reports -Config file fixes and sharing (such as FAR/DRE configs). -General KSOS specific feedback. Everything else needs to go to PMs, or its specific thread.
  20. You'd have to elaborate on what you mean by reverse-engineer. I can model a 99% replica. Unfortunately I would need their skeleton in order to properly weight it and get the correct assignments. The other method would be to redo our own animations as well. At that point we may as well make our own game. Squad would have to provide their skeleton files (akin to how Bethesda uses global animation files character meshes with skin modifiers reference)
  21. Yeah, if someone did such a plugin or if Squad opened it up, I'd go with the left one. Although I'd re-engineer the head to use proper edge flow, working mouth, and correct topology for facial animation. Personally I like the big hair (like the majority of female astronauts have long hair). It frames her face better. Unfortunately we'd run into all sorts of clipping issues with the helmets, chairs, and so on. So ultimately we'd have to go with the crew cut or simple pony-tail.
  22. Uh? What about it? I'm not Squad's character artist. And if I were I would go with what's best identifiable as well as usable. Kerbals as they are, are a pain to work with do to their irregular proportions. I do this for a living man. Also, your drawing doesn't read feminine at all. At a distance they'd be indistinguishable from any other Kerbal, insofar that it's just like using Texture Replacer (which we already have). They can be what ever I want them to be, this is the Fan Art thread isn't it? I'm not making Kerbal character models. I just did Kim since she's part of my project. Just for fun and to practice speed modeling. If eventually someone does a plugin or something that allows us to change the Kerbal's 3D models and such, then I'll take a stab at it. And if I did I'd make sure they read as feminine from the average distances used in game. But until then I have other things to do. Problem with those eyes is that they are just too creepy
  23. It's an RPM powered Camera. Should be linked to the internal monitor.
  24. Give you guys an idea: Inspired by the images Hayoo did. Not a fan of the strabismus so I took it off the female. I've always felt that Kerbals are wall-eyed to give them that 1970's Buzz Aldrin look.
  25. Well if I was to get serious about an actual female Kerbal, all I'd have to do is a new head. I'd probably go with the design someone posted around here somewhere. I'm too tied up with Phase 4 of KSOS to really sit down and do that though. I just did this for fun and to relax.