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  1. I keep forgetting to delete it. But it should be harmless. Thank you for the suggestion. However, this isn't the issue we're having. Rather, it's being able to share resources between items such as IVAs and such. We're not having an issue right now really. It was my response in reference to why KSOS uses a lot of resources (i.e. RAM) Oh trust me, I'm cool. Hope Enneract is cool also and didn't take any of this to heart. Now with my awesome co-pilot, everything is just lovely Thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/87594-Kim-Kerman?p=1293971#post1293971
  2. Lol! That's because the lighting is really not meant for characters but for the larger vehicles. Keep in mind that's a real time screenshot, not a render. Uh... Kim Kerman is a news reporter and helicopter pilot. Whether she's married or not, I leave that up to the viewer
  3. Started as an idea to put pinup art on the side of the Kerbostar. I was brainstorming ideas what one would look like... so I did something stylized back on my thread. Then I got bored of doing mechanical things and thought I'd try speed modeling Kim Kerman... She's weighted and has proper edge loops for facial animation. I went low poly first and ended up using up more polys on the head. Came to less than 1500 tris. 1024x1024 Diffuse, Normal, and specular. Could have gone with the cylindrical head/no-nose style Squad does but then it wouldn't resemble the original I did. Size/scale comparison: Improved lighting:
  4. Your experience has been similar to mine. I just ran KSP 64bit (after my response to Enneract) game ran fine. I was about to fall back on all I said... Built a new station (since I lost my other one, although I have a back up save), was about to launch. Forgot a docking port. Went back to VAB added said docking port, hit launch... CTD Round 2 Did another test launch, no problem. I reverted to VAB since I didn't want to finish it. Loaded my previous ship I built since I figured maybe things would work this time. Crashed when loading it in the VAB.... Round 3 Exited and restarted KSP... crashed on loading stuck on "model007".
  5. Very well then, I kind of did. If you did not intend, then my apologies. But I still believe Avalon is justified in his statement. And to clarify (he'll have to clarify himself) I'm of the opinion that he too meant KSOS+KSP64 bit working or not. Not 64bit standalone. You have as many mods as I do, minus about three. The majority of which are data mods (I admit I'm not running some of the special mods you're running like kerbquake) but in terms of resource usage it's about the same. So you're able to get to work fine on Windows 64bit then? Great. It's been reported that the 64bit Linux client doesn't seem to have the random crashing issues the Windows version has. I got reports of "oh it works fine"...."Linux 64bit". That really doesn't help me. Majority of users are on windows. Oh and by the way, it's worked fine for me as well... sometimes. In fact I even came on here and reported that it worked fine and had no crashes. Suddenly after further testing (exiting KSP completely and starting again) random crashes would occur. Just because I'm able to start it up and get to the VAB 9/10 times does not mean working perfectly ;D It's difficult to report to Sarbian, Snjo, Dtobi, or Mihara if there's an issue with their plugin when the crashes aren't consistent. If the log pointed at Firespitter each time, then I have something to report. If it's randomly crashing with MechJeb or RPM or Smokescreen or what ever, it becomes impossible to fill out a report. I suppose I can contact one of them to be kind enough to read my reports, but that's really asking them a bit on something that doesn't really have much to do with their mod. Additionally most of the crashes we've had were do to out of memory (16gb and 32gb systems here). That I have never seen developers support "artsy" mods such as this. I'm suspect that Rbray never got contacted by Squad to help test or get access to 0.24 before it was dropped. Interesting that suddenly ATM is crashing when handling Squad resources. Could have been avoided by including him in the testing regimen. Again, I can't say for certain. They have not realized the critical importance of ATM (64bit or not). -On both counts (or both usages of the term Support). Because you're right. The Dev Kit they had has long since vanished and the info available is scarce. Pity since Mods have been the biggest selling and staying point for this game. Because he's right, I have to support that since we have the evidence in the reports. Lets throw Avalon out of the picture. Nazari would be saying the same thing. In fact it took some more loading and unloading for me to realize they were right, we are getting random crashes. Now if Avalon meant KSP 64bit Standalone with a few choice data mods (and or mods that don't use our plugins in combination), then sure KSP 64bit is awesome. Anyone running stock KSP 64bit is probably having a dandy time. No argument there. However, KSOS+64bit KSP does not work. 6 people, plus 1 or 2 in this thread now, plus Nazari and myself. Are some people able to run it? Great awesome. Please PM on what your setup is. Hell, I'd even have you zip up your install and send it to me. I'll test it and make it the distributable. KSP doesn't have an asset manager. Meaning it's just going to keep loading resources into memory without unloading them. The only constant we have is that more and more mods will be made. KSOS is going to keep growing, and without a proper asset manager you're going to run out of resources. Well I wouldn't know about this. But if there is something we can do, like re-export everything out of Unity or something do let us know. As I mentioned, I'm assuming KSOS+KSP 64 bit, as only that would be relevant to our issues, Avalon would have to clarify. But to be honest with you, I believe Nazari's reports were KSP 64bit as a whole, he hasn't been able to get to start at all. That's really bad. It's really bad because if Nazari can't even get 64bit to start, we are dead in the water. Or I'll have to look for someone else to team up with who can get 64bit + plugins we use to work. Point taken. I took it hostile as if I purposely made things be resource intensive. Check this out man, I use the minimum amount of geometry (usually boxes) and the minimum amount of texture space for like 80% of the stuff. We're at the bare minimum with phase 2 and higher. The older KSO uses more resources than I'd like to (that'll get fixed), but that was because when I started that, that was all I was going to make. So to be accused that I'm either purposefully making things be more resource intensive and/or doing things that make it hog more resources is erroneous. On this thread I've been accused of that several times. It seemed like another case of that. And you said it yourself; it doesn't make sense that we're crashing on a platform that's intended to give us more available memory. I'm still working on Phase 4, that's not going to stop. Whether or not it'll work with 64bit, that I can't guarantee.
  6. We're using 6.3.3 should be the most recent 0.24 compatible version. I'll keep checking. 1 post and joined today. Sorry this mod won't work for you. I know I won't make everyone happy. I can assure you we've had many folks who've come here, tried it, didn't like it for one reason or another and proceeded to uninstall.
  7. Awesome! On my test it caused a crash each time I'd load KSP. But I think it had to do with 64bit. Will test again thoroughly once I get Nazari's setup.
  8. Extremely RAM hungry mod? Do you know anything about resource usage let alone how KSP handles resources? Let me clue you in. -Can we share an IVA without repeating the same texture? NO We need two copies of the same texture if we want two different models to use assets from one another. Is that my fault? Am I a programmer? Is Nazari a Programmer? Non of us are. We do with what we have. Who's fault is it? Squad -Unlike other mods out there, KSOS shares resources on the same texture sheet. This has significant savings in VRAM, and also in available system Memory. Had the parts been split off into their own texture sheets you'd have had a significantly larger download and install footprint. Can we compress such resources into DDS format or any industry grade format without using ATM or some other 3rd party plugin? NO If Squad was so supportive of Modders, then the above two problems should have been resolved by now. The engine should be able to pick up industry texture formats such as DDS without the need for us to look for 3rd party plugins. Additionally we need a global texture directory per mod or we need to be allowed to direct an Internal to exactly what texture we want it to use. This bullshit of being restricted to "spaces" is part of the problem What the hell are you talking about? What version of KSP gives you more RAM? Oh right, 64 bit which doesn't. It allows it to address more memory sure, but the bottleneck is still, and has always been there. Can you play KSOS alone + 64bit, sure. The average user isn't using KSOS alone. They are using B9 + KAS + FASA + KW Rocketry + Kitchen Sink. So pretty much everyone including me are way over the pathetic amount of RAM that 64bit would give us anyhow. I said it multiple times on the Dev update. No one listened or cared. It seems you think we (Nazari, Avalon, Westi, Freeman, and every other tester) don't test this ? Random crashes and reports would point to SmokeScreen Random crash and report would point to MechJEb Random crash after putting RPM 0.18 in Random crash and report would point to Firespitter. Random crash and report would point to "out of memory" Random crash and report would say nothing. Random crash when launching (going from VAB to Launch pad) List goes on. KSOS is an art mod. That's all it is really. One more time: Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System including packs are an Artwork Mod. These types of mods are not a priority for developers. Never have been never will be. They create more problems for them and straddle the border between digital rights management. The mods that Squad does support are data specific mods (i.e. MechJeb, Ferram Aerospace, DRE, etcetera, with a few notable exceptions). Had they supported a mod like this, I'd have had one of them ask me a simple question: "Your mod uses lots of IVAs, what can we do to make it so they aren't so resource intensive?" Answer: "Let me choose where I want the asset to look for its textures". No one in this thread (especially me) give a if it's playable. Your argument is irrelevant. I know it's playable stock. I know it's playable with any data mods or a few mods that add a few things. We all know that. I doubt any of us care. We care if it's playable seamlessly with KSOS installed. So you're saying it's perfectly playable with KSOS installed then? Which isn't true. Based on 6 testers plus Nazari and I having random crashes. Avalon is fully justified in his statement. Additionally the most important mod for a large majority of Mod users; Active Texture Management has been broken by 64bit and is not fully functional. Very well then, on that I can agree. As I mentioned and said in the OP, KSOS is now 32bit only. And to correct you; 64bit doesn't work for my testers or for Nazari or for myself. KSOS+64bit KSP doesn't work equals KSP doesn't work. If you're in this thread, are a KSOS tester or developer, 64bit KSP doesn't work. End of story. Telling us how great it works stock or with a few chosen mods doesn't help this thread and is bordering on OT-Spam. Each and every plugin the KSOS uses work perfectly fine standalone. Soon as they come together in a 64bit environment all of us are having crashes. None of us are programmers, none of us wrote those plugins. None of can take the blame for any of those plugins and the project not working. None of us are adding embellishments to the KSO's. In fact I've been on a feature cutting crusade since day one. None of us do any special programming or anything outside the basics that Nazari needs to do to get our stuff to work with Firespitter. As such, we're at the mercy of the plugins that run the mod. If we can't pinpoint a specific problem because we're getting random crashes, we have to point the blame at Squad. Will it get fixed eventually? Hopefully. Are some of us upset that 64bit didn't work out of the box? You bet. To add: There is no plugin authoring in KSOS. In fact we don't even have a plugin author on our team, I'd like one, but we just don't have one. Nazari doesn't do any programming at all. I do the artwork, textures, spit it out to FBX and all it is, is 3D mesh data and texture UVW coordinate data. That's it. There is no programming or anything embedded (such as Gamebryo/Nif file formats). Nazari then grabs that 3D mesh and assigns it to either Firespitter, KM_Gimbal (Space Shuttle Engines mod), Raster Prop Monitor, or SmokeScreen. That's it. He doesn't do any voodoo magic, or special hack code or anything. If one of those three plugins has a feature we use, great. Otherwise we don't have it. Currently the KSO's are: -Flight controls and flight characteristics are driven by Firespitter. His FS modules are the best so far. -Engine Nozzles are driven by SSE (KM_Gimbal). -IVA's are fully driven by RPM. Stop thinking that RPM just does the screens. No... RPM drives all the gauges, the flight stick, and soon the ability to exit the IVA through the door. -SmokeScreen drives the smoke effect of the nozzles. Is it my fault that the project is one big download? Yes. And I'm glad it's been kept that way now, since finding bugs and conflicts is a heck of a lot easier. Moving forward however, we'll be splitting it up into four separate packs plus an installer.
  9. I gave up on 64bit. Most of the plugins KSOS uses just aren't written for 64bit. As such we were experiencing way to many random crashes and unknown conflicts. I finally made the decision to just not support 64bit at all. We gained no benefit from it anyhow. We still need Active Texture Management plus Texture Replacer to get our stuff to run (Nazari isn't able to run 64bit at all). In the end, seems all our testers, plus Nazari stuck with default 32bit.
  10. Version 3.10, 32bit only http://www./download/x7vpd0btv4vvtbq/KSOS_v310.zip -You may be able to run it in 64 bit. However, a few plugins conflict with it and you may have random crashes to desktop. -You must install Active Texture Management first. Additionally you may need Texture Replacer as well, especially if you're running a lot of mods. 0.18 RPM -I was not able to touch bases with Nazari today, but as soon as I'm able I'll see about bringing RPM up to version 0.18. version 3.10 is still using the previous version of RPM.
  11. KSO should work perfectly fine with 0.24 -Standard KSO (Block 7) has its LRB's broken. I'll have Nazari look at it before I post the rebuilt Block 8. -Using latest version of Firespitter for 0.24 -Latest version of MechJeb2 -Running 64bit. -I will be posting my build tomorrow after I'm able to contact Nazari so we can look at the KSO Standard's boosters and why they're bugging out. Could be they are using old code, we may as well upgrade it to use the same code base the Super 25 is using (such as FSLift Surface for flaps). -You cannot run KSOS if you're running a lot of mods! There is currently no texture management being run as Active Texture Management is not fully functional. [edit]I just discovered I did not run KSP through Steam! It seams you can start KSP by making a shortcut directly to the KSP_64.exe and running as Administrator
  12. MechJeb2 and Firespitter are now working for me... I have no idea what I did. I'm using the latest version of MechJeb and the 0.24 preliminary Firespitter plugin. Started it up to send Snjo a report and couldn't get the thing to crash KSP. No idea if something got updated. Anyone else that can confirm?
  13. Strange... I tried to reproduce the crashes but have now been unable. Was able to launch, have MechJeb2 direct a rendezvous and no crashes. Did something get updated?
  14. Would love to, away from home PC at the moment. Will PM you a log soon as I'm able.
  15. Has any one had luck with the latest MechJeb2 working with Firespitter? Getting KSP to crash either in the SPH/VAB or shortly after loading when I have both of these installed. I'm using Snjo's preliminary 0.24 build of, https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/blob/master/For%20release/Firespitter/Plugins/Firespitter.dll?raw=true Removing MechJeb allows me to load just fine.
  16. Unfortunately the preliminary 0.24 Firespitter dll still causes MechJeb2 to crash KSP. Current version of MechJeb2 and Firespitter aren't compatible it seems.
  17. For those having firespitter issues 0.24 preliminary firespitter.dll https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/blob/master/For%20release/Firespitter/Plugins/Firespitter.dll?raw=true Replace your old Firespitter.dll with this one. I did not check if it fixes the crashes with MechJeb2. Will run more tests. Notice: I'm aware that Active Texture Management is currently not fully functional in 0.24. -Those of you running lots of mods will experience crashes when using KSOS. We are waiting for an update to ATM, Rbray is aware of the issue. -The reason for the crashes is because you have no texture/resource memory manager running in the back ground.
  18. I continued experimenting. Active Texture Management exception config (for those using ATM) In the GameData\BoulderCo\ActiveTextureManagementConfigs create a new text file call it MechJeb2.cfg ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG { folder = MechJeb2 enabled = false NORMAL_LIST { texture = MechJeb2/Parts/MechJeb2_Pod/model001 } } That allowed me to load into KSP with MechJeb2 installed. Unfortunately I crash when trying to load the Command Pod or any MechJeb part. -This may be related to the non-updated version of Firespitter? (He hasn't recompiled to 0.24 yet).
  19. Can't get this to work no matter what I do. Running KSP 64bit in Administrator mode. Got the latest version of Module Manager 2.2.0 And mechJeb KSP crashes while loading parts (usually around Squad/Parts/PodCommand/Model007 or something. I've also had the Windows crash dialog come up on occasion when testing. I am not running my custom KSOS MechJeb part, I removed it to make sure I had stock MechJeb2 only. I remove MechJeb and KSP loads just fine (only get the Firespitter compatibility warning). Otherwise putting MechJeb in there specifically causes KSP to crash. Mods I am running: ActiveTextureManagement (with Squad folder disabled) BouderCo (part of ATM) Chatterer Environment Visual Effects FASA Firespitter **required by KSOS** Raspter Prop Monitor (JSI) **required by KSOS** (this includes the folders MechJeb2RPM and SCANsatRPM) Space Shuttle Engines Mod (Klockheed Martian) **required by KSOS** KSO **required by KSOS** NASAmission Final Frontier Ribbon mod (Nereid) Hotrockets (SmokeScreen) **required by KSOS** Squad Only thing I can think of is that ATM has some issue with the MechJeb parts. However, I removed the mbm found in parts/mechjeb2_ar202 Will experiment with another ATM exception of the MechJeb2 folder.
  20. For those that don't want to fudge with your Active Texture Management config, navigate to: KSP Folder/GameData/BoulderCo/ActiveTextureManagementConfigs and look for: Squad.cfg Open it in a txt editing program Change the line enabled = true to enabled = false ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG { folder = Squad enabled =[COLOR="#FF0000"] true[/COLOR] NORMAL_LIST { texture = Squad/Spaces/mk1CockpitInternal/model002 texture = Squad/Spaces/mk1CockpitInternal/model004 texture = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSTank1-2/model001 texture = Squad/Parts/Aero/winglet2/model001 } } Change it to: ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG { folder = Squad enabled = [COLOR="#008000"]false[/COLOR] NORMAL_LIST { texture = Squad/Spaces/mk1CockpitInternal/model002 texture = Squad/Spaces/mk1CockpitInternal/model004 texture = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSTank1-2/model001 texture = Squad/Parts/Aero/winglet2/model001 } } Additional Issues It seems Firespitter and 0.24 version of MechJeb2 aren't getting along. You may experience crashes when loading the default MechJeb2 command pod. If you are using KSOS and MechJeb2, odds are you will crash to desktop. Currently the only solution is for a Firespitter update.
  21. Got the latest version, dragged and dropped it in, and I keep crashing. Removed it and everything loads ok (aside from the Firespitter popup).
  22. Firespitter seems to throw out an error, but so far I haven't noticed any bugs in game (this is in regard to KSOS, which is like...80% firespitter). Infact,... oh right, we don't use stock anymore. I think KSOS is 100% Firespitter now and in Phase IV will definitely be.
  23. All of the above seems to have fixed it for me... Was able to launch and load everything just fine. Just sent a note out to my testers to see what feedback I get.
  24. Quick, temporary fix for KSOS 0.24 compatability -You must use Active Texture Management. -You must run KSP_64.exe as an Administrator -Look for Config.cfg found in your GameData\ActiveTextureManagement\ folder --Add the lines: @ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG:HAS[#folder[Squad]] { @enabled = false } This is a temporary fix until Rbray takes a look at what's going on with ATM. Basically these lines ignore Squads new texture format. Regarding Firespitter -Firespitter works fine so far on all of the tests I've run. -The crashing error seems to be pointing to out of memory issues and not the KSOS proper or its plugins (with the exception of ATM which may be the root of the issue). Additional Notes -Texture Replacer Mod seems to be causing issues (including repeated error log spam). If you are running this mod you may need to remove/disable until they have an ATM/0.24 compatible version. -Toolbar seems to throws up a warning, but I'm not sure if it's causing issues. -KAS seems to throws up a warning and may be broken. Mods I am running ActiveTextureManagement (with the above quickfix) BouderCo (part of ATM) Chatterer Environment Visual Effects FASA Firespitter **required by KSOS** Raspter Prop Monitor (JSI) **required by KSOS** (this includes the folders MechJeb2RPM and SCANsatRPM) Space Shuttle Engines Mod (Klockheed Martian) **required by KSOS** KSO **required by KSOS** NASAmission Final Frontier Ribbon mod (Nereid) Hotrockets (SmokeScreen) **required by KSOS** Squad Mods I had to remove Toolbar Crew Manifest KAS MechJeb2 Texture Replacer