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  1. Mine is hanging on PodCockpit/Model and Spaces/Podcockpit. I removed a few of Squads folders of stuff I don't use (all the internal ivas, aerodynamics, command, and wheels). Also removed all squad props, loaded fine after removing that stuff. BTW, I got the same hang up with ATM removed.
  2. KSOS is crashing, and although I thought it was Firespitter, I seems to be running out of memory when loading squad parts. Removing all of Squad's parts allows me to load and fly just fine. So I'm guessing ATM isn't fully .24 compatible or is causing issues? 32gb ram.
  3. Seems the crashes are memory related, my log says "ran out of memory". Seems like Squads MBM format was changed so ATM isn't able to compress them or something. Also you may have some luck loading by running KSP as an administrator.
  4. 0.24 compatability Seems to be strange at the moment. I had to remove my squad folder because it wouldn't load and get stuck on Squad/Spaces/PodCockpit/Model007 Despite the warnings, I was able to load and build a KSO just fine. RPM that comes with KSO works fine No problems with the KM_Gimbal I'm not sure about hotrockets. Currently testing (I had it removed when I ran my .24 tests just now).
  5. Sadly 2... I'm crossing my fingers for 3, won't know until later today. keep in mind that unlike other helicopters that almost require a co-pilot the as350 which this is loosely based off of, doesn't need a copilot. The real deal seats 4 wide. But kerbals are so disproportionate it's tough to fit without scaling things to look off externally.
  6. Kerbostar parts list Click to view larger image -Got all that done during the stream -Not shown is the wench, since I didn't know if ladder colliders in KSP would collide with the ground or not. Will knock it out tomorrow. Click to view larger image Click to view larger image
  7. And lets end the discussion on that. But to clarify: -I slap what ever I want to the side of my mods (obviously within the confines of good taste and so long as it remains within the rules of the KSP community) -If you don't like that, please don't download it. This isn't an official mod, a pay for mod, or a KSP expansion. Simply don't download it -Better yet, the pack comes with multiple textures you can switch. I won't be offended if you don't use it. -And finally, my vision of KSP is my own. As I stated in the Kerbal size measuring discussion earlier. And this is my rendition of pinup art on the side of an aircraft. And that's it for the discussion in that regard.
  8. Will be streaming today at 6:00pm PST, http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus -Please keep in mind this is not a game stream. -I will not be playing KSP -Feel free to ask any KSOS related question. -Will be working on Phase IV
  9. Walk around, Kerbodyne Gyronautics Kerbostar -Tail will be separate. -Tail Rotor separate part. -Turbax Turboshaft and Main Rotor all one part. -Fuselage separate part. -Skids separate part. -Not shown: Spotlight and Dome Camera. and introducing K-SEE News reporter and model, Kim Kerman: -Kim K. will be released as a PSD kit similar to the KSO Patch Kit allowing folks to recolor, repost, change her hair, use her as pinup art for the side of their aircraft, etcetera. In the meantime you are free to use the above png in your signatures, edit it, repost it, do as you wish The pinup artwork on the side of the fuse was inspired by the "Lilymarie"; http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/5222039501.jpg
  10. Quite simply, ask someone who has a copy of it via PM to send it to you And regarding the later. I assumed people would only use it for a limited time and then just revert to the normal one. I never thought it'd be that popular. It's like real aircraft; you don't see them at the airport in the Boeing promotional liveries...
  11. I think the two of you (and others) misunderstood the purpose of the Limited Edition texture. I explained in the Stream I did leading up to the release as well as on the thread a few times, but it may have gotten buried and I can understand that not everyone watches the stream. In short: -The sole purpose of the LE was to reward the folks that had followed the development of the Super 25 including participation in the twitch stream. This was important to me since I liked the feedback and helped shape changes to it. (Name suggestions, design suggestions and ideas, NASA vs. Buran discussions). -As a reward for being the first to download what I knew would be a buggy, difficult to fly, and game breaking (which sometimes happens), spacecraft during those release days. -I didn't want it to be seen as a normal texture for the orbiter. Not only is it not realistic (painting expensive metallic tiles?), but it just wouldn't make sense that they'd fly up with all those decals stuck to the side of it. Hence once I put it up for a while, I deleted it (I don't have it on my backups or PC anymore as of 3.09). The Limited Edition texture or the Beta tester textures are not part of the mod -And finally: Limited Edition, special, or what ever textures create a problem for me when it comes to updating. That's why it was limited. If I change UVW coordinates, change the mesh geometry, or do any change that requires a rebake, the LE texture would also have to be updated (the big contention at the time was the addition of the extra front RCS nozzles which were tentative. The plan was to remove them, they've stayed but I'd like to do further tests without them). It would not apply to you guys now since well, I think most of those glaring bugs have been fixed I hope. In other words, it was a thank you for putting up with what could be a buggy mod those first few days. -This is incorrect. I now have two members of the KSO team that have provided invaluable feedback and one that has done significant improvements to how all of you will be able to receive and install this free content. That includes the splitting up of the mod into separate packs, as well as an intuitive installer. This is coming in Phase IV. Would they have joined otherwise? Who knows. Regardless I think and strongly believe having rewards like that incentivizes the KSOS community to use the mod, discuss it, and help improve it. You don't need the KSOS to play KSP, I don't get paid for you downloading KSOS. My only reward are the fans that use it and want to see more of it. These are the toys I want to play with when playing KSP, and I get some measure of satisfaction knowing others out there are also using it. Now this may sound a little harsh, but take it in the spirit in which it's intended; I don't particularly care for the bulk of the KSP mod using community that don't use KSOS. I've alluded to it many times so it shouldn't come as a surprise. KSOS has never really been a parts pack, nor is it really what the majority of KSP Mod using players want. As such, I'm not really going to make the general KSP community happy, so I'd rather concentrate on our little community we have here. The majority of folks that download KSOS install it, try it, and then uninstall it because they can't take the lifter, orbiter, or support pieces apart. KSOS really isn't for them. Now then, if the KSOS community (you, and the others that download and use KSOS) want the LE texture up again and there is enough demand from everyone, then I'll put it up again and/or have Freeman make it part of the alternate installs. The problem with that, is that it creates a lot of issues for me which I explain above and creates a precedent. Which makes me not want to do any more LE textures since it creates more stuff I have to manage when making changes. The LE Texture is not a component of my mod, unless it becomes part of it as explained above. If that happens, then I'd rather just stick to the main texture used by the models in the mod. ...and Correct, and it's not meant for you. As I said above, it was a reward for those people following the release that week (which got delayed into another week) and were logging into the stream. The license we're using started to come up more and more since the DMCA. Before that most modders didn't put a license on their stuff (or were using the old share-alike). However, every mod back then had some form of copyright, particularly any mod for games that were technical (flight simulators or racing simulators). So here's what would happen; you'd have some magazine that would include a CD with everyone's mods in them. Magazine got to charge, but none of us would get any money for it. Happened with Quake, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and on and on. You had very serious mods that required hours of research, suddenly show up on the back of a magazine CD that would charge. Mod authors got nothing from it. Do you think that's fair? Anyhow, after a few lawsuits (I can't be bothered to look it up at the moment), this all started to change. I believe these lawsuits also covered things like volunteer moderators or game guides. Mods have also significantly improved since then. Take a look at KSOS. Would you consider that the quality I put into it is on par with a DLC Squad would put out, or some indie company's game? The reason for that quality and effort in my part is the protections provided by the Creative Commons license. And you're right I don't get paid, meaning the only cookies I get is the thank you from you guys, the support, and the donations. [edit]Regarding sharing of textures I think there's been some confusion regarding that as well. -I've never said you can't share resources, what I asked earlier in the thread was that it be taken to PMs. This is because at the time, the KSOS was just phase 1, we had bugs to sort out, and numerous reports on things working or not. Suddenly you had a bunch of folks posting their alternate textures and other folks asking where to download and so forth. In the interest of keeping the thread relevant to bug reports, config file improvement sharing, usage sharing (which has been priority for me), I asked to take such threads to private messages. The core textures were also being changed and updated, hence why I discouraged it (see license details regarding no derivatives). -The license does not allow you to make changes to any KSOS resource (it's art, 3D models, and now sounds) and share publicly. That is different than you wanting to share an unmodified LE texture with Enneract or TheSonicGalaxy. I'm fine with that, just ask that it be taken to PMs in the interest of reducing confusion or spam on the main thread. -And finally (in the interest of reducing the PM spam I get). If you make a change to one of my textures and you want to share it with a friend(s), I'm ok with that. But keep it in PMs
  12. Yeah it's a crummy balancing act. If I lower the lift values by just a few decimals, the orbiter will want to just drop like a rock. It's where it is now to allow some leeway and margin of error for folks that don't come in perfectly right. The way I figure; folks that want "realistic" flying characteristics will more than likely have FAR and DRE going, which uses its own numbers pretty much. The rest of us on the other hand that'd rather it be easier with some forgiveness are fine with the ballooning effect that sometimes occurs.
  13. Planning to integrate it into the KSOS proper with Kujuman's permission that is.
  14. Too late The Turbax A-311 Turboshaft Turbax EW is proud of its new partnership with Murika Superstellar. Turbax was the chosen partner to provide the turbines that'll power Murika Superstellar's next big project. The Turbax A-311 powers the Gyronautics Corp. "Kerbostar".
  15. -No I don't take requests. Rather, I only accept requests within the artistic, geometric, and/or goal focus of the current Phase, so long as the features for that phase aren't finalized. An example was CFIRickM's suggestion of a Fire Truck. It fit all three requirements: Artistic, Geometric, and project goals. An then, it must fit my overall vision and goal for the entire project. -Can it be made cute and/or chibi? (Must have windows). -Does it have an IVA? -Is a support piece for a phase that improves quality of life (i.e. adapter parts, docking rings, batteries, Mod compatibility 3D models such as MechJeb, etcetera). -Must not be a real life spacecraft. -Phase 4 features are final and set in stone. See next response. -I'm on the fence about the FAR Tower and parts. In the future (Phase VI) I may delve into a launch tower. Reason being is that it would allow us to put the latest technologies and plugins into it as well as everything I've learned with the KMW Airstair. -I don't go back and do edits like that. The KSOs are set in stone. You shouldn't have difficulty mounting it to the KSO launcher. -I will be revisiting the KSO standard but haven't decided what I want to do with it. I like the idea of a 1.8 meter shuttle. I explored the idea of a folding wing recovery shuttle orbiter that would replace the KSO, but that would have brought its rated cargo size down to about 1m. Again it's up in the air and you'd be looking at Phase VII at the earliest (2015 or so).
  16. For those interested, I'll be streaming at 10:20pm PST for an hour or so. http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus
  17. You should download the latest version. Otherwise "difficulty" is relative. I rate the KSOS at a 7 in terms of difficulty. That was my goal and that's how it stays (10 being insta-button easy). The proof is in all the streams I've done. Even before the torque was fixed (which was a file mix up error) I still had no difficulty translating and/or maneuvering in and around and docking with my station. http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus No shuttle-no shuttle, is going to handle perfect to zero. The only shuttle that'll handle that way is the one you part out yourself (using Bac9 or stock parts). But KSOS was never intended for that specifically. Is it unstable? Sure, is it extremely unstable? Not at all. I suspect you've got a conflicting mod or something else is the cause. I invite you to watch the stream (I normally post here when it's about to go live) and witness how I handle it. If your experience isn't similar to what you see, odds are there is a problem. The KSOS has always been designed to be easy, for newbs, like me. In fact if anything its lift values and torque values lean a bit toward the overpowered side of things specifically to make flying it be painless. Phase IV continued work in progress -Phase IV has entered testing. -I'm trickling in the parts. Fire truck should be completed shortly. -Next up aerospace Rover kit (yes kit). -Kerbostar Click for larger image
  18. Phase 3.09 with installer moved http://www./download/x3j4kjml2mlnxvy/KSOS_309hf.zip
  19. I've been asked a few times for this (like at least 20...) What part needs to be made? Just the cylinder? If that's it and Naz can easily integrate their modules, I may be able to snap together a telescope hull as an alternate download (you'd still need everything in this mod). Would be kind of like the KSO MechJeb part. Would have to be after Phase IV however. Alternatively, the mod dev can download the KSOS compatibility kit for modders: http://www./download/7qgybqqqnr97646/KSOS_Mod_Kit.zip -Helldiver
  20. Phase IV feature list finalized Partial image list: Notes -All parts KAS compatible where possible. -All vehicles have IVAs, see below. -Helicopter will be in parts: Fuselage, Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, Landing Skids. Landing Skids are separate allowing you to use your own wheels instead (not included). Kerbostar modeled after Eurocopter A-Star (AS-350 Écureuil). Otherwise helicopter will not be a parts kit. Conversely, helicopter in scale with Sedan more or less. -Aerospace Rover will be a parts kit. Among them it will include additional fuel modules, science modules, lamps, KAS cargo containers, antennas and additional accessories themed/fitted to the rover -Aerospace Rover scaled to the Sedan seen in pictures above. Has space for 2 Kerbals. Sorry, if you're looking for gigantic non-Kerbal rovers, don't look this way. Several mods already add that. -Phase IV includes features such as: Texture switching (powered by Firespitter), Flags on all/most models, and mesh switching when needed in the VAB/SPH. -Phase IV is very large (as large as Phase I and II combined), as such it will be its own download. Currently about 50mb compressed. -PSD files for the Sedan and Firetruck will be made available shortly after release so you can make alternate cars or colors scheme designs. Current IVAs
  21. All vehicles will be opaque. Because I want them to load from the SPH. If we made them translucent then you'd have to attach a pod to them, eva, and then get in them which is rather meh. Vehicles have IVAs and all as seen in the stream.
  22. From tonight's stream: Version 3.09 is up -Updated Firespitter.dll to latest version -Flaps should provide additional lift when activated (default 5 key) -Updates torque values on KSO 25 fuselage. The wrong cfg file was originally distributed which caused the spacecraft to under-torque, my sincere apologies to everyone.
  23. For those interested I will be streaming in about 10 minutes. (9:10pm PST) -Showing off more of Phase IV -I will list what Phase IV will include, feature list is almost finalized. -Continue my space station construction... or destruction... http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus