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  1. KSO uses the latest version of RPM We really only use the plugin at this point as well as parts of the CFGs and the pages obviously. I update it all the time. However if you want full RPM functionality (such as screens on stock pods) then download it normally and drag and drop everything as normal overwriting what the KSOS installs. Phase IV will update KSOS (such as to the latest version of Firespitter).
  2. ...and Jeb never again had his car serviced at the VAB.
  3. I want -A full IVA API that allows us to implement a lot more in IVA. For example; Declare states whether in gravity or not. This would allow us to trigger a different IVA or perhaps plugins that allow animations to fire off. We could then do things like anchor transforms to such controllers and have say, kerbals floating around in IVA spaces while in zero-G. -Movement of Kerbals between modules without the need for mods such as Crew Manifest or Ship Manifest. -A much better memory handler and asset handler. Particularly one that allows us to specify what texture an asset uses regardless of whether it is Internal or external.
  4. YES PLEASE A vehicle depot is badly needed. I didn't realize this until I started working on the KSOS Phase IV which is a series of service trucks and accessories. Having to drive all the way from the runway gets tiring. Wish there was a vehicle depot right at the center.
  5. I will be streaming tonight in about 15 minutes (8:30pm PST) -Showing off the next phase IV in progress -Note: the streams are development streams, not "lets play". So they are boring to most people. I'll be testing the new trucks and working on additional stuff going in with Phase IV. http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus/
  6. Nazari is working on accessories such as those. Don't know about that mono tank specifically however.
  7. Phase IV, Work in progress -Fleshing out bugs and finishing features We decided to take a field trip So Nazari and I were minding our own business working on our trucks. Nazari was running them around the airfield I suppose racing them... When this shows up: Click to enlarge
  8. Making an adapter wouldn't be an issue. The problem is that, that texture has no more space. It's jammed packed already. Any additional accessories would have to have another texture. KSOS is already pushing people's stuff to the limit, I really don't think we should yet another texture sheet for something only a few people are asking for? What do you think? Nazari has plans for stuff like that and may eventually fit parts like that in.
  9. Yeah that works fantastic. Adding it to 3.09 once I get that up.
  10. ON. OMS Only = Pitch Trim 14. Regardless of what anyone says. Unless you're using some strange configuration or FAR or something that changes behavior ;D
  11. Yeah but neither of those logos looked right on the steering wheel at such low resolution. While the BMW symbol just popped. So in the Kerbal world, there's Kerbin Motor Works AG and they make trucks and busses also.
  12. Pulled an all-nighter. But I'll check it when I get back.
  13. Nice job!! can you PM me the scripts and such? I'll include it in 3.09. Editing it shouldn't be an issue. Regarding the TGA issue, are you sure you're properly handling the alpha? That may be the issue you're having. Typically if the texture is showing up as transparent in Gimp, it's because it is treating the Alpha as transparency.
  14. Damn gorgeous! I noticed no landing gear-box clipping on your touchdown. Is the rubberbanding issue fixed more or less? Also, did you remove the alphas from your customized tga's?
  15. Check changelog. Unless you mean he updated it again since earlier today?
  16. KSOS v3.08 -Please report if you have errors using Alt+F2. In particularly a spamming "d0" error that may show up. -Adds PFD to the ADI MFD screen on KSO Super 25 -Includes some fixes to the landing gear. I will be testing these further,
  17. If you could post that sometime soon, that'd be great. I'm planning on uploading 3.08 tonight.
  18. KST Kerbin Shuttle Transport. Any prime vehicle that carries stuff for players. KTS Kerbin Transporter Support. Any non-prime part meant to support the KST with gameplay content to make the mod viable. The idea being that every even numbered phase you guys would get a KTS, and odd numbered phases we'd get a new prime vehicle. The Phase II logo was just an accident in my part collapsing layers I wasn't planning on it. The Patch kit was for those folks wanting to make their own patches. I never really intended for the mod patches to be editable aside from the first one. The patches signify that the Phase is finally in game and functional with less than a week before release. I'd love to. At least set it up so people can easily make it possible to do so. Right now it just looks cool...
  19. Fixed for v3.08. Although I didn't notice any difference with the behavior of the left landing gear. If you hit too hard it will dislodge itself. It's a KSP thing really. That spot on the wing is really thin, so any rubberband movement will show. This is one reason why I've been in support of moving to the Nexus and uses Nexus Mod Manager (Skyrim style). It allows mod authors to write a script so that when users download a mod and install it with the mod manager, it allows the user to select what parts of the mod they wish to install. Was also thinking of having an installer made using one of various free installers available like Inno Setup. But we'd need a programmer for that. Anyhow here's a trucks update:
  20. Hey Green Skull KSO/Parts -kerbin_lifter.tga -kerbin_orbiter.tga -kerbin_orbiter_docking_mod.tga -kerbin_orbiter_engines.tga -kerbin_space_station.tga -KSO_25.tga -KSO_25_Lifter.tga -KSO_Engines_02.tga KSO/Spaces/internalkso -analog_guages.tga -cockpit_interior.tga -cockpit_interior_lower.tga -glass_panes.tga -RCS_panel.tga KSO/Spaces/internalstation -kerbin_space_station_interior.tga -KSOS_Plant_Foliage.tga -KSOS_Station_Glass.tga -SST_Stick_Petal.tga KSO/Spaces/internalsuper25 -KSO_25_Interior_01.tga -KSO_25_Interior_02.tga -KSO_25_Screens_01.tga -KSO_25_Screens_02.tga -KSO_25_Windshield.tga KSO/Spaces/ksotug -analog_guages.tga -KSOS_Arm.tga -RCS_Panel.tga -SST_Stick_Petals.tga Note I didn't list emissives since it's ok if those are compressed/reduced. Thanks for the help!
  21. Splitting the mod up shouldn't be that difficult. Soon as we get more bugs out of the way and especially once I'm happy with the way RPM looks (the ADI for example), I'll take a serious look at splitting it up. For starters the Trucks mod will not be part of the main download.
  22. I have to agree as well. KSP's main problem is resource loading and the botched job that it does of that. Priority number 1 right now for Harvester and team is to fix the resource loading issue. The crux of the game isn't stock which only gets you so far. Where KSP begins to shine are the numerous mods that add content to a game severely lacking it. We can't add interesting and good looking mods (particularly IVAs) if your resource management, memory allocation, asset loading, isn't on par. The vast majority of my downloaders want to use the KSOS but they also want to use 15+ mods. They're all using active texture management, something that should be stock with KSP. Why are shared resources loaded multiple times in the same instance?! If two IVAs share the same texture (but different UVs), we have to make copies of the Texture twice! That makes absolutely no sense. This is the first game I've seen do this. We haven't done this since the 90's I think. My suggestions: -KSP should have built in asset management with real time loading/unloading of resources (textures primarily). -KSP needs an improved texture look up system. Allow us in our Configs to set specifically the location of the texture used by the part. This would allow us to have multiple parts use a single large texture map. For an example of this, see my Phase II satellite parts mod which has all the parts use a single texture for external and a single texture for internal.
  23. Do you still need these parts? -Repair Access Hatch: For the repair hatch you simply want a box players can click on that opens up revealing some electrical components inside. "Repair Access Hatch" would be called and you'd surface attach it to anything, right? -Rover Probe: What do you want this part to look like? Does something like a small 2ftx2ft cellular antenna work? -Asteroid Research: What does this part look like? Once I get the trucks out of the way, I should be able to squeeze some time in to put these parts together. Feel free to PM me more details.
  24. Not really sure what response you want from me? I know zero about FAR. Nazari knows, 20% more of what I know... FAR compatibility has been left up to the community. Your best bet is to ask in the FAR thread. If you haven't gotten a response in the FAR thread, there's nothing I can do. I PMed Ferram a while back to see if he had the time to take a look at the KSO and write up a config for it, I'd then link it here or include it as an alternate download. He never got back to me. I'm willing to work directly with mod authors. If they don't have the time or are unreachable, I stop wasting my time and do my own thing with what I got available. I will be doing a live stream soon as I get these trucks out of the way (and yes I know I promised to get back to working on RPM) where we can take a look at various FAR/DRE configs and pick one that works best. I'll then put a link to it on page 2.