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    Devnote Tuesday: QA focus

    So something like Pokemon GO but with science? Ive always seen science as 'nerd bait' for Kerbals. Taking samples of the mun might not let you make better rockets but it may attract new scientists to the field because you accoplished something. Sort of indirectly improving your rockets with mun rocks. Just skipping the middle bit. Id also like some degree of science over time, but in real time that ignores time warp. So you cant just set something simple up and time warp the tech tree.
  2. JimmyAgent007

    Devnote Tuesday: Many hands make light work!

    Actually the equivalent of a TV show having bugs would be like seeing a boom mic in frame, wires, stage hands, misplaced props.
  3. Really Awesome! Kinda miss not having the communications network though. Also want the barn but thats ok lol I did notice a very minor bug. When I right click a materials lab and run the observation the menu will jitter while the lab doors are opening.
  4. Id like to be able to add a part like a separator to the docking ports. However its job would be to melt the two of them together. This would make a much stronger connection when making things we have no intention of undocking. It would also avoid the debate on making docking ports stronger. So when you dock you just activate the part and it makes the weld and you are left with a single piece rather than two ports that you need to keep doing the math for to see if it breaks. Now, they can be detached via an EVA kerbal in case you do mess up with the weld and the weld part itself can be repaired afterwards with the EVA kerbal like wheels and such can be fixed. Currently if you want strong docks you need to dock with a bunch of ports at once and that increases the part count and the stress calculations. This idea make sense to anyone else? Anything to add?
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    Devnote Tuesday: Wednesday Edition II

    oh i didnt think it was scrubbed, but thanks for that.
  6. JimmyAgent007

    Devnote Tuesday: Wednesday Edition II

    I was looking forward to the antenna and telemetry system. Sucks that it wont be included. Why did that happen?
  7. JimmyAgent007

    Devnotes coming tomorrow

    Seriously?!! You do know how hard it is to return tar?! And farmers don't want the feathers back.
  8. id very much like this, i dont want to rely on mods like hyperedit, also i dont want to have to redo the trip to Duna just to tweak parts on my lander or rover. the crappy effects sim containing only data that your previous missions have gathered would be ideal. the whole point of the feature is to quickly go between the VAB and the sim to make sure that you really have enough fuel in your lander to soften your decent on Duna. rather than fire off your rocket, fly to Duna, try landing a bunch with quicksave, decide it cant be done with what you got, then reverting back to the VAB and doing it all over again. So even if you use revert, even if you use quicksave/load, it would still save a lot of time. Not saying its a priority feature but it would be nice to have eventually.
  9. JimmyAgent007

    New Horizons expansion?

    They should make a planet in the outer system. But have it not show up on the tracking station and not tell us about it. If you get a ship close it shows up like an asteroid mystery signal. Then see how long it takes for someone to find it.
  10. JimmyAgent007

    New reentry and parachutes.

    Ive had to relearn how to do chutes, I actually like the extra challenge now that they dont kill your speed all at once. Though even at 120% and a steep angle of entry, the heat doesnt seem to do much damage to the heatshield.
  11. JimmyAgent007

    Devnote Tuesday: A big announcement

    The didnt do it themselves, they worked with squad already and made the U5 upgrade easier at the same time. Im guessing it will be handled much in the same way as KerbalEDU only more hands off from squad because its PS4. They already stated they wont separate their development focus. Of course I cant tell the future and how things will work out but I dont see the need for pessimistic fear mongering based on things other people do.
  12. JimmyAgent007

    Devnote Tuesday: A big announcement

    Can we get the official comments by the devs posted here and on reddit put in the main devnote so people dont have to hunt them all down? Anyways, Im in the 'dont give a crap' camp. But there is a lot of crap on here from people. 1. Is this really a devnote? Not really but apparently they didnt have anything much else to say. Still working, read last weeks and it would probably be close. Though I will say that some actual comments from someone would have been nice, even if it was a link to the reddit articles or something. 2. Do we want a PS4 version? Mostly no it would seem but thats us. Others might. Harv wanted it on many platforms for a while but was limited. When one of those limitations was removed he went for it. (Coulda been why there was a rush to release.) 3. Will this harm the PC version? Nope. Devs said it wouldnt and it apparently helped with the move to U5 so its a gain for the PC crowd. 4. "But the PS4 version will be made by people we dont like." Who cares? Its the PS4 version. If they do good or bad it really doesnt matter to us so why fret? 5. SQUAD isnt a charity. They are a company who likes to make money. Suck it up. They had a chance to expand the kerbal license to another platform and get other people to do the work. If someone comes with an offer like "We like your product, can we sell it in our platform and get other people to do the work? We will give you a cut of the sales." Why wouldnt they accept it? Just calm down people, sure, be annoyed that the devnotes were a single picture. No matter what it was Id be annoyed. But PC Kerbal isnt going to stop, PS4 wont effect you unless its something you want. In that case this is good news.
  13. JimmyAgent007

    The problem with the atomic engine now is bulk

    No new tanks unless its a size we dont have. What we do have now should be adjustable so we can tweak what fuels we have in it. An old suggestion I know but really, it makes more sense and less clutter in the menus.
  14. JimmyAgent007

    What is the rationale behind playing completely stock?

    I played total annihilation totally stock. I didnt know about mods back then. So i have not experienced that. I feel like i missed something wonderful now...
  15. JimmyAgent007

    What is the rationale behind playing completely stock?

    Ive tested out mods but when im playing for fun I use stock. Part of the reason is suppose is to reduce the clutter in the VAB and on screen. The main reason is that I want to be able to test things and if something goes wrong I want to be able to report a bug, not complain and wonder what mod is causing the issue. Im like this with every Early Access title I play. I also still consider Kerbal to be in Alpha since they are still adding features. On the other hand, a game like Skyrim I mod like crazy to customize it to my desires. So Ive got nothing against modding in general, its one of the reasons I think the PC is best. Once Kerbal reaches my concept of finished I will probably start modding it.
  16. JimmyAgent007

    Devnote Tuesday: Back to Work!

    I'm a totally solo stock player, but multiplayer would be a lot of fun i think. Normally I dont bother with it even in other games but with Kerbal I feel like its much more social and I can work with my buddy to do some fun things.
  17. In .17 ish i think, After several way too fast landings due to late burnings and/or insufficient fuel. (i didnt know about the quicksave or load at this point so new launches for each ettempt) I eventually got it right(ish) and fell over sideways because i didnt quite get how to kill horizontal movement. its been a long while, i think thats how the first one went.
  18. Some kind of pelvic exercise? Practicing lunges?
  19. JimmyAgent007

    Official 1.0 MEGA Hype Thread!

    Harv is online and 'creating content'
  20. JimmyAgent007

    Harv's 'Long Overdue' Feature?

    A little sign pointing to the sky that says "Fly in this general direction!" Start facing the water so you can just pitch forward rather than rotate 90 in the VAB?
  21. JimmyAgent007

    Harv's 'Long Overdue' Feature?

    its not clouds, they would take more than two days and he already said that nobody has guessed it and that was the most common guess.
  22. JimmyAgent007

    Harv's 'Long Overdue' Feature?

    SlowMo replay of our failures? 5 second revert?
  23. JimmyAgent007

    Harv's 'Long Overdue' Feature?

    a lot of the things mentioned would be nice, but my money is still on mid-flight action group editing. no denying its something we have wanted for a long time.
  24. JimmyAgent007

    Devnote Tuesday: Thank you!

    started at .17 i think, saw an article in PC GAMER i think it was. tried out the demo and couldnt buy the game fast enough. then got two of my friends to buy it.
  25. JimmyAgent007

    Harv's 'Long Overdue' Feature?

    Im going to say, mid-flight action group editing.