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  1. Just wanted to cut in and say thanks for making and maintaining this mod! Love it, and looking forward to the full release of 2.1, whenever it gets here . Just installed the dev version and cant wait to play around with it.
  2. Would you say that the camera transform step is particularly difficult? I ask because I would like to apply the module to other mods I have installed but I don't have any experience with Unity. (Although I do feel confident in my ability to edit text files ) Thanks : )
  3. I'm wondering if we are going to get a command module to go with the rest of the giant craft files?
  4. I am setting up a satellite system around Kerbin. However, I am wondering how to rotate my orbit. I know how to change my inclination, we'll call that a equatorial orbit rotate, I want a polar orbit rotate so that I can intersect at the same point. Any thoughts or is it impossible and I have to line up really carefully?
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