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  1. Yes, need an update. Yes, this should be stock; encourage builders not to litter Kerbin and the galaxy with expended stages
  2. Thanks MeCripp. I haven't tried the other docking ports yet. I didn't really want to invest anymore into this station until I solved this problem (don't want to strand anymore Kerbals )
  3. Greetings, I have Ship Manifest, Connected Living Space (CLS), and Fustek station parts installed. I put a space station into space but I am unable to transfer crew members between modules. For convenience, I placed the RCS fuel cells between the docking clamp and habitable modules. Am I not allowed to have non-crew parts between the the docking ports and crew modules? Below is a pic of my station: (The radial module is my TAC Life Support and AUX Battery module) Also: I am unable to EVA my crew members from the station Thanks for the assistance.
  4. Greetings, Every time I build a vehicle in the Spaceplane Hangar and press the 'Launch' button, my game just locks up and stops responding. Here is a list of the mods that I am currently using: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DTCXR74_k3eHI9egNVBWga9p5j16ceC_s9xNxW5Aod8/edit#gid=0
  5. Greetings, I was wondering how are you supposed to complete this mission? I have the Plant Growth module and a Science Lab module. I managed to get to 100,000km orbit. I started the research but nothing happened after several hours; only generated Eurekas
  6. Well I re-installed KSP and dumped the following mods: Chatterer SpaceplanePlus TAC Fuel Balancer Game seems to be loading fine (haven't altered any game settings yet. I wonder if switching to a higher res will affect this). Debating whether to put SpaceplanePlus back in. I don't normally mess around with spaceplanes. I'm also unsure if TAC Fuel Balancer would add anymore value to my gaming experience
  7. Well I will definitely try TAC. So far I added: 000 Toolbar Chatter ConnectedLivingSpace DeadlyReentry Debrefund Engineer Redux Fineprint Firesplitter Fustek KSPX KWRocketry MechJeb2 Mobstats ModularFuelTanks NavyFish Nereid NorthkeSerCom OpenResourceSystem ScanSat ShipManifest SpaceplanePlus StationScience ThunderAerospace Treeloader WarpPlugin ModuleManager v2.2.1 I keep on getting an error 'Too many heap sections' (using Vista64bit) after the game loads 40-60%. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
  8. I was wondering, how does TAC compare with Ioncross?
  9. Thanks! The list looks great! I removed BTSM Any reason why KSP says that Kethane is incompatible? Do all the mods appear in career mode?
  10. Greetings, Last time I played KSP, there was no Career Mode. I was thinking about getting back into the game but have been out of touch with the modding world so I was wondering what is still good and compatible out there? So far I was thinking about: B9, KW Rocketry, Better Than Starting Manned, MechJeb, Kethane, Station Science, KSP Interstellar, Lazor Docking Cam I was also wondering what mods you people recommend? I like having more variety when choosing ship parts. I really like spacestations and probes; I believe I used to use Kosmos so I was wondering if Kosmos is still around and if there are other cool spacestation mods. I like the idea of having to think about life support and I was considering either Ioncross or TAC. And I was just wondering what other cool mods you think I should look into to improve my KSP experience. Thanks for the advice
  11. You could create a thread that acts as a repository for all spacestation type mods
  12. I definitely look forward to seeing more from FusTek and your interpretations on what life support should be like for the game. I figured out the CFG. Wasn't too hard and IonCross had a support file that I used to copy life support info to your modules. Thanks for the help and keep up the great work
  13. Okay. I never actually edited a cfg file before so how do I go about doing that and where would I find them? Thanks
  14. Greetings, Mod looks sweet and can't wait to try it. Just have a couple of questions: Does the docking module actually act like docking ports to dock with other modules/ships or do I still need the stock docking pieces to dock with FusTek pieces? If I do have to use stock docking ports, then how do I go about EVAing my crew when the hatch is obstructed by a docking port? (Crew Manifest seems to solve the problem but just curious if I didn't have the mod) Will this mod function with IonCross life support? I didn't see an O2/CO2 meter on the modules and when adding an IonCross part, the O2 meter never went down (Of course I was testing on Kerbin so maybe IonCross is able to suck in O2 if it's available in the atmosphere) Thanks
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