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  1. Now, I'm not starting this thread for debating the Flat Earth. So, please do not start it. Here are some intro for people who don't know what "Flat Earth" means. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSNc0yZJZqg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnbRo-xrggc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zhJNuFmzRE The purpose of this thread is all about. How will Flat Kerbin looks like? Is it possible to make a model of it.
  2. Pilot pinpoint landing. Better to understand the reel than the math.
  3. No one try to build craft aside from launch pad? The limits is 18 tons, nothing else. Stack a few layer beside launch pad and you are good to go. Precision landing on top of lifter craft could need some trial and error. Hyper edit help me tested it work. So, the hard part is to bring the craft to stack. My design are hole in the middle of the lifter and slot in the orbit craft. You can stack about 3 layers. Put more command pods to help control the craft. (Reaction Wheel) Well, I will do it once I'm free but no promise when. You can try it yourself using hyper edit + kerbal enginer to get the correct TWR, and Delta V.
  4. Slashy, I stay with my word. Yesterday I start a fresh KSP and did some testing. Yeap. It can be done. Simply stack the boosters a few layers, in game, outside the launch pad. It does not limit me to Mimnus once I getting to orbit. Just more tedious launch. - Sirine
  5. Slashy, I can put 10 Kerbals in 2 launch to Mun. Precision land and take a party photo. In 0.18 Demo version of KSP. If you think launch pad limits you. You are limiting yourself, think outside the box. Perhaps you might want to figure it out how I make 2 launch to Mun with 10 Kerbals. Yes. I can make it to Minmus. With .... You guess? Kerbals Engineer or Meckjeb told you it can't be done? You are wrong. Happy New Year, -Sirine
  6. OP tend to think that to get money = to fulfill contract. I'm telling OP explore get more money in early stage, compared with fulfilling contracts. And to do that, you need skill. Hence, spend more time in Ksp. And to answer your question, yes, yes and yes.
  7. Doing it solve the OP money|science points problem, which eliminate the needs of getting some so call 'difficult' contracts. Those contracts itself are not difficult if you can do it skillfully. Understanding the rewards in gameplay environment is part of the experience. Gaining skills in design vs gaining in game money and science are two different things. Fulfill contract are more towards skills. To earn science and money, go explore.
  8. to OP: Since you have so many hours spending on KSP. How is you opinion about getting to the Minmus orbit in Tier-0 (Fresh career game with nothing upgrade/unlock) with your current skill/design capability? I assume this.:- You need more hours in KSP.
  9. OP was lost in re-entry? He never come back to tell us.
  10. Hi, from Kalaysia. (Bet not much people know where is it...)
  11. Sorry for brining up this thread. Any updates on this 'behaviour' ?
  12. There are old times challenge that a few version back. I've not try that on 1.0.5. But I believe it can be done. Op out the land back on Kerbin part.
  13. Its my own opinion. You not even understand the KSP basic mechanism yet. The reading on your gameplay screen tell you everythings that you need to know (without meckjeb). Its just how far you can interpret them. Read the navball, read the altimeter.
  14. With Google, NASA: Our quantum computer is 100 million times faster than normal PC Really like to test this 100 million times faster quantum computer on KSP... Anyone from Google? Nasa with this quantum computer on hand? After 60 years.... I wonder how KSP will become....
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