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  1. Quite a while back I sent a probe to eve to collect science. Everything had been going well, good reentry, no parts falling off...and I realized I had no parachutes. But hope is not lost. Without any way to judge the altitude, I essentially completed a perfect suicide burn on accident, saving the probe and allowing me to collect that sweet, sweet science.
  2. Shouldn't this be in the development forum, not the release forum?
  3. Quite some time ago (around when science was first introduced) I was sending my first ever eve mission to collect science. Only when I was descending in did I realize I had no parachutes, and only the retroengines. I did a perfect suicide burn on complete accident and successfully landed the tiny probe. Sadly I never got any screenshots
  4. I had this problem once with my rockets, I think it was having roll controls turned on for single engine units, my rocket would shake itself apart because it was trying to compensate for two vectors at once. Is the roll turned off?
  5. There seem to be some small typos in the contract screen. Otherwise I'm loving the mod, it makes the game so much more interesting.
  6. "Hold on, the reentry vehicle only has 3 seats for the 4 of us..." - Unfortunate member of a minmus science expedition
  7. Just go into the tracking station, go to the debris category, and delete the debris.
  8. West Korean Aerospace - Career Because one of the Koreas has to have a big space program.
  9. Ever since I updated to 4.2, it seems that engines have become unconfigurable. I can configure all of the tanks, but the engines don't even have menu come up when I click on them in the action group menu.
  10. How to use octagonal cubic struts to create engine clusters, by attaching the engines to a bunch of cubic struts on the bottom of a tank.
  11. There already is one, in front of the spaceplane hangar there is a big area that you can use to park planes.
  12. Yes, but if you have more than 4GB of RAM it means that KSP can have 4GB all to itself, instead of KSP sharing that 4GB with everything else running on your system.
  13. I can't code, but would it be possible to just lower the heat tolerance on engines and make the engine cool itself down while firing? It wouldn't be perfect, but it would mean that your engines would be fine on ascent but not act as heatshields for reentry.
  14. My rule is that if you have to make the plane look stupid to add the extra intakes, it isn't happening. This usually leads to just over 2 intakes per engine, which is plenty for my small SSTOs.