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  1. @Spricigo I try to check this thread periodically, although I guess it took me a month to notice your comment. Sorry about that. The option to view the biome overlay won't show up unless you have scanned at least a little bit of the planet, or the option for "biome overlay does not require scan" is checked. If one of those things is true and you still don't see it, then it may be a bug and let me know. Edit: Also make sure you have the planet focused in the map view, not the ship. I chose to have OSP follow the same rules as the stock overlay buttons, in that they won't show up unles
  2. Finally got around to running some quick tests with 1.8.1, everything seems to be working as expected. As always, PM me or post here if anyone finds bugs.
  3. Not a dumb question. OSP is lighter and more basic. No new parts, it simply hijacks the stock resource overlay system and changes the way the M700 works. It also adds a biome overlay toggle. SCANsat adds a plethora of features like different kinds of scans and parts to go along with them (altimetry, biome, anomaly detection, etc.), cool map projections, more complex scanning mechanics (optimal distance for different scanners, fields of view, etc.), and probably other stuff I'm forgetting or don't know about. I believe it's more loosely coupled with the stock insta-scan system and can
  4. Nothing has changed in stock KSP as far as using the orbital surveyor goes. You'll need a mod to get "lawnmower" style scanning, either the one you linked for basic functionality or SCANsat as a larger more feature-rich option. Relays are an entirely different subject having to do with science transmission and probe control.
  5. Tested and confirmed working for latest version of KSP (1.7.X). I attempted to investigate and fix the slider issue with the tweakable "scan autocomplete" parameter in the settings menu, but apparently it's been a bug in KSP since 1.2.2. If someone knows better, please correct me. I do have a fix in mind that I could implement, but it would probably break current saves in at least a small way. It seems like a very tiny issue and it has a workaround so I'll leave it be for now.
  6. It does not. OSP only interacts with overlays that already exist in the game (stock resource overlay and biome overlay).
  7. Glad you got it figured out. I wholeheartedly agree with you, the stock resource overlay UI is way too hidden.
  8. Aw shucks, it's sticking for me too. I'll have to take a look at that. In the meantime, you can edit that value manually in your persistent.sfs located in the saves directory in your KSP folder. Search for this section and change the relevant value to whatever you want (between 0 and 1): OSPParamsBasic { ExtendedSurvey = True BiomeMapRequiresScan = True OverlayRequiresTransmit = True ScanAutocompleteThreshold = 0.95 } As far as the resource overlay in the tracking station, make sure you are focusing the planet you want to view, and use the normal stock resource button to pull up
  9. A fairly quick test shows compatibility with KSP 1.6. Let me know if anyone discovers otherwise!
  10. After some testing it looks like OSP hasn't been broken by KSP 1.5. Seeing as how @Wyzard didn't seem to have any obvious problems either (thanks for taking a look and reporting back!) I feel comfortable pronouncing OSP as 1.5.1 compatible. As usual, feel free to post here or PM me if anyone finds any bugs or issues.
  11. The changes this mod brings haven't been added to the base game in any version yet, and I doubt they ever will. SQUAD's take on orbital scanning seems done and closed. Like @BlackHat said, check the OP for more details. I haven't tested yet in 1.5.1, mostly because I haven't moved up yet myself. I doubt that 1.5.1 broke OSP, but you can never be sure. I'll be sure to try to test within the next few days. I can never be sure how much interest there still is and so I end up updating at a pace that suits my own playing needs, but if that's ever too slow for anyone please feel free to post an
  12. Seeing as how OSP seemed to work fine with 1.4.3, I expect it will be fine with 1.4.4 as well. I'll test it when I have time, hopefully this evening, at which point I'll make sure it's marked correctly on Spacedock and CKAN (I apologize to CKAN users for never getting around to it for 1.4.3). Feel free to let me know if anyone encounters weird behavior. *Edit* Did some testing and it looks fine. I'll update the compatible version. *Edit 2* Seems to be working fine in 1.4.5, updated spaceport and thread to reflect that.
  13. Quick head's up: After some light testing it looks like the OSP was not broken on the KSP 1.4.2 patch, so the last release seems good to go without an update. If anyone has any problems please message me or post about it here and I'll try to take care of it ASAP.
  14. So am I! I managed to accidentally nuke the mod list for my long-time 1.3.0 save, don't have to the time or patience to re-construct the mod environment for it. Planning on starting from scratch with 1.4.1, just waiting for all my favorite mods to catch up.
  15. Even though the old version seemed to be working, I recompiled against KSP 1.4.1 and pushed a new release to be safe (should also cause OSP to show up on CKAN for KSP 1.4.1 as well). Did some code clean-up while I was in there, but no end-user-facing changes.
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