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  1. Small-ish patch deployed. Made a few optimizations that should improve performance. Saves are backwards compatible, but the wise will backup their saves anyway. After a bit of testing, seems to be fully compatible with KSP 1.2.2. No update needed. Spacedock | Curse Edit: After a bit of testing, seems to be fully compatible with KSP 1.2.2. No update needed.
  2. Pushed out another update that I worked on over the weekend. Scan area no longer gets distorted at high latitudes, scanning at high time warp works a lot better, and overlays can auto-refresh if that's what you like. A few bugs have been squashed as well, including stuff that was really hitting performance. I looked at using Kethane's geodesic grid to resolve the scan area distortion problems, but I ended up using simple mercator projection scaling instead. While the hex grid looked pretty cool, it added a lot of complexity and performance issues. I'm pretty happy with the new scaling tho
  3. Just pushed the update! It's nothing more than a migration to KSP 1.2 really. Soon I'd like to push out a more extensive update to make some needed improvements and maybe add features. Also, this was not very exhaustively tested, so please post any bugs you run into.
  4. My code seemed to be working fine for KSP 1.1, but now the stock app toolbar stuff is all wonky. Buttons are appearing in scenes that they shouldn't and stuff like that. Code for KSP 1.1: // a MonoBehavior class public void Awake() { appButton = ApplicationLauncher.Instance.AddModApplication( ButtonPressed, ButtonReleased, null, null, null, null, ApplicationLauncher.AppScenes.MAPVIEW | ApplicationLauncher.AppScenes.TRACKSTATION, GameDatabase.Instance.GetTexture("PATH_GOES_HERE", false) ); } From wha
  5. Update: I'm not currently planning on continuing support for Fairing Tweaker. It was originally a band-aid for the stock fairing system that I liked but had some issues that really bugged me. With the last couple of KSP updates, the stock fairing system has improved to the point where I feel the mod is obsolete (in my opinion). The only real part of the mod that would be nice but isn't in the stock fairing system is the edge rounding, but I don't feel like that warrants an entire mod and I can live without it. If anyone has any compelling arguments for why I should support/update the mod,
  6. Just an update: I've taken a look and made changes for KSP 1.2 (code turned out to look almost exactly like @RealGecko's changes for his recompile, thanks for picking that up!), but it looks like there are some subtle and not-so-subtle issues that need to be ironed out, including the resource map shrouds not being applied correctly. I'll try to get these issues ironed out and bring it back to pre-1.2 functionality and release an update before I dive into any "extra" stuff I was planning on trying to include soon.
  7. I actually haven't tried it to see if it works at all. I have no idea how it will interact with KerbNet and the new communication system, which is why I was holding off until I could do testing. If anyone has tried it, feel free to let me know what weirdness or lack of weirdness resulted.
  8. I'll get on it when I can, but currently I can't give a set time frame. As they say, "soon (tm)". I'm pretty swamped in school at the moment. I would rather have OSP updated before I start my 1.2 career (so I can use it) and I am really looking forward to playing 1.2, so I have personal motivations that ensure it will get done eventually...
  9. Thanks! With KSP 1.2 on the doorstep, OSP is due for an update. Unfortunately I have to give the usual caveat: I'm in the middle of a semester at university and have been pretty busy, so I can't give a time frame on the next update. I haven't figured out how (design-wise or technical-wise) OSP will integrate into some of the new features, namely KerbNet, so that might take some time as well. All-in-all, when I get the ball rolling again, I'd like to roll the next update out with new and improved features as well as 1.2 compatibility. Specifically I'd like to fix the scan-skipping on high
  10. @Jiraiyah That's normal behavior. Unfortunately the map update is too laggy to do auto updates. You'll notice a small stutter when you bring up the ore or biome map; that would not be fun to deal with if it was happening automatically every second or multiple times a second.
  11. Yes, that's it. The radius units unfortunately are in arbitrary grid cells, so you might just have to tinker with it to get a radius you like. If you set it to 2, the radius of the scan area will be 1/4 of the default.
  12. I believe I made it adjustable in the config file for the scanner. If you've messed with KSP config files before, it should be easy to find. If not, let me know and I will walk you through it. It's a simple value change that will reduce the radius of the region scanned every tick.
  13. Although I haven't personally tested it, yes, the mapping data/science transmission should need a connection when you're using AntennaRange. I'm not familiar with AntennaRange's internal workings so I can't guarantee it (if you test it, let me know!). To answer your second question, the scan will definitely continue while it is out of range or has no line of site. It stores up the map data it has scanned without any need for transmission, and then the map is revealed once it is transmitted back. So theoretically you can scan the entire planet with no active connection, bring it into range
  14. Thanks for testing it for me! I'll officially update it when I get the chance, along with a few small improvements probably.
  15. In career mode, which is what I mostly play, I've been able to return from orbit of Duna and Eve but not from the surface of either, and I've not done anything more than throw a small satellite out to Jool. The problem is that I am mostly just interested in career, and every time the game updates I tend to just start my career over rather than try to port it into the next version, with all the mods I use bouncing around causing problems across updates.
  16. If you look in the "patches" directory in the OSP folder, you can make changes to the module patch there. It includes scan radius, electric charge drain, and science bonus I believe. It would be cool to have some kind of biome key. I will look into it, but I have no idea how feasible it will be. I most likely will never add any other kinds of maps, like altitude or anomolies or whatever. My goal is to keep OSP as simple and stockalike as possible.
  17. Your landing gear shouldn't be exploding. If it is, you're using much too small gear. I had issues with the wheels actually popping, and moving up a size in landing gear solved it for me. Now I can slam into the ground pretty hard and everything holds fast.
  18. Oh hey, cool! So, it should work with any kind of mod that adds planets (based on how the mod works), although there's an old post on this thread that I noticed saying there might have been a bug on an old version with extra planets. I might do some testing myself, as I'm curious. As far as scaled planets go, the size of the scan data depends on the planet's size, so a mod that scales up, say, 10x, will scale up the scan data 100x. This could cause slow-downs. If it turns out to be a huge performance issue, I might try to address it. Cool.
  19. @Enceos Not a big deal There's some good info being discussed.
  20. Pushed out a patch. You should be able to actually get transmittable data from Minmus and Gilly now. Fixed some other silly little bugs. Hopefully didn't introduce new ones. As always, let me know if y'all find any.
  21. @Gordon Dry It looks like you have a lot of mods installed. It's very well possible that OSP is interacting badly with another mod, and it's especially suspicious since it seems to be tied to the M700 and the scanning altitude. If you can reproduce the freeze with just OSP installed, I can definitely take a look and fix it if it's just an OSP problem. If not, it's a needle in a haystack situation, but if you can reproduce it with OSP plus one other mod that might be the culprit (are you using a scaling mod? maybe that?), then I will take a look and see what I can see. The logs don't say much r
  22. This mod makes everything so beautiful and that makes me happy. I was wondering what people are doing about the stock resource overlay getting obscured by clouds (mainly on Eve). I know you can turn the clouds off with Alt + 0 (I believe), but is there a hook or anything that a modder can use to turn the clouds off automatically under certain circumstances?
  23. @Enceos It's been proposed before, and I think it's a cool idea. Technically speaking it wouldn't be too difficult (*shouldn't be too difficult). I've held off on it for now because A) I hadn't fleshed out the original scope of my mod yet (I think it's pretty much done now, though), and B) I'm undecided on details design-wise of the implementation (like whether planets should be obscured before they are visisted or if you have to explicitly survey planets to clear the obscurity). I can always add in settings to tweak it how you like, but that's also twice as much work for me. I'm open to
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