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  1. Was able to find a little bit of info on this and figure out the rest. For anyone who is interested, DMagic explains it a bit here. I'll explain what I discovered as well in case it's important to anyone: Having an antenna transmit an instance of ScienceData that has the "triggered" boolean parameter set to 'true' will trigger a callback method upon transmission completion (or failure). You can use GameEvents.OnTriggeredDataTransmission to add your method to the list of methods that will receive the callback. The callback hands you the instance of ScienceData that was sent, the vesse
  2. OSP 2.1 update - Science! Just pushed out another update. The surveyor now gathers data as it scans, which have to be transmitted back to the KSC for the overlays to be revealed. Also, you get science! Read the OP and changelog for more info. I'm not 100% sure if previous versions are compatible, but this last update is targeted at 1.1.2, so it definitely is.
  3. Just released another little patch. Fixed some annoying bugs I missed in the last two releases, and added a bit more info to the M700's context menu (altitude parameters for scanning the current body). Check out the changelog in the OP or on Spacedock for more details.
  4. When you scan a planet in stock with the orbital scanner, it gives you a science bonus. I would like to replicate that behavior. I've been looking into transmitting science experiments and such, but I can't really tell how the orbital scanner module is doing it. There is no experiment definition for it, and as far as I can tell you can't create and hand a transmitter ScienceData without having an ID to go with it, which you get from the ScienceSubject class, which you get from the ScienceExperiment class, which comes ultimately from the science definitions. How is the orbital scanner tran
  5. @Alshain Yikes. That's rage quit material.
  6. To be fair, just the latest update finally made this mod passable (in my opinion). Great time to join the party Personally I do enjoy the stock system (besides the heinous abomination that is the insta-reveal stock orbital survey, which distressed me so much it drove me to straight days of frantic sleepless coding that resulted in OSP). It's definitely not perfect, and I've never used a rover to scout. That sounds painful, like just about every contract mission that seems to expect you to use a rover.
  7. Got a small patch out that fixed some bugs that I didn't find at 4am this morning (unsurprisingly). I also added a "start survey" button so that a deployed M700 won't always be scanning no matter what. It feels a little nicer that way. That might not be a bad idea. I am planning on updating in the next few weeks or so to make the survey scanner gather science data so you don't miss out vs using the stock survey system. An option to shroud unexplored plants could be cool and I will definitely look into it!
  8. Super duper update 2.0! With school winding down and having been playing KSP 1.1, I've been driven to the edge of madness once more. I binge-coded this update over the last couple of days, and this mod is finally what I originally envisioned it to be when I started it. Scanning now functions a lot more like SCANsat, but it is integrated (sneakily, perhaps a bit hack-ishly) with the stock resource system and its overlays. As your scanning vessel progresses in its orbit, the resource and biome overlays are revealed in real time. It's stupid late right now and I should have tested it a
  9. Updated for KSP 1.1. Haven't extensively tested it, but it seems to be working fine. As always, hit me up for any bugs. KerbalStuff doesn't exist anymore, and I'm too lazy to migrate to the new SpaceDock for now. I will eventually. Use Curse until then. Edit Got the spacedock link up, and apparently it should also be on CKAN once again.
  10. Yeah, about that. I've been very busy with school and work, and finals are coming up, so I haven't had time to opt-in for the beta and sit down and figure things out. School will be ramping up until the end of April, so the best I can do is promise I will take a look after that. If anyone wants to dig in to the source code themselves, please feel free. PM me with any questions.
  11. As far as I have tested it, it seems to work fine. (let me know if you find bugs)
  12. So far it seems to be working in 1.0.5 as is. If anyone finds any bugs just let me know.
  13. It's one of those quirks that I've known about for years but continue to brain fart on. I might blame it on having to use scripting languages like Matlab for classes a lot right now, or it just might be my brain being stubborn. I have a love-hate relationship with GML. My first programming was done with GML when I was young, rather sneakily teaching me some basics without me really knowing it. There's value in that. It does drive me nuts very often though. They have improved over the years though, as they now treat arrays more intelligently, and they actually have an 'undefined' data type, poi
  14. Good eye with the bitwise operator issue. I've been using GML for a while, super brain fart there. Thanks for all the helpful replies! Edit: So yeah, with that bitwise operator mishap, looks like gravity was linear based on radius. After fixing that and tweaking my gravity constant, everything seems to be modeling correctly! The problem at its heart seemed to be the lack of inverse square law being applied.
  15. So it was quite silly not to put any kind of code up. I apologize for that. I'm actually using Game Maker: Studio, but here's the pseudo-code: //script for getting force magnitude of gravity for a ship/planet pair public double get_gravity_force(planet, ship) { var G = 0.001; //constant I chose var x1 = planet.x; var y1 = planet.y; var x2 = ship.x; var y2 = ship.y; var r2 = (point_distance(x1, y1, x2, y2))^2; if (r2 == 0) return 0; //ignoring ship mass (G*m1*m2), this might be causing issues return (G*planet.mass/r2); } //script that runs every step
  16. So I decided on a whim to see if I could program a simple 2D model of a satellite orbiting a large body. It's very simple code that calculates the force of gravity every step on the ship and applies the force to its current velocity vector. I altered the gravity constant so that calculations wouldn't involve giant numbers and I'm also ignoring the mass of the satellite, I figured "G*m1*m2" is a constant anyway. For a relatively circular orbit, it came out looking nice: There are clearly some irregularities in the orbit. So I pushed the "ship" into an elliptical orbit, and I got this pattern:
  17. Is there a way to grab the stock resource overlay texture for a planet? I know it depends on a cutoff value, color and overlay style when it is generated, and I can't find a class that is accessible that will generate a resource overlay texture for you. I might just be missing it. I looked through SCANsat but it looks like it might be generating its own overlay textures from scratch (I think).
  18. The mod only changes values that are already present in the .cfg files. I don't think it will break anything if you port a ship over to a vanilla install, but the values (number of sections, section height, etc.) might revert to their default values, especially if you load it up in the editor. I can't say for sure though.
  19. You can make inter-stage fairings with stock fairings, but a lot of people don't like how they implemented it. You just put a fairing base where you want it to start, and you can end the final section by connecting it to a part above it. It's kind of wonky sometimes, and they fall apart if you're trying to do an apollo-style launch (pull the lander out of the fairings with the crew capsule).
  20. I noticed the phantom torque/wiggling that service bays cause usually happens when parts get attached to parts outside the bay accidentally. For example, my ship wiggled and shattered to pieces because a probe core inside the bay was somehow attached to a heat shield outside the bay, instead of to the bay's floor like it looked like it was.
  21. I'm not a very seasoned coder, and much less so in C Sharp, and even less so with KSP modding. Some systems in KSP are easy to mod and are obviously set up for modding, like part modules and such. Others seem, to my untrained eyes, locked up very tight. Specifically I'm looking into intercepting method calls from stock classes and running my own methods either before or after. I believe that's what a hook is, correct? Is this possible? More specifically, I'm trying to catch the calls that turn on the resource overlays and either modify the textures or give them new textures. I'm having a hard
  22. Working on another update! This one's pretty big (at least for me it is). Working on getting sector-by-sector scanning into OSP, as opposed to the all-or-nothing approach. The scan progress system scratched the realism itch for a little bit, but I really want to do something more, something like a "SCANsat Lite" aiming to only use stock parts and keep it as simple as possible while adding realism. Hopefully I didn't bite off more than I can chew. So far it's gone fairly smoothly, but integrating it with the stock resource overlay UI may be a hassle. Worst case scenario I will have to bypass i
  23. A mod I use bundles CRP but doesn't mess with non-stock ISRU resources (karbonite, substrate, etc.). Is there any way to turn those off for the resource overlay menu? It's pretty crowded in there with stuff I don't use. It's not a huge deal but I thought I'd ask.
  24. This would be awesome. My one and only complaint is the number of parts in this mod. Not to criticize; this mod is awesome and I can't play without it.
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