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  1. New update released When in map view, the plugin now takes into account which planet you have focused so you can check out the biome overlay on a planet you aren't currently orbiting. Also, biome overlay toggle is now available in the tracking station as well. PLUS, new icons! Old ones were so ugly. New ones are probably ugly too but maybe less ugly. Can't afford to hire a graphic designer Won't break saves. As always, let me know if ya'll find any bugs. Also, CurseForge takes forever to "approve" of each new uploaded file, so you're probably better off using Kerbal Stuff after a fresh update.
  2. I like GoG and I've bought a handful of games from them, but they are all fixed-up oldies. I've never experienced any game updates or patches through them. Seeing as how they started out as sort of a paid home-of-the-underdogs reboot, I'm not surprised they don't have as robust of an infrastructure for deploying hotfixes.
  3. A low Kerbin orbit 2km/s reentry in an Earth-like atmosphere is downright sluggish. If you pump atmospheric friction up to compensate, then rockets and especially space planes begin exploding on ascent. It's a see-saw the devs struggle with because Kerbin is so tiny and orbital velocity for low Kerbin orbit (or even return trajectories from the Mun and Minmus) are quite small.
  4. That helps, but you're still SOL when you get into orbit missing a part or something. Which happens all too often for me
  5. They mine the super element that Kerbin's super-dense core is made out of and smelt it on the alters of the Kraken while they burn their LF+O offerings. A mysterious ancient process that alters the very config file of the alloy.
  6. Good grief are you serious? Goes to show you how many space planes I've built in career since 1.0... Now I feel really dumb.
  7. Oh, well that explains it. I was just messing around with the turbo jet and rapier. Seems odd but I guess it makes sense. Should help stabilize center of mass while in flight. I didn't see it in the patch notes, either. Must have missed it.
  8. A stock nuclear reactor would be so awesome. Wouldn't be too hard, they could just treat it as a huge RTG with tons of heat production. Oh well. Until then, there's Near Future.
  9. Did something crazy happen to my game, or is this happening for anyone else? I decided to build a space plane in sandbox on a clean install to try out 1.0.3, and it appears that both jets and rocket motors were burning fuel from all tanks at the same time, like monoprop thrusters do. I didn't double check this for rockets, the rockets I had launched previously didn't have stacked tanks. Or maybe I just didn't notice. Either Squad had an oops moment or somehow my install got weirdly messed up, in an oddly precise way.
  10. Yeah, 10 minute launches add up quickly. I already drown in KSP for hours and hours without noticing. Still, I'd like to try RSS one day. I didn't know 2x solar system mod was kicking around. I'm definitely going to give that a try.
  11. True, but same push-and-pull problem. People would complain about 30 minute launches
  12. With Kerbin scaled down, it naturally has a pretty low dV requirement to get into orbit. So if they wanted to make it harder just for the sake of making it as close to real life Earth launches as possible, they only have a handful of options, like nerfing engines compared to their real life counterparts (which they have) or increasing drag to unrealistic levels. Whatever they do could break another aspect of the game or cause a bunch of other complaints. The same thing happened to re-entry heating. Everyone complained about how it wasn't dangerous enough, but realistically speaking you wouldn't burn up in an Earth-like atmosphere with Kerbin-system re-entry velocities. In 1.0 re-entry heating was significant only because atmospheric heating was unrealistically punishing, which in turn made rockets and space planes explode at low atmospheric velocities. They're constantly walking a tight-rope, and when you tweak one system it affects a dozen others. There's always room for improvement and I'm sure they will be trying to get things right for a while, but I'd give the devs a break and just enjoy the game.
  13. I restarted my career for every update before this, but I *really* didn't feel like starting over again. Thanks for that hack fix!
  14. Actually yeah I'm seeing now that the SRB's were actually buffed a bit. I'm not complaining, they weren't very useful in 1.0.2. Also, like others have said, I found it much harder to get into orbit in 1.0.2 than in 0.90+FAR. 1.0.3 feels a bit closer to my 0.90+FAR experience (not so soupy atmosphere, well-designed thin rockets get into orbit fairly easily).
  15. I'm pretty sure atmospheric drag was reduced quite a bit. Patch notes say they adjusted the solid boosters accordingly, but you know how it goes. I'm personally happy that the souposphere 2.0 was at least mitigated. As far as I can tell, every patch there are a healthy batch of threads either commenting on the update making the game too easy or too hard. Everyone has different tastes and I guess you can't satiate them all.
  16. Just to follow up, switching over to OnAwake() seems to have worked. Thanks for the help
  17. Did some quick testing with 1.0.3, everything seems to be working fine (as expected). Thread title changed to reflect this. Also, with luck I'll have a tiny update ready soon that will fix the annoying revert-to-VAB memory loss for your tweakable settings. EDIT: Luck was on my side. Squashed that silly bug and released a new version. Shouldn't break old saves.
  18. Did some quick tests with 1.0.3, everything seems to be working fine. Thread title updated to reflect this. If anyone runs into problems, let me know.
  19. Simple resource transfer... portrait stats... all very s.e.x.y mods that should be stock. Thank you! Edit: s.e.x.y gets censored? Dang.
  20. Thanks for the clarifications and details DMagic! I love your mod, the source code has been especially helpful to me
  21. I totally understand. At some point I replaced RT2 with AntennaRange also. I have been tending towards simpler mods that let me tune my KSP experience rather than large mods that add a ton of parts or overhaul/replace systems. Here's my basic rundown of OSP vs ScanSat: OSP No extra parts, only modifies the M700 Orbital Surveyor to remove the insta-scan. In ordered to scan a planet, the M700 requires at least one full orbit while deployed and uses electric charge while it's scanning (the number of orbits required for a full scan is editable). Scanning progresses while the vessel is unfocused as well. Also adds the ability to view the biome overlay of a planet after it has been surveyed by the M700. Does NOT reveal a planet little-by-little. It simply makes the stock orbital survey take time and electric charge to complete. There are no partial scans. Simple mod with few moving parts that a 5 year old could probably put together. ScanSat (as far as I understand the current version, v12) Adds several scanning parts that allow you to make different types of detailed scans of planets. Maps are revealed little-by-little as your satellites pass over the planet and scan them. Scanning progresses while the vessel is unfocused. Adds a module to the M700 that allows it to scan for resources using ScanSat's system. Does NOT replace the stock system. You can scan planets using the ScanSat scanners and use the insta-survey on the M700 concurrently. There are a few options that try to keep the surface scanner and narrow band scanner relevant in ScanSat's scope, but otherwise there is very little interaction. ScanSat map overlays (similar to the stock ore overlay) are not available in the current version, but it looks like DMagic is working on it and it will be available in the next version. Super complex mod and DMagic is a ninja. Concurrent Use I'm pretty sure OSP and ScanSat can work concurrently, especially since the current version of ScanSat is quite detached from stock resource scanning system. However, I imagine you'll either want to use ScanSat as a replacement for the stock system (where you'll need to just use self-control not to hit the insta-scan button) or slightly extend the stock system with OSP, in which case you probably wouldn't have both. Ideally I'd love to extend the stock system to support partial scanning and get rid of the silly polar inclination requirement, but my modding prowess isn't quite there yet. Maybe some day. Anyway, I hope that helps.
  22. Thanks for the heads-up. When I coded it I didn't think about viewing the overlay for different focused planets, just the one the current vessel was orbiting. I think letting the player view the overlay for the current focused planet would be great, as well as putting the biome overlay toggle in the tracking station (something I've noticed would be useful while playing). I'll look into it! I haven't done any work on the low res overlays for unexplored planets yet. I might look into an option for it though, but no guarantees at this point. This mod focuses on extending the stock scanner experience as opposed to offering a completely separate experience or overhauling it massively. In a way I guess you could view it as a "ScanSat Lite", but OSP has nowhere near the complexity of ScanSat and doesn't offer anything significantly new to the game (orbital surveying at its core is still stockish and the biome overlay was already in the game, just without a way to access it without the cheat menu). Basically I made it because I felt the stock surveying was cheap and incomplete, but I wasn't interested in replacing the stock system with something like ScanSat because I really enjoy using the narrow band scanner and ground-truthing with the surface scanner and wasn't looking for more complexity than that.
  23. I haven't been on this part of the forum too much lately, but geez, I'm seeing a ton of hate for Squad! That's really a huge shame. I think there's definitely potential for KSP on console. I really don't even think controls will be a huge issue. Also, maybe I'm alone on this, but I actually trust Squad not to commit to something until they've thought about it and they think it's a good idea. Apparently they believe it will run well enough. I haven't looked into PS4 hardware but comparing raw clock speed is naive sometimes. Unity by nature ports well (they somehow stuffed the entire XCOM games onto tablets through Unity), and they're hiring another team to do the porting, so even worst case scenario it won't affect PC players or current development. Chill dudes!
  24. Thank you for taking time to thoroughly explain! It's been a learning experience. Now that I understand a little better I'll make some changes and see what happens.
  25. Thanks for the replies! Really super appreciated. Forgive me, I'm still a little bit lost. The changes remain when you launch the vessel, revert to launch or focus a vessel from the tracking station, as well as when you load the ship from a file in the VAB. What's happening different that only happens specifically on revert to VAB? In other words, if ModuleProceduralFairing's fields become non-persistent again (and ignore saved persistent values) every time the part is instantiated, then my code shouldn't work on launch or in any of those other circumstances, because I'm setting them to persistent in the OnStart() method which is running after ModuleProceduralFairing does its thing (I think). Maybe I'm not understanding the exact order in which modules load and perform their OnStart()/OnAwake()/OnLoad() methods?