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  1. Today I have been continuing construction of my new mega ship. I plan to explore Jool and some of the planets that OPM adds. Here is a picture of me preparing to dock a lander. A kerbal strutting the middle section of the ship to the back section. And I have been attempting to get the ship heatshield up into space but the atmospheric drag of the sheild causes the rocket to implode during ascent. Fortunately I got it to space I just have to dock it now. (thats me decoupling the SRB's)
  2. I had a potato cannon and I was really bored so I put a firework inside it but when I shot off the firework it didnt come out the hole and blew up my cannon .
  3. Even if the money doesn't go into hiring new devs (Which some of it has to because they just lost 2 devs in the past month.) they will likely spend that money on better software that will help in the development of KSP.
  4. It took me about an hour to send up the first piece of my mega ship. But after enough booster and struts I was finally able to get her off the launch pad.
  5. As far as I know the porting of KSP to PS4 will barely affect the development of the PC version of KSP so even if the console version is a disaster it wont matter because most of us already play on PC and will continue to play on PC. The point of porting to PS4 is to give more players access to the great game of KSP and the extra money squad makes from PS4 Will likely go into hiring more devs that will work on PC KSP.
  6. Just because someone plays Call of Duty does not mean they aren't interested in a game like KSP. Personally I have played many hours of Call of Duty and Halo but I still love KSP and space. Just because they play any of the genres that you listed doesn't mean that they are not interested in other genres of games. A couple of years ago all I ever played was console and if I had found out that KSP was available on console I would have bought it immediately even though all the games I ever played were first person shooters.
  7. As long as this doesnt affect the development of pc KSP I couldnt care if they ported it to PS4 and Xbox. An actual devnote tommorrow would be nice.
  8. My land and return mission from Tylo. The reason it felt like a bigger accomplishment than my other missions (such as a landing and return mission from Eeloo) is because this mission did not go very smoothly. My lander was made to land and return to orbit and didn't have the fuel to dock with my mother ship that was in an inclined orbit. Fortunately I had enough jetpack fuel to get the kerbal back to the mothership only to find out that I didn't have enough fuel to escape Tylos gravity. Instead I had to bring a transport shuttle from my laythe station to dock with my mothership at tylo and bring the shuttle back to kerbin. Fortunately everything went well and when the kerbals landed back on kerbin I felt a relief that was unlike anything that I had experienced from another video game. Some Pics. Landed Shuttle takes off from Laythe station. Shuttle slowing down at tylo. Back at Kerbin.
  9. Took me about an hour. Can make it to 120km orbit with my bad piloting.
  10. panfish5

    Space Engine

    This planet is almost as big as its parent star. Here is another cool looking planet
  11. yes yes yes yes yes I have been waiting for this for so long and now Im so happy its out now ! Thank you!
  12. Just finished my Laythe mission so I brought back some pics (and some bugs). Approaching Laythe Re-entry I landed in the water Theres seems to be a bug that after time warping on laythe you will be teleported to dres.
  13. I also noticed this on my SSTO a while back.