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  1. What I'm missing more than structural panels are engine plates, as I use clustering engines more than structural part. I find your mod when I was looking for missing engine plates and structural panels in 1.4 as I haven't bought the expansion yet. I bookmarked it for now for later use.
  2. I did combined mission to Eve and Gilly once, just simpler then your plan - to get prove+rover to Eve without return and to plant a flag to Gilly and return. I used aerocapture on Eve to get to highly elliptical orbit with Ap beyond Gilly. At Ap I decoupled probe/rover and rised Pe of the main ship above atmosphere. The probe/rover then flied to Eve atmo and land on parachutes. Then I intercept Gilly with main ship, got to low orbit and land with a small lander. After return I wanted to go back to Kerbin. Because I didn't know how much those maneuvers will cost, so I played it on the safe side
  3. Hi! Thank you for great mod! Suggestion: What about new scanner/telescope for optical mapping? To get real-color map as are in map view?
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