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  1. taniwha, Never mind, download popup was coming up on my second monitor which was off.....
  2. Hey guys, running 1.2.2 ATM and was wondering if anyone has had issues with Mechjeb throwing NRE's with the Engines?
  3. So judging from the fact I just rescued a mechanic, I assume we have a chance of getting the new kerbals with rescue missions....
  4. If the ship is big enough then it will appear, I have been playing with Roverdudes Asteroid Recycling mod and have had to deal with insanely large roids and really heavy ships after hours of mining the roids, when I release the Klaw I seem to release the Kraken half the time. Even with cheats enabled(unbreakable joints and no crash damage) I have had ships fail and explode......
  5. Having some issues with the Emancipator. I can transfer fuel to and from containters to both MKS Reactors and NFE Reactors but I do not get options on the Emancipator and if I try to transfer fuel to the Emancipator from a container I get the " Selected part can't handle radioactive storage, exiting transfer mode... " Message. From what I can tell from the Emancipator part file it is missing the " RadioactiveStorageContainer" Module.
  6. Lol, this is fun, I found a 2.5Mt roid yesterday, to bad it did not have any K+ on it:P
  7. Looks like roverdude was no longer monitoring this thread after he combined K Plus with karbonite. I have opened an issue on Karbonite for the Scanner not working.
  8. I have had this multiple times now, sadly its a modded save, I even tried to find where they vanished in the logs to no avail. Now I just checked after just coming back to playing from a 1 month leave( I quit over constantly loosing crew/tourists) and one of my ships is missing it 20+ kerbals and I dont have any close saves.
  9. I installed the constellation pack. And I will now put on my dunce cap. I was using the USI drills, installed a stock drill and its working now... I still am not seeing how we can see what abundance the resources have per roid.
  10. I have tried setting it to 100% and waiting for a new roid to spawn in my test setup with no luck. I can only detect the rock resource and I have been unable to mine any resources from roids so far.
  11. That and the engines should pull more power then what they do. I would like to see them work at lower atmo pressures then they currently do also.
  12. Nice update Just wondering what I should use to get the 1K EC per large Electric fan.... Also am I loosing my mind or is this not mirrored? http://imgur.com/M3s46g2
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