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  1. I installed RSS, RSSVE, and Realism Overhaul from CKAN with a fresh install of the latest KSP version. It worked perfectly at first, but after I closed the game for the first time, Kopernicus won't load correctly, the RSS Earth won't display on the menu, and I get stuck in an infinite loading screen when I try to navigate away from the menu. Same exact error message as Yungoos: I get a "Parallax Warning" during startup that says texture quality should be set to high/ultra, not low, and I don't know anything about how to read logs, but the Kopernicus logs seem to suggest that its something up with Parallax as well as was mentioned earlier in the thread. I've tried Parallax version 2.0.4 and 2.0.0. Should I try an even earlier version? Here are the links to some of my logs if anyone has any ideas: https://ufile.io/kpqodfze https://ufile.io/qolsrqs3 https://ufile.io/azz6jm8l Thanks!
  2. I can vouch for the quality of EVGA PSUs. I used one in my latest (which happens to be my first...) build, and it's been working like a charm. At least, I haven't had an issue at all with mine yet, which is a 600B 80+ Bronze... your mileage may vary
  3. Do ships that have TweakScale'd parts have valid .craft files? If anyone can confirm or deny this, I can try to filter out some extraneous mods from the design and get a .craft file up without too many dependencies...in the meantime, I've been playing with the smokescreen and chaff systems, and they're really cool, so I'll update the album with a few more screenshots.
  4. MOD LIST: TweakScale BDArmory USI Modular Kolonization SCANSat Probably a ton more that I forgot I'm in the works of writing a KSP war-novel fanfic (should be up on the forums in a week or two? Maybe? ), and I decided to make a warship pretty much as big and as deadly as possible. This is the result of that decision. (The forum doesn't want to display the updated album for some reason. Click here to see all 8 pictures.) First of all, this thing is massive. I mean absolutely huge, can-barely-fit-in-the-SPH huge. I used TweakScale on pretty much everything though (the hull are just enlarged Mk. 2 spaceplane fuselages), and so the part count only hit 123, which I'm very happy with. In addition to the two main capital turrets, this behemoth features: Tons more, slightly smaller naval gun batteries 2 main anti-spacecraft flak turrets near the bridge 2 Millenium cannons in the far stern near the engines that fire timed explosive shells 8 Howitzer cannons on each side for a massive "broadside" effect A "Goalkeeper" Vulcan CIWS system for close defense that can spit out rounds at a ridiculous rate A solid incendiary laser beam cannon, located on top of the radio mast. This baby is absolutely deadly, but it eats up 450 charge/second. Smokescreen countermeasure devices for defensive purposes ECM jamming modules It's got a hefty amount of SAS torque from multiple TweakScaled-up ASAS modules located onboard, in addition to plenty of RCS ports with fuel reserves for days on end. It's actually surprisingly maneuverable in vacuum. For control and orientation purposes, the Dreadnought has a RGU drone core at the nose of the ship, in addition to the upward-facing command bridge at the stern. Two scaled-up Mainsail engines provide the thrust, and as for electric charge, I have a 2.5 meter nuclear reactor from the Umbra Space Industries MKS series that outputs close to 1000 units of electric charge per second when active, and is relatively efficient with its enriched uranium reserves. As for additions, I think that the Dreadnought could use a missile battery for longer-range engagements. I'm also thinking of putting chaff and flare countermeasure pods on it as well to increase its survival rate in combat. Also on my to-do list is to find a way to fire the main two cannons without rolling the entire ship 360 degrees in the opposite direction . I figured I wouldn't provide a craft file for this one, as I've just included way too many mods and TweakScale'd parts for everything to possibly function properly for you guys. Let me know what you think! EDIT: The craft file can be found here! No promises that it works, though. As for dependencies, you'll need BDArmory + the Naval Artillery expansion pack for it, USI Modular Kolonization Systems, and probably TweakScale.
  5. Then moment I knew KSP was a great game was when it was still back in early access and I was wondering why no one had reviewed it yet. It took me a second to realize what I was playing at the time wasn't even the complete game.
  6. The camera shake is by far my new favorite feature
  7. That is my new favorite thing i witnessed your post view count shoot up that's amazing
  8. everyone go on the atmospheric scattering mod page and yell at Harvestr
  9. Damn you Squad for releasing KSP 1.0 on a Monday!
  10. "Checking for the KSP 1.0 release is something not to do at a stoplight!"
  11. You know, I should REALLY be paying attention in class right now...but you know...1.0...
  12. .21, because it was the first update after I bought the game on Steam and I remember being completely awestruck by the new space center building models.
  13. Granted, but everyone else in your immediate family dies in front of your eyes. I'm sorry, but such a dark wish needed such a dark answer. I wish my computer had more memory to handle my mod addiction. EDIT: Well then, I stand corrected. I guess I'm not the most horribly twisted and sinister person on this forum after all. Who knew? Also, granted but you realize that clouds are in fact not solid entities as you plummet towards the ground contemplating your impending death. EDIT II: EDIT HARDER: Alright, I give up. Forget it. Disregard my wish entirely.
  14. Great! Look forward to your company. Let us know the name of it! Welcome to the forums!
  15. Wait no I kind of liked it! It was subtle yet so perfect.
  16. I like how Bill is labeled as a goddess.
  17. Thanks, KSP team, for getting me an A+ on my science fair project and moving me onto the regional competition.
  18. I'm absolutely in love with this idea. IIRC, the Mission Controller Extended Mod recently introduced this feature--I haven't tried it, but I think I saw things like lighter structural parts after researching better alloys, or more efficient fuels in general.
  19. Oddly enough, the first craft I got into orbit myself was a spaceplane. Learning from and watching MechJeb do those seemingly so exotic and high-tech "gravity-turns" gave me an idea: what if I cut out the whole "turn" part? So I built myself a two-stage spaceplane--first stage was jet-powered, the second rocket. Launching from the runway, I had a nice ascent angle from the start, and things just got better from there. I couldn't believe I had actually done it. God I wish I had that feeling again, like when I first bought the game and got access to the hangar--I didn't know what to do first.
  20. May be a dumb question, but...how does this work? I don't have to actually land my craft ON the instrument, do I? I assume it works like the seismic scanner, I just have to be landed on a surface, right?
  21. KSP Interstellar is great for lengthening any career game. If you don't know, KSPI adds a bunch of speculative technologies to the game, starting out with nuclear reactors and science labs (they produce a steady amount of science per day), and leading up to the incredibly efficient DT Vista Fusion engine, thermal and plasma rockets, antimatter collectors and reactors, and finally, the Alcubierre Warp Drive. Sure, these techs may sound a bit OP, but keep in mind it takes thousands of science points to unlock these nodes on the tree. It can be found here.
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