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  1. Howdy everybody. So I'll admit that when I'm not playing with rockets or airplanes, I love driving and seeing cars. I have so many things I want to learn and do with cars, but one of these things is attempt to build cars in Kerbal Space Program. I have done so in the past, with various vehicles under my Kerbolet brand, but some things I simply can't seem to figure out. namely quarter panels and fenders. And trunks. And having wheels that don't lock up from parts being too close. Any car builders have any tips for building these tricky buggers?
  2. I own a little telescope that I use to sometimes make observations of the Moon. I usually don't because I live in a town, so the light pollution means I don't get to see much else. I did sign up as a member of Asgardia, but other than that not too much real-life stuff beyond teaching concepts and discussing space science with other like-minded people.
  3. I whipped up a craft in a few minutes as a hypothetical. In fact, I called it the "Hypothetical." I retained the same basic shape with all stock parts, mirroring the shape of the clip art as closely as I could. Came up with this: Around 2,500 m/s. Not quite enough to get into orbit, but the TWR was extreme so of course I gunned it going straight up with all the orange suits inside. However, I was encouraged by that number. 2,500 m/s of delta-v? Surely I could squeeze it out somewhere. I made a few refinements, higher ISP engine, and used every possible fuel space. I used no part clipping other than to cheat a tiny bit by squeezing two toroidal fuel tanks into the tippity top of the rounded nose cone, as it couldn't store fuel. The top section, right above the hitchhiker capsule, is a C7 brand 2.5-1.5m adapter, because it holds fuel and oxidizer. At this point I was like Holy crap, this might just be possible. It was so tantalizingly close to be able to make orbit, and while all of these designs had the guts to get into space, none would make orbit. Then it hit me- fairings. Use a fairing for the upper body, and stuff as many fuel tanks as possible as I could. So I did just that. Yeah, a little cheaty, but the point was to keep the same basic body shape while still having as much fuel in there as possible. I pretended that the fairings were solid pieces that contained fuel tanks. Besides, you can't tell from behind a fairing anyway. Shush. Then guess what happened? It worked. It freakin' worked. Way, waaaay back a long time ago, I did the K-Prize challenge and got a badge by the skin of my teeth. This vehicle, this thing I hammered out in twenty minutes from a piece of clip art, was literally the first SSTO I have built and flown that wasn't based on a plane. Ever.
  4. The main thing that arouses my skepticism is the quality of the picture. Hell, I'd really like to believe in the idea of a hollow Earth or plenty of the other supernatural places or phenomena- the problem is that the science just doesn't line up with the stories, and "photographic evidence" that is conveniently too blurry or low quality to be worth it actually detract from the story, in my opinion.
  5. I love Startalk. I need to listen to more, but so far it's the only one that captures my attention. I've fallen way behind on it, though.
  6. I'm in the KSC2 camp. Would be a fun place to mess around with a launch site that isn't on the equator.
  7. Oh boy, so many. I push things to the limits a tad too much sometimes, so it's usually all my doing, but it still makes me smile when I can put a craft down that's limping. There was: -The time I had Valentina make an emergency water landing after some failure of her airplane (Don't remember what the problem was, but I DO remember the plane being a big one). Then again, I've had to do a ton of unplanned water landings. -The time just this morning when I pulled out of a dive too steeply under phys-warp, knocking Jeb unconscious and removing most of the wings and the front landing gear. Destroyed the nose upon landing but managed to grease it on at the northern ice cap. -The time my plane inexplicably stalled while doing photography for a mission report on the forums, resulting in a destroyed plane, a surviving Jeb, and some cool photos. -The time in an early career game where I suppose I had the re-entry angle a bit off, causing my Science Jr. module to be destroyed and leaving just the heat shield hanging on by air. As in, the only thing saving my bacon was the superheated air cramming the heat shield into place. -The time I had to complete the final 3/4 of a mission on only 10 units of electricity because I not only had no batteries but no way to charge them either. I think it was a Munar flyby. -The time I had to design, launch, and attach an aftermarket parachute pack onto a Munar lander in order to fulfill a contract objective. The list goes on, but my memory does not. I'm working on some new near-death experiences, though, so I shall return.
  8. I've got Tex Kerman to fly me out of the situation. That, or he pulls out of a dive too steeply and blows up half the plane like he did earlier today.
  9. The one skill I can say I definitively haven't mastered yet is being able to design rovers and package them into crafts for use on the Mun or elsewhere. I've built plenty of cars, and rockets, but for some reason combining the two hasn't managed to stick in my brain yet.
  10. Howdy, everybody! Once again, it's time to show of what our community members have deemed to be the best the Kerbal Space Program forum has to offer. If you'd like to see last month's Threads of the Month, you can find it here. If you think that we've missed any important threads that should be recognized, don't hesitate to contact one of the site moderators and we can put them in the running for TOTM. I'd like to give special thanks to @diomedea, @Red Iron Crown, @Dman979, and @Vanamonde for helping pick this month's winners! Here is this month's very special TOTM badge: And now on to our winners this month! First off, we have a thread coming all the way from the Add-On Releases subforum. Have you ever wanted to see the exact locations your brave Kerbals will plummet haplessly into the ground float gently to the ground, safe and sound? Well, now you can, thanks to this lovely mod by @DennyTX! Our next thread comes from the Gameplay Questions & Tutorials subforum, interestingly enough. If math and general nerdy awesomeness is your thing (and come on, you play Kerbal Space Program. Of course it is), then you should definitely check out this thread, which has high quantities of awesome, nerdy, AND math. Congratulations, @Cunjo Carl! Next up, we set our Nostalgia cannons to "kill." Do you remember your very first post on these forums? If you do, post it in this awesome thread by @RA3236, and check out everybody else's as well! Have you ever wanted to build your own freaking telescope? Well, for some reason, @_Augustus_ was just so compelled, and is currently working on one. Way to go, bro, your kludginess is an example to us all. For our final thread this month, we ask two age-old questions: Do you love Kerbal Space Program? Well, we hope you do, and you should if you don't. But... Do you like Star Wars as well? If the answer to both questions was rightfully yes, then report down to @Jett_Quasar's thread immediately so you can check out his awesome STOCK Star Wars builds! And with that, we come to the end of yet another installment in Threads Of The Month. Be sure to let a moderator know of any thread you think is worthy of the title, and congratulations again to all our winners! It's always amazing to see what you guys come up with. It's what makes this forum such a special place for me personally, and many of the rest of us as well, I'm sure. Happy posting!
  11. Roleplaying is generally not allowed on our forums because it is highly difficult to moderate- Not from an over-moderation standpoint, but from one where personal attacks are disguised or dismissed as "just roleplay." It's one of the most common questions asked, and the reason why roleplay isn't allowed goes back a very long time. It just causes headaches and more problems than it's worth allowing.
  12. Howdy, everybody! It's time once again to display those threads that our community members decide deserve special recognition! If you'd like to check out last month's winners, you can do so right here. As always, if you think we missed any important threads, or just want to suggest a thread for the next round of TOTM, go ahead and message one of my lovely assistants (the moderation team) and we'd be more than happy to include it. Thanks this month goes to @Deddly, @Vanamonde, @Snark, and especially @Dman979 for helping select these threads! Here's this month's winners badge: Drumroll, please! Let's get these winners up on stage. Have you ever wanted to bring the glory, the magnificence of the great Saturn V rocket to your very home? LEGO helps us do just that, and we can thank @Johnny Wishbone for making a thread that shows just what it takes to assemble the big (tiny) beast! A big reality of KSP is that, as new versions come and go, some of our spacecraft goes out of order for various reasons. However, there are real survivors out there, as @Overland's thread goes to show. Always nice to see builds that stand the test of time! Have you gotten bored with one feeble monitor? Would you like three instead? Well, @LoSBoL's thread can teach you how to expand your horizons a little- literally- and on a budget, too! Looks like those darn Russkies are invading, and it's no Cold War this time. Coming in hot is @Number 16 Bus Shelter's thread on his MiG fighter plane! By the way, great name, and excellent use of fairings! Everybody, meet Gary! Who's Gary? @Azimech's travelling kaleidoscope, of course! Such a great use of parts- I've got simply no clue how it's done. You know what I love? What I really, really love? When people build KSP hardware! Check out @keb's analogue gauges for various Kerbal flight thingies! Way to go, bro. There's no better way to test your mettle with engineering prowess like KSP challenges. @sevenperforce's challenge does that- Can you build a stock helicopter than these guys? Eesh, these classic sci-fi monstrosities are very well-built! Good on @HvP for bringing big ol' alien machines to KSP! One of the best things about modding games is just how ever-changing they can get. If somebody doesn't like something, they change it (with the right permissions, of course). These mods can get crazy and have many great functions. That's why @rsparkyc's Realistic Progression Zero is a Thread Of The Month! That about sums it up for this month's threads. Remember to suggest any threads you think deserve the title to our moderators, and congratulations to all of this month's winners! It's really cool to see what you guys come up with, I never get tired of seeing this awesomeness. Happy posting!
  13. Howdy, everybody! Now, this may come as a shock to some people, but I happen to live in the United States. And, as part of my ideas I want to start putting out on YouTube, I want to do a video series on strange facts from America. In the future, I think I'll probably do some videos about strange facts from other countries, but I want to start with my home country. Does anybody have any obscure, amazing, or weird facts about America that I can do some research on and include in my videos?
  14. Both, if at all possible. I'm a sponge for weird facts.
  15. Doing some research with your guys's aid led me to uncover just what I was looking for. Adrenaline/epinephrine, dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and vasopressin. Oxytocin and vasopressin are enormously complicated little buggers, but the other three are nice and simple, and actually quite similar in structure.
  16. NOT love as a relationship, "love" or "affection" as a chemical response in the human body. I know there are a variety of endorphins/chemicals at play when emotions are felt, can anyone point me to any quote-unquote "love" hormone/endorphin/chemical thingy?
  17. Hardy har. Just in case the meaning was actually unclear, I'm looking for what hormones/whatever is released when one experiences a feeling of love or affection, as in dopamine does in happiness responses.
  18. The main topic of the video is Wrong Way Corrigan himself, so I was attempting to just offer enough information about it to help tell the story. I'm essentially assuming that the audience isn't completely in the dark, but they don't know this specific story, so I wanted to tell it.
  19. So I'm gearing up to start producing YouTube videos, and I have a rough script idea that will be just challenging enough to give me good practice to see what else I can come up with. It's a solid historical piece, I've done some research on it, and it's an interesting story. My only problem is that I don't know if the script itself is interesting enough. To me, it seems a little too factual/documentary-ish for a quick history lesson. I had the idea of coming to the Forum itself to see if any writers out there would help critique my script to make sure that what I'm producing is quality. If people are interested, great, I'll leave the script here to see suggestions. If not, then oh well, I'll get somebody else to help. Thanks if you're willing!
  20. I do think that the humor can come out even more just based on how I inflect it, naturally there's a limit to just putting words down and then reading them again. I'm gonna do some tests later on to see if it'll work the way I hoped it would. Thanks!
  21. So it's like almost 2:30 in the morning where I live, and I was trying to fall asleep but I had one of those "eureka" moments so I literally just wrote a new version of the script down. I think it's way funnier, and it's completely different and more conversational than the first one. Let me know what you guys think. I essentially pictured myself literally sitting down in front of a microphone and repeating what I knew about the story from memory, and offering my thoughts on what the story is like. It's basically like I sat for a few minutes talking to somebody about it and just wrote it down. So it's extremely conversational, but I think it would be a unique style of narration to use, particularly with some slightly-humorous but still historical background footage to use too. Keep in mind that I wrote this in like fifteen minutes after two in the morning, so if there's typos, please forgive it.
  22. Overall, it's gonna be pretty generic stock footage, some vintage footage of barnstorming, and then of course pictures of the relevant people/planes, and maybe even a map or two depending on how ambitious I get. And the style you describe is indeed interesting, because I know even before doing this that a style akin to reading out of a textbook is never gonna sell. I can attempt to produce some more conversational-ish versions tomorrow.
  23. Topic is in the title. I've been playing more of this game recently, and in fact I'm going to start making gaming videos with this game, nailing down techniques before I move to other games.
  24. It seems pretty clear to me, at least, that what SQUAD has defined is pretty clear. Heck, I'm a moderator and I'm out of luck because I bought the game after the date, but in 2013. It's not really that big of a deal.
  25. Welcome aboard! Nice to see a Mercury astronaut join us. No way that it could be somebody else from the internet just taking a picture off of the internet and using the name and all.