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  1. The problem with that is that I'm not sure how the timewarp factor would work in that system, not even mentioning that 20 minutes and then suddenly its an entire day later will inevitably cause huge frustrations. Interplanetary missions will still take many, many days to complete with that formula, and what happens if an intercept occurs during a time when a player can't be playing the game?
  2. I didn't think about quicksaves, no, because "saving" isn't really a thing you can do in any multiplayer thing, ever. Unless you own the server, that is.
  3. Episode Ten: Building The Motor-cicle Friday night and I need a fight My motorcycle and a switchblade knife Handful of grease in my hair feels right But what I need to get me tight are those Girls, girls, girls On this Steppenwolf-in' episode of the Adventures of Tex Kerman, we take a leaf from Motley Crue's book and build exactly what we need on Friday night: A Motor-Cicle! It looks nasty, doesn't it? Well, fear not, tree-huggers. This baby is 100% electric. In the words of Marty McFly, this sucker is indeed nuclear. RTG's placed strategically to resemble headers also give the Motor-Cicle enough power to turn those massive ruggedized wheels in the back. This build was originally for the Motorbike Design Challenge thread, but I'm still waiting for my question to be answered before I submit anything. As such, it complies with the rules of the thread, including having 2(ish) wheels, and working brake and headlights. I have not yet made the prerequisite laps because, with two riders astride it's lofty dimensions, it's a little unwieldy. Here it is from a few angles. And, as evidenced by the picture below, tops out at about 36 m/s. That's all for today, but tune in next time for the Adventures of Tex Kerman!
  4. Tex


    Some of the best experiences I've ever had come from Rust, the FPS made by the creator of Garry's Mod. Few games can make my heart rate raise to the level it did, because if you die, you lost a lot of work. Most of that was in legacy, but every gun battle had a way of hitting you in the heart way more than any match in Call of Duty ever could.
  5. Now that's a rally car if I ever saw one.
  6. Do Kerbals need to be in the seat(s) for the laps to count?
  7. Tex

    The Pet Thread

    I think that last photo is one of the very rare times I actually saw a cat smile. Look at 'em. Look at how content he is.
  8. I personally don't think heat shields are a requirement for any vessel. If you do it right, even in the new aero model, you can enter just shallowly enough to not need them. Even my planes nowadays get up to 1,300 m/s and stay there until my engines start to boil.
  9. I personally can't even conceive of a vessel that would be impossibly large for either building, but I'm always glad to see there are a few "whackjobs" out there that defy my expectations.
  10. Could be, I suppose, but that'd make spaceplanes look a little funky.
  11. Tex

    The Pet Thread

    Howdy, everybody! I'm one of those people that enjoys having a pup around the house, and I've noticed a severe lack of pet picture sharing threads here. I figure the time is right for a new one. Feel free to post pictures of your pets, big and small, and few or many. Say hello to Tank: He's a brindle Boxer, I believe 6 years old, and tough enough to be a good wrestling partner. He loves meeting new people, taking up all the room on my bed, and wiping his face all over your leg right after he takes a big drink of water.
  12. Any idea how these would look, and for that matter, how they would help learn how to make spaceplanes? I'm getting a weird picture in my head when I think of this, as in the regular heat shields but stuck on OCTO plates.
  13. I'm highly in support of these marches. I actually ordered a pin that says "Science, Not Silence" on it that should arrive innnnnnn two days, I think.
  14. How do you mean? Did you post earlier or have a separate thread?
  15. When you create a topic, up towards the top you'll see a tab that says "Content," and one that says "Poll." I think you should be able to take it from there
  16. Well, of course adding multiplayer would require code changes. So would anybody else's proposals. This particular one is my take on it.
  17. Yes, which is why I postulated that you would have to adjust the trajectory accordingly to actually get to the destination. It doesn't make it impossible, just needs a slight tweak in the flight plan.
  18. Let's make sure to keep on topic, and see what @Julian. thinks should be specifically updated for the physics to make submarines work better.
  19. It's not technically propulsion because you need to expend fuel only to set the orbital trajectory, the actual warping itself doesn't consume fuel and has no power to change your direction. If you applied the same thing to a car, you can coast on a highway, and when you take your foot off the gas you lose the ability to steer but gain the ability to go in a perfectly straight line at any apparent speed you want without consuming fuel. It does make things trivial, but I figure that people can either have the super-realism standard offered by single player, or the ability to cooperate with players, build space stations together, have races on Duna, and all that stuff without having to worry about mucking about with time travel. Not creating new or unique time streams, per se, because from the moment the server goes online, the time flow used by the game remains unchanged. It would be impossible to affect time in the multiplayer setting with this idea. Unfortunately, that means for ~6 hours at a time, the KSC would be dark, but there is a trade-off of sacrifices and gains made that I want to see what people think about.
  20. I went ahead and did actually move this to Challenges, @DarkOwl57, because it's set up exactly like a challenge is. I think I'll actually give it a go eventually.
  21. Precisely. The ship can be anywhere along its orbit when the warp engages, but when the player is not warping, the vessel most certainly rests at one point at a given time. The planets and other bodies, however, are not affected because they are not controlled by this warp.
  22. That is exactly what I'm saying, yes. I do agree that it is not a perfect solution. It does take away from the hard-as-rock scientific basis somewhat. I counter this by saying that you still do have to carefully build your spaceships, plan your missions, and actually have the fuel in order to make these maneuvers. As any interplanetary traveller will tell you, without the proper launch windows and intercepts, it becomes much more difficult in order to actually get to a planet. You need to expend more fuel and do some unconventional things to get there. This solution isn't meant to be pretty, and to be perfectly honest I don't think it will be ultimately implemented. The only thing I wanted was to have a discussion about it and any possible solutions to how to make multiplayer work in comparing this idea to others. This idea has its drawbacks like any other, but I think it's one possible way to do it.
  23. I still think people are missing the point. This warping idea is not a propulsion system, and as I've said before encounters would not be as we currently understand how to do them. To do them in regular KSP, you need to burn to create an orbit that intercepts the orbital path of a celestial body, essentially being in the same place at the same time. However, with this warp idea I've tried to explain, you don't need to wait for the Mun or Jool or whatever to actually go anywhere for you to intercept it. You just burn the fuel you need to go straight to the destination. In regular time-warping, this would not work, because as you got to the Mun's altitude away from Kerbin, for example, the Mun would have moved away in that time and you get no intercept. With this idea, you WOULD get an intercept because the Mun didn't go anywhere. It still moves, but at the normal speed which it orbits. The only thing moving faster or differently is the vessel. I bolded a section of @Cucco-Master's quote up there to show what I mean. While you technically could do what he described, it would take weeks, months, or years to actually accomplish it because no planet is moving faster than normal. It is exactly the same as never touching the time-warp button in a regular game. That's how every body moves, all the time, no matter what. The only way you could get to a body with Non-Time Time-Warp is having your orbital path, the blue line in the Tracking Station, crossing the SOI of the body you wanted, and then warping there. That's the only way. Your vessel cannot use Non-Time Time-Warping as a propulsion system. It just zips you around, on-rails, according to the orbital path you have. I do feel that I'm repeating myself, but it's as if people aren't understanding this concept no matter how I try to describe it. Everything functions normally, except in that instance that you actually use the warp. Then you move faster on-rails. That's all.
  24. I break your struts with a simple decoupler.
  25. I see that you're adamant about having submarines work better, but you're not really elaborating. What do you see as needing improvement?
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