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  1. I tried to take a screenshot to show it here but when I paste it in Paint, it looks fine. I have DEP disabled, directory in C:\, not read only, no mods, no application that could interfere, everything at max in graphics. I tried to lower some of them but it's the same
  2. Nabukadnezar

    [1.0.x] KSP Keyboard Map v2.5 - Old School Gaming (Aug 5)

    Trigger Au, you're awesome!
  3. Nabukadnezar

    [1.0.x] KSP Keyboard Map v2.5 - Old School Gaming (Aug 5)

    the flight controls png is lower resolution
  4. OK... I guess FAR shouldn't have been used. 1. Is there anything we could read in order to understand perfectly the options from mechjeb's Ascent Guidance and Ascent Path Editor and learn how to optimize them? 2. When piloting manually I was using Flight Engineer in order to watch the terminal velocity and make sure my speed doesn't go past it. When using only mechjeb, in order to do the same thing do I have to make sure current acceleration doesn't get bigger than maximum acceleration (from Vessel Info)?
  5. Nabukadnezar

    Come back old ASAS - all is forgiven!

    The new ASAS is not even dampening rotation that well. Most of my SIMPLE, SYMMETRICAL rockets not only veer of course slowly and gradually, but they also rotate slowly.
  6. what's the new .craft file for 0.21? what time should we get?