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  1. I wonder what new implications 1.2 will have on naval battles? I might look at coming back to this game.
  2. Anyone else notice a resemblance to Galactica?
  3. Since battles are turn based, you may find one ship gets wiped out before it can even move. Even the best ships are commonly destroyed in a single turn. Try three ships for your first battle.
  4. The ore tanks may look a lot like tires, but the tirepedoes are called that because they use actual tires as the warhead. lol
  5. It's a little poorly explained. First, you make some ships. Fleets are usually limited by total collective mass, so making a variety of ships of varying weight classes is a good idea. You never know what the mass limit will be until you accept the challenge. Make a challenge or accept an existing one. Read back over some of the pages for examples before making a challenge, or wait for a new one to start. Download HyperEdit. It's a mod that allows you to teleport your ships into place at the beginning of the battle. Don't use HyperEdit once the battle starts. Do actual maneuvers. Post pics of your ships as you invent them. You don't have to do this, but it's fun to see what other people come up with! Read the OP for the rules once you actually start a battle. Also have fun!
  6. Experimenting with replacing my usual LV-N thrusters with LV-909 thrusters. Seems to be working better. Still hard to bring them up to par without using k-drives.
  7. The Suliban have joined the fray!
  8. Docking that final segment will be a piece of cake!
  9. Sorry I haven't set up yet. Getting frustrated with the changes to the NERV thrusters I always use. I can't seem to escape Kerbin in any of the craft that used to do so.
  10. Only because it's misquoted. :/ I was the first person to use a cannon on a military ship. The Custodian was the first ship with a cannon on the Macey Dean submissions thread. That doesn't necessarily make it the first ever, but it's close.
  11. As the first person to use a cannon on a military ship way back in the previous Macey Dean days (what everyone annoyingly calls MAC Guns or Mass Drivers) I've had a lot of experience testing them. I find them to be only moderately accurate but very destructive. The best design is a single thruster rather than multiples. I use a cartridge of several steel plate "pellets". These easily penetrate the infinitesimally thin metal plates of enemy ships and damage interior components.
  12. Are you going to set up or are you waiting for me?
  13. Yeh cannae change the laws of... oh...