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  1. Screw that. Putting two planets on a crash course would be way cooler. Depends on how KSP would handle such a thing, though.
  2. So the warp drive keeps you at the speed you were going even when you turn it off? Or does it set you to some arbitrary speed? Either way, I'm glad you made a point to balance this.
  3. There were thousands of copies of that error, and it was in the VAB if I recall. Here's the entire log folder if you want to take a look. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10679993/2013-07-29_221746.zip
  4. Would it be possible to split up the physics engine into a few separate parts and assign each part a core? I could see possible latency times if one part of the physics is bottlenecking while the other part is not, but it would help a lot more on powerful machines like mine.
  5. The only time I ever turn on my SAS is when I'm already in the desired heading. Otherwise, I manually turn my ship to the heading, and turn SAS off when adjusting heading (I keep it on for smaller, more nimble crafts). It seems to help with getting into locking mode, as well as giving ME control over the ship instead of an algorithm that hasn't had its kinks worked out yet. Maybe a solution one day will be configurable SAS units, where you can test the ship yourself and edit parameters realtime or in the builder, and tailor the SAS to the ship. I believe that's how NASA does it with theirs.
  6. I'm almost positive this board uses the same software that places like MCF and Chucklefish use, and I really enjoy getting notifications when someone quotes me in their message.
  7. KSP crashed and in the log file, I found this: NullReferenceException at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component:GetComponent (System.Type) at UnityEngine.Component.GetComponent[FARWingAerodynamicModel] () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ferram4.FAREditorGUI.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ferram4.FAREditorGUI.ControlSurfaceAttributionGUI () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at RenderingManager.OnGUI () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1)
  8. Might have to add a last stage for a powered landing. If you want to conserve fuel (and therefore, weight), you can do this with jet engines. B9 Aerospace has these really nice VTOL engines that you can adjust as well. Point em downwards when you add them in the builder, then you can turn them sideways to help cancel horizontal velocity as well.
  9. Look what I did to your poor plane I swear I was being nice with it... you know, trying to land softly on hills and grass! Actually, the landings went well for the most part, except when I forgot to retract the solar panels one time, yeah that was my fault, sorry. And I had a bit of a hard landing on one and kinda broke nose cone. I hope insurance covers that. Also, I pitched too hard trying to take off before a hill right in front of me caused a rapid unplanned disassembly and kinda broke the tail off. Sorry! It still flies... sorta.
  10. Just give the ASAS/Inline module like 30 thrust or something, and give the big reaction wheel thingy 40.. that way there's some distinction between the reaction wheel modules.
  11. You don't even really need 64bit capability. Just have each mod run as its own process that's bridged to the main KSP process. This gives mods its own RAM and CPU usage which should improve usage from my limited knowledge of how computers work. Either way, I'd love to be able to utilize some of my 32GB of RAM in something other than composing music. Although I'm not sure if that's easier than making KSP 64bit capable.
  12. Wow, thank you! You didn't have to. I could have hunted down KW's mod
  13. You could add some reverse-VTOL engines to slow down, then go vertical to slow down ascent. As a side note, I'm going to download this and test it with Ferram Aerospace on. Edit: I'm missing a part. From which mod?
  14. I've had issues with MechJeb on the same thing. In the action groups tab, if you accidentally click on a MJ UI, you can't select parts for action groups, selecting parts in build mode don't light up, and if you leave the VAB/SPH, you can't click on the buildings, and if you leave to the main menu, you can't click any of the buttons. I'm also going to post this in MechJeb topic.
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