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  1. As a Tier 1 material you can use Cast iron. Which is Hard but fragile in bending, pulling and other material using. Then some Aluminium, like Dural. Then Steel (if you are not familiar with Steel properties: ). Etc. etc. Wish you luck
  2. This is nice work! You should consider repainting struts on some normal color because I cant imagine using purple struts on my serious looking ship And materials are... well... just stupid (sorry for that). But why should I even want to use Gold or Iron or (OMG) Uranium? Make Aluminium alloys, Steel, Hardsteel, Nitridized steel, Titanium alloys, Carbon, Magnesium alloys. And then some Scifi materials like Adamantium, Karbon (Special doubletime carbon composite) and other. Use more reality. Then its goin to be my Number One strut mode because I desparate to use KW Rocketry only for Struts
  3. UrÄÂitÄ› sis proÄÂetl jaké pluginy to jsou viÄÂ? A pokud se ti nelíbí, nic to nemÄ›ní na struktuÃ…â„¢e návodů, který jsou psaný bez nutnosti tÄ›ch plugin. A jinak to je právÄ› výhoda tÄ›hle plugin, fungují pořád, protože nezasahují do struktury hry souÄÂástma atd.
  4. Když už to tu tak ožilo dvÄ› příspÄ›vky, zapojím se a pÃ…â„¢idám sem odkaz na moji sérii návodů jak a co. Khalashnikovf » Návody » Kerbal Space Program Posílejte to kamarádům co si rady nevÄ›dí, ohodnoÃ…Â¥te, komentujte, prostÄ› užívejte je Jsou psané nejen pro zaÄÂáteÄÂníky.
  5. Yep, you are correct sir. It is that simple. We were just taught to grab pen with our right hand because that is the way it is common. Well, at least it was common in 1968 to 1989 in Czechoslovakia. Yep, Communist forced everyone to be right handed because left handed person was crippled and useless so he would ended only on some more simple job but no high school or even college. yeah, its good to live after communist so I can be left handed
  6. ehm ...
  7. Would be nice to add links on those require mods. Just cant find that EPL whatever thing
  8. Ok, here is my legit try to reach Spy engineering. Evil engineering will need better PC It is visible from images that I was even much lower than on shot, but this on is only confirmable with distance. Score: (2000*Mt + 0.5*Am + 0.3*Ds)*(Ap/Pe)*C = (2000*0.83 + 0.5*38,409 + 0.3*38400)*(75,045/74,740)*1 = 32,517 points.
  9. Nice scoring. But - your 88-88 are not pointing directly same way for those photos to make. So, work this out pls and you will be master engineer, for now at least. EIDT: Ok, so I kinda had to completely overdone rules and scoring. It is now more clear and less exploitable than before. Also added two separated categories so we can have more fun with it
  10. I was searching with no results .... I tried a dozens of methods, but no ID it self ... darn
  11. But you made me thinking about one nice thing. Better score if your Inclination of spying will be different from a 0. Will do the math to implement it into equation EDIT: Too bad its not possible to measure inclinaton without some mods. So this is off... (Too bad, I got some pretty equation improvement). BTW: Off topic. I just cant find anywhere how to import imgur into forum :-/. Any help pls?
  12. You made some nice photo story. But it missing finish point of the challenge (actual spying) and you 88-88s are not prepared to be aiming on the ground both at once. So you just need to repair that and than do that low profile fly over KSC.
  13. 100: each km above the ground it floats You do realize this thing make ppl A LOT of point right? especially when you enabled any hack gravity mod. Altitude like 11 400 000 m above kerbin will really MUCH points.
  14. Darn, bad quality photos But ok Next time better pictures like mine looks like
  15. Dont forget to aim your 88-88 Communotron on the ground too. The whole point of this "mission" is to take photos of ground, not Space So your satellite will probably need a little reconstructing otherwise (88-88 simulates here Camera as it was said - I will this make more clearer in topic)