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  1. Hi! I've been trying to use the Service API to implement a simple service that would give me access to some parts of KSP API. Unfortunately, loading the service dll (dropping it in GameData) breaks kRPC for me: when connecting to the server, the client is detected and accepted in KSP/serverside, but the krpc.connect() call in Python just hangs. Stopping the server while it thinks that the client is connected (and the client thinks it's still connecting) produces this: The minimal example I've come down to is this: ; I've built the git version of kRPC on Windows 8 x64 using Xamarin studio (monodevelop). Any idea why this happens and possible fix? I'm writing here an not creating an issue on github because this could be a problem on my side; please tell me if I should go ahead and create an issue. EDIT: adding my own vector class seems to works, however: