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  1. Padishar, I'm using TweakScale v 2.2.1. As far as I can tell that's the latest version. - - - Updated - - - Padishar, You are brilliant!!! I deleted and reloaded TweakScale et voila!!! it works again. Thanks you.
  2. I have been playing a new game since 1.04 released. I have had the CTD that occurs after playing for several hours, but no other issues until today. Now, I’m having a game breaking issue that I’m not even sure how to begin to troubleshoot. Hope some of you have some suggestions This afternoon I started having a strange visual bug. In the VAB and SPH parts started puffing smoke effects as if they were engines constantly shifting from full throttle to off and back. If it is an engine part, then they have full throttle animation with exhaust graphics. Additionally, all staging displays disappeared. Shifting to the Launchpad caused the problem to cease and staging could be adjusted. But reverting to the VAB renewed the issue. In the debug menu I get this exception whenever I add a part: [Exception]: XmlException: Document element did not appear. file:///C:/Users/Ed/Desktop/KSP 1.03/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/TweakScale/plugins/PluginData/Scale/config.xml Line 1, position 1. Anyone have any ideas? Current System: Windows 8.1 i7 3.4 GHz 3770 CPU 12 Gb RAM GeForce GT630 Mods in use (All up to date): Chatterer Aggressive Texture Compression Crowd Sourced Science Docking Port Alignment Indicator Final Frontier MechJeb Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Module Manager ScanSat TweakScale Universal Storage KIS & KAS (Latest Version but not updated to 1.04) Link to screenshot below: Goblin
  3. To piggyback on this topic... Can anyone explain the deadzone sliders in the settings menu? I adjust them, but get little or no reaction in game. I'm using an X52pro from Saitek. It's pretty good, but I have a lot of slack in the center that I'd rather not have.
  4. I’m having the same issue. I’m currently having the problem whenever I revert to either VAB or SPH. The oscillation starts off with small twitches and grows until the craft is uncontrollable and I have to restart. Restart fixes the problem until I revert again. I tend to test builds with several reverts until everything works as I expected. (I call it simulating launches) Then I fly the mission on the final launch. I thought the issue was caused by my joystick (Saitek X52 Pro), but I unplugged and got the same issue. Not sure what mod or mods are causing. I haven’t played stock enough to determine if it might be a stock bug. Current System: Windows 8.1 i7 3.4 GHz 3770 CPU 12 Gb RAM GeForce GT630 Mods: Aviation Lights Chatterer Mechjeb Kerbal Alarm Clock ART DRE Dmagic Orbital Science Docking Port Alignment Indicator USI Exp Pack FAR Final Frontier FTT KAS KAC KJR Karbonite + Infernal Robotics MKS Module Manager Regolith RLA Stockalike SCANsat v.9rc4.1 Sounding Rockets Toolbar Tweakable Everything Tweakscale Universal Storage Universal Storage KAS pack ATM Zero Point Inline Fairings And all of the stockfixes from that forum thread.
  5. Yes, thanks Saint. I learned that trick from Bob Fitch, but didn't understand what I was doing. That site was great. Goblin
  6. Volculus, I had the same thing. Put a space between -force and -opengl. It worked for me after I did that. Don't know why. Goblin
  7. I just ask my wife or 5 year-old son for a random name. That technique gets some interesting results. Such as: Moose capsule (son) Sirene (wife) Minerve (wife) Lexington (son) Penobscott (son) My son and I are playing the original Sid Meier's Colonization right now, if you are wondering why he's coming up with colonial city names.
  8. Nereid, I copied the whole post, but here is the link. Goblin
  9. Put this in the Add-on support thread. Just wanted to make sure Nereid saw the post. Goblin
  10. I'm also taking the plunge with FAR and DRE this update. I'm going to need to redesign all of my lifters. I'm going to have to learn how to design flyable spaceplanes too.
  11. Me too. And I want the update for Remote Tech 2. Patience is a virtue. Of course... I'm not that virtuous.
  12. Coneshot, If asparagus staging requires an engine in each stage then I fail. Otherwise: 2.18 tons Goblin