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  1. Ok, first, sorry if this has already been asked/answered, but I'm at the end of my rope here. I'm trying to get my 1.3.1 modpack working and MFI is the stumbling block. I was getting problems with crashes with kopernicus+mfi, updated with the one packed with Kopernicus, and now it when I get to the main menu, it just stays black with the planet-loading-spiny thing, and just spins forever. I've tried a clean install with these, no good. I've tried all the mods+Kopernicus+IA_Revived-MFI, fine. Help?
  2. Haha! Ya, I don't know what I was thinking. Sorry. Its a 5-way RCS part with duel top jets so that you can use just two for a whole craft.
  3. Something you might find useful for keeping part count down. There'll be a mod posting with more stuff soon but I wanted you (and the fanbase) to get first access. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vem95v5fshw4ilp/DockingUtilities_ChromaWorks_v1.0.0_ksp1.1.3_09-20-2016.zip?dl=0
  4. @Felbourn Thanks for the @ on twitter! ( @colin_votier ) Ya, if there are any parts you want for your next episode(s) let me know. You're hiatus will give me time to work on them. Also, bits for the interludes are on the table. I already have one in mind... if i can figure out exporting animations from Maya. lol.
  5. @ShotgunNinja I think you may have misunderstood, though maybe not. I didn't mean deterioration due to low G, I meant high G due to thrust during a take-off or burn. IF a ship is under manned control and the pilot blacks out or dies from G-force, I'd say that would have a pretty big impact on game play.
  6. Any chance of a G-Force mechanic being added? I switched from TAC to this as it seemed to cover all the same things and more, but I just noticed that bit is missing. And while your at it, enhancing it with g-lock would be cool.
  7. Just saw the update and that it has the engine mode setting I asked about! Thanks for taking that into account! Cant wait to get home and try it out!
  8. Fantastic! Thank you for the quick response. I look forward to sharing my craft with everyone!
  9. Wonderfull mod. I'm glad someone took up this mod. A suggestion: the ability to exclude an engine from the TCA control. I have a VTOL SSTO that uses a Interstellar Nuclear jet for main power. I have radial LFO rockets around it for attitude control. It would be nice to be able to throttle the jet myself while letting TCA w/ the LFO engines stabalize my craft.
  10. Hey! Beautiful pic Hattivat! Sorry ive been away. I have something big in the works thats taking a lot of modeling hours. No spoilers yet. As for box sat, ya i looked into it when bob fitch used it in his series. I think they set out to solve the same problem as me but took a different road. I used the avionics package of an Antaries as my inspiration. From the looks of it, they used a server rack for theirs. Lol
  11. Ok, so its just an issue of not enough air? I find that hard to believe. And idk if it matters, but i tried using smart parts' fuel flow breaks to stop crossfeed to the engines and then rout it with fuel lines. made no difference.
  12. So I'm still having a problem with intakeAir cross feed with my jet engines while real fuels is installed. I made a short vid showing the problem. more details in the vid's description. http://youtu.be/vU0RARGRu0w
  13. I'd like to use this as artwork for my ksp lets-fly series. any problem there? need me to credit you in the description?
  14. good call. I didn't mention it cus it seemed unimportant but you may notice i changed the description on the tandem chopper pod to differentiate it from the tandem inline chopper pod. I changed some spelling mistakes in descriptions as well.