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  1. Yes i do have mech jeb installed, i will uninstall and reinstall it
  2. Long time no see Angel, hope this gets updated for ckan soon
  3. So basically what is happening is i go EVA with my kerbal on the mun and then he is stuck i cant move up down side t side let go of the ladder nothing i can still interact with thigns around me but thats it, any ideas folks?
  4. Good day

    i have a problem with mechjeb am hoping you can help me wit


    I have installed the Mechjeb 2 mod and it seems to be working fine but when i try selecting a target for Mechjeb, Mechjeb doesnt recognize the target and keeps asking me to select a target
    I switch to map view and try selecting the station or capsule but Mechjeb doesnt recognize the target.

    What could i be doing wrong,do i need to upgrade anything. Thanks for the help guys

  5. Cool i will do that so i think i can find the dev release, so what is the fix? and how do i do it? Btw no biggie still love this mod, you crazy guys are my heroes
  6. I am getting an error when logging into my server now in regards to game_settings, started after last update. thoughts?
  7. Awe i don't see Pathfinder on CKAN, should i be able to or is it still being worked on?
  8. I'm sorry MeCripp i dont mod mods, so can you explain a little better what exactly i do, thank you in advance
  9. Yeah it currently overheats and explodes on he launch pad, oy, I do hope this mod i paid nothing for gets fixed soon lol, but in all seriousness hopefully soon
  10. Love it, can you ask the CKAN guys to have this mod added to the catalog, beautiful idea
  11. this makes me so excited *carlton dance*.......and if you dont know what that is....for shame
  12. Can i make an ask Suicidal in regards to the Mk3 expansion? Could you design some sort of docking ports and some nice engine mounts, the lack of them currently makes it hard to build a decent looking mk3 shuttle.
  13. Question.....and i really wanted to look through 75 pages of the thread to find calm down keyboard commandos out there. But is there any plans to expand the variety of antennas? Call me crazy but i like having a whole bunch of dishes and types of antennas to fit all my craft needs. Also how does this work with other mods dishes IE boxsat?