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  1. Talavar

    Mod to fix weak connection physics

    There's nothing?
  2. So I built a ship to go to duna, it has 2 tanks that stick out from the sides with thrusters on the rear. However, the docking ports are WAY too flexible and they basically fold in half when I apply the thrusters even a little bit.. while I understand there should be some flexing, they are unrealistically folding at a 90 degree angle.. is there a mod that makes couplers (docking ports) less"bendy"? and more likey to just flex a tiny bit, then break?
  3. Talavar

    [1.6.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    No, it's not finished.
  4. Talavar

    [1.6.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    Just interested if anyone has tried the foundries wheel mod, Kopernicus, infernal robotics, and extraplanetary launchpads? I'm really interested in this, as I loved DMP, and would love to play with those 4 mods. KIS/KAS would be a plus as well. And Dagger: For making multiplayer mods, You and Godarklight are Gods among Insects.
  5. Talavar

    Mods for 1.4?

    Alright, thanks Hans.
  6. Talavar

    Mods for 1.4?

    Alright.... I found CKAN on Github, but there's like 7 asset files there.. Can someone queue me in on what's required? Is it only the exe? Obvious i don't need the source files.. so only 5 actually.
  7. Talavar

    Mods for 1.4?

    Alright, thanks mate. I'll DL CKAN.
  8. Talavar

    Mods for 1.4?

    Heya guys, I was checking out spacedock, and as far as I can tell, only about 1 page of mods has been updated so far. I've been out of the loop for so long that I'm not even sure there is a loop anymore... lol.. Is spacedock still the main repository for mods? or am I missing something else/new? Seems like an unusually long time for the mods to get updated. They used to (generally speaking) happen almost over night after an update. I'm not complaining about the length of time.. Just making sure I'm looking in the right place, and that they aren't being updated elsewhere that I'm unaware of.
  9. Talavar

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.4

    Heya fellas, It's been a long time since I used this mod. Is kethane/karbonite still required to mine ore, or does it now function with the default KSP drills?
  10. Talavar

    what the spacedock?

    I checked out the spacedock website, trying to find mods... I noticed there is a search-bar at the top, so I just tried typing in Mechjeb then CKAN, and a few others.. It seems to show every single mod EXCEPT the one I typed in.. does anyone actually know how to navigate this mod "suppository" lol (edit) nevermind, I checked out the overly complicated advanced search.l everything is fine now. lol
  11. Talavar

    Needs addressed please.

    I just never thought of KSP as being much of a "purposely blow each other up" type of environment. I generally end up with enough explosions as it is.. lol
  12. Talavar

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.4

    nvm.. answered my own question.. lol
  13. I started playing KSP today after about a year long hiatus. I built an SSTO in the SPH, only to find that when I launch to runway, it slides around like it's on Ice before I even throttle up, just like it used to.. lol.. Has anyone created a mod that addresses this yet?
  14. Talavar

    Needs addressed please.

    I guess the desire to "compete" could hypothetically cause a problem, if you're intending to knock them out of the sky. My experiences with DMP are strictly cooperative though.. In my scenario, that issue really isn't a problem, as we sync up specifically so we can cooperate together. I guess we are looking at it from two different angles.
  15. Talavar

    Needs addressed please.

    The allure of working together to build space bases and stations is what keeps this going. my son, my brother, and I have built moon bases together with DMP. Not only that, one person focuses on putting up refueling stations in orbit, and the others haul fuel to it... etc.. it just adds co-op to the mix, and it's really quite fun. Unfortunately it seems that it needs to be hard-coded into the system to function correctly. The major flaw that DMP has is how it handles movement, and the occasional cloning of ships due to misunderstood communications between the external server and the games inner code. It has to change the data on each persons client from an external source, which seems to cause problems. The timewarp issue is all but completely resolved in DMP, as anyone who has already used it can attest to, so I'm sure Squad could simply do the same thing and put the icing on the cake. Over all though, DMP is an enjoyable experience. Especially since you can run your own server, and only invite friends. (no griefing).. It just really needs fleshed out, or simply integrated into the game itself so it's functioning with the games code instead of trying to manipulate it from the outside.