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  1. Honestly, it shouldn't take too much to run a server, since it will only deal with pre-calculated numbers by other peoples systems. For instance, your client computer will simply report DV, orientation, vector, etc, and the server will recieve precalculated movement info.. the only time things might get rough is during a collision. Which still may be handled by client computers, making the server just a relay of numbers from client to client. If that's the case it might not take much to run it at all.
  2. Ghosting was the main problem, due to how it was slapped over top of the original game code, and not in the normal cycle. So for instance, Luna would detect your orientation, coords, vector, etc, then send it to the server. It would do it again very quickly, and would basically delete the old copy of your ship, then create it again instantly. It worked very well, and felt smooth. however it seems that sometimes it would miss an execution loop on loading a new ship that's already on the ground in the world somewhere, or loading in another player in your loading zone, and cause a ghost ship to be placed in the same location as your ship, causing an explosion.. basically it made 2 ships simultaneously in the same position, so the game would detect a collision... boom. It happend roughly 5% of the time for us, so we'd have to quickload every so often. But when it was working well, it was really fun.
  3. Why is it that every "multiplayer" thread has this theme/worry/pouting of blowing stuff up all the time. Put down your medal of honor for a moment, and stop playing rust... All of my friends that I play ark/minecraft/space engineers/valhalla/etc on personal servers with, all play cooperatively. We don't WANT to blow our stuff up. If you have that problem, sounds like you need some new gamer buddies. Dark multiplayer is now called "luna". Me and my friends played it for a while, it was really fun for a bit, but since it's not part of the base code itself, and is tacked on, it presented cloning problems occasionally. Since MP is going to be part of the code itself in KSP2, This should be remedied (hopefully) fairly easily. WE did manage to build a mining facility together on the moon though. It was really fun! We did play career mode, but it was sharing money/science/research/etc. never tried to do separate since we were playing as a team anyway.. (edit: current version) As for warping, you just click the warp button. IT moves your time stamp to the most future timestamp and places your ship accordingly (it does this in a smart way). Then you can land, etc. Then when everyone is there with all needed mats, you slam the base together in normal speed. Good stuff.. lol
  4. While it looks nice....... Co-op play, or nothing. Lets be realistic.. with 64 gigs of ram and a banging processor, I can make ksp1 look fantastic, add interstellar travel, and build mining facilities/eco platforms already with mods. At a 50$ pricetag, it better have functional CO-op. I won't even touch it until it does.
  5. Sweet Jesus... After a hiatus because of a lack of EPL in my multi system playthrough, I figured I'd drop in and check for progress. Perfect timing. Thanks guys! I'll let you know if I experience any hiccups.
  6. Is this currently working in 1.12.2, or are you fellas on an older version?
  7. floppy rockets.... That's what I don't want. I want metal to act like metal... lol.. I've never seen a piece of steel girder bend 90 degrees then straighten back out again. Bending should be kept down to a minimum... (a realistic minimum) IF KSP1 is any indicator, we can simply go into the INI file and see the list of planets/systems there anyway. Not that you'll be able to see them, but you'll know what exists, and their parameters. Kinda hard to block viewing those .. The only way to keep them from being viewed is if they were hard coded in the EXE file. Which I doubt will happen.
  8. I'm playing with Kopernicus, I have 7 other star systems, and I've encountered a problem.. asteroids don't spawn in my home system.. Yet they spawn everywhere else. I've turned up the amount to spawn (multiplied by 7) in the hopes that it would level out the field, but to no avail. Anyone have a solution for this, other than going striaght stock asteroid system in the Kopernicus INI?? PS: I'm aware this should probably go in addon discussions, but that forum is about as dead as it gets.
  9. "Starship Launch Expansion is a mod that collects Starbase real life launch pads, towers, stands and all the stuff necessary to support your Starship launches in KSP. All the parts are designed to withstand the power of every launch without exploding" Soooooooooo.. what exactly is this? Is it something like extraplanetary launchpads where you can build and launch from orbit..... or...... eh? Edit: NVM... I now see the hidden pictures.
  10. Not sure if it's the same one, but it does the trick.. Thanks.. lol
  11. I played a while back with a skybox that was just incredible. Each star was literally just a pixel on the screen, which caused them to shimmer when you turned. I imagine it was 8k. anyone possibly know which texture it was, and if not, could anyone recommend something similar? everything I find just looks dull in comparison now. lol
  12. Looking forward to seeing what the finalized mod scene looks like, since KSP is finally wrapped up. A few of you fellas have been around for the long haul, and I recognize you instantly on any forum post. One more pass, and you can all lay the programming battle axe to rest. I just want to say thanks one last time, Taniwha. I know it's a selfless job, but It's truly been much appreciated.
  13. R-T-B .. Wanted to say thanks for the work your putting in. I haven't played KSP in a while and I'm just coming back to it. Kopernicus is a "must" for me. To everyone else: Is there some kind of website or archive of planet/star packs readily downloadable currently?
  14. There seems to be almost no activity (very low, atleast) in addon discussions lately so I'm posting here about my "KSPI (interstellar)" question. I just started playing again recently after a long hiatus due to an absolute horrid health issue which rendered me useless for what seemed like forever... Well, I'm finally on the mend, but mods have changed, and I've forgotten some things. I'm remembering most as I go, but If I recall, you could put a science lab in orbit around Jool or other bodies and auto generate science... Is this still a thing? IF it is, is there a certain lab I use, or specific requirements I have to meet? I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a brief rundown, I can't seem to find any tutorials.
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