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  1. Never again will I joke about this.. Shortly after, I ended up in the hospital with Heart attack symptoms. Ever since, My life has been a rollercoaster of Medical tests, Constant fatigue, Digestive problems, Dehydration, numbness throughout my body, Massive Anxiety, and Doctors with no answers..... I logged onto the forums tonight and found that as my last post.... Seize the day my friends. Relish what you have. It can be turned upside-down in an instant.
  2. Anyone heard anything new that's not on the list? It's been a while since this has been posted.
  3. Quit busting ma Ballz Linux. lol
  4. If I remember correctly, Lightspeed is 186,000 Miles per second. On a typical rig, that would give you (maybe) 2 Positional updates inside the ring before you moved beyond it. So yeah, unfortunately it wouldn't work, (Unless you got REALLY lucky) or, they used a trajectory calculation to see if you actually passed through something between frames.
  5. An explosion effect on any scale is something that can be preloaded, and relatively small in file size stretched on sheet to make it look more massive than it is, with smaller masks for detail depending on LOD. I do understand the recalculation of orbits that you're talking about once the gravity well is gone, but i believe it would be doable, however. This was already accomplished in ksp1 by a mod about 4-5 years ago that I used (which I was going to link but it seems to have been lost in time), except that he didn't implement an explosion, or a left-over nebulous effect. He just deleted all assets, and the gravity well (i believe he just set gravity to 0 for the rail) on impact, and it was instantaneous There was a small pause during the craft orbit updates, but it was barely noticeable (and I was using an AMD 8800k). If it was implemented now, a preloaded explosion effect would play, and the nebula effect could be preloaded as well, (as were all assets in KSP1) and basically hidden, and simply swapped with the planet when it was time. The gravity well would simply be released or zero'd out. The scope of this is relatively small.. It would be nice to see it done by the team themselves, so it would have a professional look, actually have an effect, and be part of the coding itself. Quite frankly with a whole team, with the small amount involved, this could probably be accomplished in a day or two. (or just one night by one dude with a large pot of coffee.. :D) (Edit) I couldn't find that mod, but I did manage to find another one that accomplished the same thing, only in the form of a bomb that you sent at the planet rather than an asteroid.. Sadly it broke after he "updated" it a second time, then It seems he lost interest.. lol.
  6. Obviously, but just asking if/when/timeframe/etc, since it doesn't exist yet.
  7. Whoa champ, You're blowing the scope of this way out of proportion. Simply remove said planet when it hits.. play a large explosion animation.. all vessles/bases on the planet, or in low orbit, are removed/destroyed.. remove gravity well.. replace with relatively sized nebulous effect. That's all that needs to be done. nobody is suggesting that we have thousands of debris particles, or impact calculations for some giant dramatic effect. lol.. Maybe a few large "rock" pieces could be left behind (if so desired while programming depending on the amount of work they decide to put in) which could even be represented by typical in game asteroids flying off in random directions, but that's really all that would be required. It's just a game, not a BBC featured presentation on "The Dangerous Universe" lol.. While I'd love to find a game like that, I'm just talking about what's in the realm of current reasonable possibilities.
  8. I'd love to have your coords on duna for this flat spot.
  9. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in how the game is progressing. I know this can be a "pandora's box" type of move in development, but it doesn't have to be very descriptive (as to keep all the pessimists at bay). Just small updates on how things are progressing. AKA (we're 60% done implementing multiplayer, or something similar). Would be nice to have little bump updates.
  10. This just shows me your a fine person, open to opinions. There's always middle ground. "Good on ya, mate!"
  11. This comment seems pretty ironic. We're discussing something. If you don't like it, you can see yourself out.
  12. See above bud, I think I figured it out. Not at all.. already figured it out.. See above.
  13. That's exactly what I mean as well.. We need reasons to do things. NOt just "get science to get bigger engines, so you can go get more science to get bigger engines, etc." The novelty of building space stations around Jool, for basically no reason loses it's flare REALLY fast. There has to be something that extends gameplay beyond getting science, and money. Once you have all the parts the game feels basically over, because from that point on, it's just repeating the same missions. Sure you can have fun building ridiculously large contraptions with your huge bank, but it ends there. There's no reason for the huge contraptions. Now "Imagine if there was a reason" As for the timed Asteroid swarm, I LOVE IT. I've been thinking how it could be done, and I think the following would be pretty good for everyone. it could actually be a triggered event..using the observatory, you look for Impacting asteroids on another body (takes 100,000$ (or some high number)funding in career mode).. The observatory finds one, and gives impact date Data, And a random GIGANTIC class (Class K? lol) then it adds it to the star map. You have X time (would be set to something over 100 years or more depending on what planet is used) It gives inclination data, and how many orbits it will make before it actually hits. A planetary explosion could literally be used on any planet. You cause a severe light burst, then remove the planet, and leave behind a replacement model that's basically destroyed. or just a debris field (would have to think on this one)... Anyway, you pay the fee, and from that point on, it's up to you on what happens.. Sick of Dres always hanging around doing nothing? Let it be destroyed, and then go check out the mini dust nebula that was left behind in the collusion. lol quick and dirty, here's the setup. It would orbit a while having near misses for many orbits until one eventually lines up. This could be used on any planets orbit, so we'd never know what's coming when we pay that fee, and would add to the excitement. Anyway this would also appease people with opinions such as " IncongruousGoat " As it's not a "tick" button at setup, but rather something you can start at any time (IF) you want to. Or they could make it both.. SO you never know when something might show up!