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  1. Eh, slipped my mind Astro, but im not particularly worried about it. And yeah, i guess i should say stock only, hmm ill think alittle about the conditions.
  2. The Challenge is to make a glider, and have it glide from The initial base, into the runway at the island about 20km away. Conditions : 1. Your Initial carrying Vessel must be discarded from your glider (If you use one) Within 10 seconds of deployment (Meaning : Once you activate your engines u got 10 seconds to discard it.) 2.You may use rockets on ur glider, but after u reach the end of the runway they're no longer allowed. 3. You must land decently. (You can break a few things but you can't be completely in pieces. And yes this is completely possible. I just attempted this, and would have
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