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  1. Would anybody be interested in this game that does not already have it? I have an extra key that I am willing to give away. :)

    I recently sponsored a giveaway over at and I kinda went crazy buying games to giveaway. I'm also an active forum member at the forums of Bohemia Interactive.

    First one to post will receive the Steam code via PM.

  2. Well my first thought about this early access is, it is a fun Mars exploration simulation which you can plan some missions and build rovers/landers. However I think it needs a development on the "mission control" system since all we do for now is build or choose a capable rover/lander for the mission and take photos of the preset points in the views. I think we shouldn't be taking photos of specific points, we should "explore" it. Because now the player is only a worker driving the damn craft wherever their bosses order to drive. The game is just published so I won't make any harsh critics on it, but I'm a little bit afraid that it is going to be a "finish the task, get the achievement" game which has an end on its storyline unlikely KSP or Minecraft that you write your own storyline.

    The game will support modding and has an ingame editor. You can definitely write your own storyline.

  3. Hello! I've decided to join this community of space explorers, ship architects, and rocket scientists. I'm new to the forums but I've been playing KSP on and off since July of 2011. I can't believe how much it has changed over the years since it first came out. I'm getting better and better at the game and continue to learn every time i play it. I've learned a lot of scientific things as well that I had never even thought of. I had no idea that there was such a thing as an apoapsis and periapsis. I hope to build relationships with the community members and learn more and more about this spectacular game.

    Kind Regards,